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  1. Who do you think will be the twelfth Dr Who?

    What about Peter Dinklage? He has a wicked turn of phrase. Just had a debate with ES about the regenerations - he seems to think there was an episode of Sarah Jane Adventures where the DR said he could regenerate 507 times? I thought he had just been given all of River Song's remaining ones when she saved him in the Hitler episode - she'd only used one at that stage.
  2. does anyone know what make this moped is ?

    My ES has a Pulse Scout 49cc - which has earned him some ribbing from his mates because its Chinese and there's a Sym dealer in the local town where most of them got their bikes from. However, we got it from a local (in the other direction 8 miles) dealer who has serviced it and where the mechanics have been great with him and not patronising to me. And what is more, we got the scooter, tax, jacket, helmet, insurance and a year's worth of servicing for less than the price of the Sym. The 'ped was "only" £695 new, whereas Syms seem to start at £1000ish
  3. Bad reference - how do I get around it?

    It sounds like you have seen the damaging reference - is there anything in it that you can challenge as being factually incorrect (or just a lie!)? You don't say what type of work you are in - do you have a union that could support you in this? I'm a teacher and many years ago, after a change of head was constructively dismissed - I had dared to have a baby and returned on a part-time contract, which she made temporary (I'd been permanent before) and then just let it run out. The NUT wanted to pursue for damages etc, but I was aware that I wanted to work in the area again so let it go, but then had the dilemma of needing a reference. NUT said they could work with me and her to get an "agreed" reference, but it would have been very neutral and standardised so potential employers would have had alarm bells ringing. And even if you are in the right employers are sometimes wary of someone who appears "militant" by bringing in unions - I'm the most unmilitant you could be. But it was an option. In the end, because I had had a break in work - my contract ended at Christmas and I got a new job in April to start in the Sept - I didn't use her as referee as she wasn't my employer anymore. I asked the deputy head, who I'd worked under for 7 years. Is there another manager or former manager at the same workplace that you could put as "former manager"? Or maybe someone who was there but has moved on, but who you worked under and is therefore a better judge? Not sure if any of that helps? Debs
  4. Who has the heating on? Autumn 2012

    We have all had a horrid coldy-fluey bug from going back to school and mixing with the riff-raff ( well actually I think there are some horrid bugs about this autumn because there wasn't enough UV this summer to kill them off. Anyway, I worked from home on 11th Sept cos I felt rough and put the heating on that afternoon and I confess it's been on for 45mins each morning "just to take the edge off" ever since. It's now also on for an hour in the evening. OH did mutter about it not being October yet when I first did it but then he succumbed to the bug too and quickly stopped complaining.
  5. Boiler recommendations needed please

    Our Worcester boiler (oil) is the original one that was put in whenour house was built in 1973. Every winter it waits til the coldest spell and then packs up fr a few days, but the engineer always gets it going again and says it's got a few more years in it. Prob not very efficient compared with what we could get these days, but can't afford to change it whilst there's life in it.
  6. Swollen hands after using leafblower. Help!

    No. 1 Son gets this when he rides his bike, especially when there's a nip in the air. He's dead skinny so looks a bit odd when he develops big sausage fingers. Swelling usually subsides fairly quickly though.
  7. Recommendations on Pellets please?

    I always have D&H - seems fine to me Last time I went I was seduced by a different D&H "posh" one "Adam Henson Layers Pellets" Have spent today itching after discovering this morning that the chicken food bin was crawling with tiny bugs that looked like walking flour and which had spread across the hall - Needless to say, have thrown the "posh" food away and vacuumed (and emptied the vacuum!) and scrubbed - eugh, my skin is still crawling. Food now being kept in the shed and I've gone back to the old faithful
  8. Moped Insurance

    Yay, he passed
  9. Moped Insurance

    Oo thanks for that warning Redwing - will look out for that. Have tried getting quotes from a few - Carole Nash was twice the price of the others! We bought the moped yesterday so now waiting for him to pass ( ) his CBT today - although I'm told you have to die or blatantly ignore the instructor to fail. And also for the registration to get through the system at DVLA so that the insurance companies recognise it. Moped being delivered on Weds - I can't wait to have a go! Guess I shall be busy on Monday phoning round the companies. His friend has gone with Rampdale too - they were very good at £254 - so think I'll start there Thanks for all your help
  10. Moped Insurance

    Oh ok - I'd tried Direct Line as we have 2 cars with them, but they don't do bikes. Might ask at the garage today when we go to have a look at a bike who they would recommend And p'raps ask the instructor for the CBT tomorrow. Thanks
  11. Moped Insurance

    Thanks Lewis Ouch!!! £2000 for car insurance - I'd best tell him to start saving. I know £280 isn't too bad, but having always insured my car fully comp, choosing 3rd Party only seems a bit reckless. I'll get used to the idea I'm sure - especially when the compulsory XS is something like £400 on 3rdPF&T - on a £600 bike! - Better to save the money on the premium and buy some decent security
  12. Moped Insurance

    ES is doing his CBT on Saturday and we're about to get him a 50cc moped. He's 16. Anyone know of reasonable companies for insurance. I tried asking Aleksandr Meerkat, but the best for 3rdPF&T was about £550 and 3rdP only was still £280
  13. Bully chicken, any ideas?

    The bumper bits stay on for quite a while if you get a good fit - one of mine lasted about 2 months. Unfortunately, my bully didn't give up and although she couldn't break the skin with the bumper bit on she still seemed to be able to grab feathers. I tried every spray on the market and after a day of watching closely and deciding it really was only her doing the bullying, the difficult decision was made. A friend came and despatched her and took her home for dinner (she was apparently very tasty, if a little lean). Peace and tranquility return with the others and no more problems - I did feel a bit mean, but t'was for the best for all the others.
  14. Would it "heal over" though? I had my ears pierced at 15, didn't wear earrings much though, and now haven't worn any for about 5 years - still got the holes
  15. Arch Bishbash nerves

    thanks for your encouragement! It went really well The school choir sounded great and we managed to play it all without any hiccups. The Archbishop came to speak to me afterwards and said how much he had loved my saxophone playing which was really lovely. And there were a couple of thousand people there sitting in the sunshine and singing along - it was amazing. Debs