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  1. I had the same problem with panda eyes. I've spent a small fortune on mascara and the only one that works for me is Estee Lauder double wear zero smudge. I also have trouble with eye liner too, Bare Minerals 5 in 1 cream eyeshadow as a base tends to keep it where it should be, but I use it up quickly and it's not the cheapest.
  2. A lot of talented people on here here I'm struggling with photobucket so hope this works And below on my very messy tree Sorry, I can't seem to resize them I absolutely love them - there are 4 chicks and 8 baubles if I counted right. The cats admire them too... Thanks for organising and to my clever swapee.
  3. Thank you to my not too secret Santa - my box contained lots of beautifully crocheted baubles and chickens. Very pleased with them and will take a photo and post as soon as I get a moment. DH was impressed too! Beautiful colours, many many thanks x
  4. Mine went yesterday courtesy of DH, who had to phone me while I was sitting at the hairdresser with my colour on, just to ask what it contained! And as I received mine already, that's two ticks for me
  5. I have received a parcel! Not possible to squidge unfortunately... Mine is finished, just need to parcel it up .
  6. Main part of mine is done but I expect the finishing touches will take me to the deadline as usual
  7. The post above was my beautiful robin - as I said the photo doesn't do it justice, it is absolutely gorgeous. This photo is half of my glass decoration (photobucket didn't like this for some reason) Thanks again to my clever secret Santa, I am thrilled with both gifts
  8. Thank you so much to my multi talented secret Santa - I have a beautiful wire sculpted robin with holly in its beak, as well as a glass decoration. I have taken photos (which sadly don't do them justice) and will try to post tomorrow. I am so pleased with them. To those who would like to join in but don't feel talented enough - please do! I feel the same about my lack of skills, but am fairly sure that my unlucky recipient will appreciate the thought, time and effort I have put in. In return I have had some amazing gifts which I still treasure. Much better than a gift set of smellies!
  9. Mine has arrived It is an intriguing shape but I've resisted squidging it (well maybe a little squidge )
  10. Aargh! I thought I had loads of time. Almost finished but will have to crack on tonight as I'm busy tomorrow...
  11. I haven't been on here for a while - life has been a bit hectic recently - but I could do with something to look forward to, so please count me in. Thanks for organizing.
  12. Thanks both. The bead is a freshwater pearl. We actually used silver paste to paint the leaves. I now walk around checking on leaves for suitability
  13. I went on a silver clay course, which I loved. I made six pieces, including this leaf.. Sorry it's so big - I still haven't got the hang of photobucket after all this time. I swear they change it just when I start to get to grips with it!
  14. Some of you may remember that I set myself the task of making a needle point sampler in 3 weeks for a christening gift. Well I finished & framed it myself with a day to spare - good going for me. I've blocked out the name, just in case, and the colours do look a bit grubby in the photo. They're actually quite vibrant, honestly
  15. Right, I have just installed photobucket on my mobile, so here goes Max photobombed the first few pics Gorgeous, aren't they? I'm a very lucky (Easter) bunny
  16. Thank you so much for my lovely swap. I have taken pics & will post over the weekend. I have a hand-sewn pin book, with an Easter bunny panel on the front, a decoupaged box filled with gorgeous lindt eggs, an egg ornament decorated with dragonflies and a decoupaged letter J. I love everything, and yes J is my initial (i am Jan, Jennifer Jane was my dad's pet name for me). Thank you Mrs Swap xxx
  17. I've posted mine. And a parcel has arrived for me. Can't wait to open it. But I will be good...
  18. Thanks for the advice. I was in Sutton Market a few weeks back, though not looking for frames, so didn't notice if there was a framer there. It has definitely changed a lot recently. I will spend the weekend looking & definitely post a pic when finished. I always think that I could have bought something nice ready made for the price it costs to make something - not to mention the time and trouble!
  19. I'm sewing a tapestry sampler for my god-daughter's baby boy's christening and need to get it framed. The prices quoted by the two framers that I've visited so far have been a lot more than I was hoping to pay (and certainly more than the cost of the sampler ) Also the lead time would be cutting it fine if I ordered now - and I'm still working on the tapestry One of the members of my spinning group suggested I make a frame, as she used to for her cross stitch, but I don't feel confident enough to do so. Another suggestion was to buy a made to measure mount, an off the shelf frame and she would kindly help me to stretch and mount the work, which sounds more feasible. I'm sure somebody on here will have experience of framing their work and wondered if anyone had better ideas, knew best places to buy mounts/frames and anything I need to take into account, e.g. depth of frame, and whether to glaze or not. I really need to get this completed so I can start on the Easter swap!!!
  20. This is my beautiful bunting - all my visitors have admired it. And my hot water bottle cover, which I love and which matches my bedroom... Excuse the sizing - I have been wrestling with photobucket for almost an hour, and it just wasn't working for me this morning Thank you so much to my talented swapee, I love my gifts

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