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  1. It's a horrible and infuriating site to use with all the ads and quite often crashes but we've been using it at work to host our ebay images for about 7000 listings, which have now all been replaced with the Please Upgrade image (apart from the main image, oddly). I can't quite bring myself to pay $400 for rubbish though but unless I can suss a way to alter the image links on mass I think I'm going to have to. The annoying thing is they didn't give any notice to give us time to self host the images or find an alternative provider.
  2. Haitch for me too. Aitch and 'an hotel' might be correct but to my (northern) ears sound a bit strange.
  3. The bookies were offering 3/1 on leaving this morning so it looks like they think it will be a vote for remain. I'm still torn, which at this late stage is starting to get silly. My MP called round last night to try to persuade us to vote remain. They must be worried to venture from the posh part of the city. I was so shocked I couldn't think of anything to ask her.
  4. Thanks for the replies - I'll be more patient. I've only done one intro before and after a week or so they were as if they'd always been together so it looks like I was lucky then. I've got food and drink both raised (as I was worried they might not eat enough if they were scared to go on the ground) and on the ground. Should I put it all at ground level to encourage them down or give it a bit longer?
  5. I've been introducing 3 new girls to my one old girl. I separated the run for a week or so so the new ones had their own area but since opening it all up, the new girls stay up on the raised parts of the run and refuse to come on the ground at all. The old girl will sit up with them but they won't come down. And despite me lifting them in to the house at night they leg it out and are preferring to sleep perched in the run. They won't even come down on the ground for treats. It's 2 weeks now - any ideas how I can encourage them to at least mix and hopefully to sleep in the hen house?
  6. Does anyone have a good (and easy) strawberry jam recipe please? Or any tips for making it? I have a tonne of strawberries in the freezer from the allotment that I need to use. I thought it would be relatively straight forward but after googling for a recipe every one has different sugar to fruit ratios, uses jam/preserving/normal sugar and some use lemons and some don't, so now I'm a bit confused. Thanks
  7. I'm feeling really behind reading this. I'm spending so much time digging over beds and waging my one man war against bind weed I'm forgetting to actually plant things. I do have my tomatoes and chillies potted on but 2 sowings of broad beans have failed to do anything apart from go mouldy in the pots. I'll do a final sowing direct in the soil and then give them up as a bad job I think.
  8. Thank you for the replies - that's just what I was after. I'm hoping to get a day there this weekend to make a start, but there's still a covering of snow at the moment.
  9. After over 6 years on a waiting list I've finally got an allotment, but my question is what should I be doing at this time of year to get things ready for growing? There are 11 beds of varying size, most are overgrown but not scarily so, so I'm hoping to get most of them cleared over the next few weeks. What should I be adding to the soil? Is it too late to dig manure through? (most things I've read suggest autumn to do this) Any advice would be appreciated.
  10. My house was an ex council house and had a covenant stating, rather specifically, that I couldn't keep pigeons. Bit of a northern stereotype, but I was happy as no mention of chickens or whippets or giraffes for that matter.
  11. My greenhouse is getting up to 50 degrees some days and that's with a roof and 2 louvre vents open and sometimes the door too. Should I be trying to shade it at these temperatures to protect the tomatoes or are they ok with the heat? The leaves are curling a bit, which I think could be the heat? I'm more used to the opposite problem of trying to get as much sun on it as possible but in its new spot it gets the sun most of the day. Is the paint on shading any good? Thanks.
  12. Thank you for the replies. The egg shells are quite thick and definitely unwashed - I'm far too lazy. They were wormed early in the year so I'm giving them another dose to see if that sorts it. Other than that I'll keep an eye on her and make sure I crack her eggs separately. The rotten one cost me 6 eggs in total last time.
  13. A couple of months ago I had a couple of rotten eggs from one of my girls that I just put down to the eggs maybe being old or slightly cracked. But I've had a couple more now that couldn't have been more than 2 weeks old. They're really dark inside and the smell is awful. Is there anything that could be wrong with her that's causing it? Or any reason they might be going off so quickly? I have 3 girls and it's only my blue egg layer that's having the problem. Thanks.
  14. I'm just impressed you can take a picture without using your hands!

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