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  1. I am so proud, the first egg on 20th December, followed by one each day so far from Cressida, and another couple from one of the other girls (all a respectable 46gish), just not sure who yet. Cressida has taken to laying in the nest box ok, which I have filled with hemcore and a couple of golf balls as a hint, however whoever else is laying is doing so in the middle of the run. Is there any way I can convince her otherwise? And with this dark damp weather, I am so proud
  2. I have decided, Diana must sound better in the studio than she does through the tv, otherwise how can they all say that stuff when she slaughters one of my fave Take That songs Cheryls earrings don't they will be making my Christmas list somehow ...
  3. I love him too, am seeing him as well, next Saturday and can't wait
  4. That has got to be the worst, picture him as he was in bed during celebrity wife swap - just not after you have eaten
  5. Is the roomba that hoover that does it itself? now that would cool, just sit there and watch it (whilst i spend more time on the forum obviously )
  6. i'm sorry, that's really hard for you all I think there is a yorkie in Nintendogs, they are quiet a nice size but not sure how much it looks like one!
  7. this is so cool, you guys are so quick i reall should get one with some work and close google ...
  8. Interesting selection - and I mean as in the variety rather than their personalities! I don't know some of them, maybe someone to be the favourite will be added, can't think who would be otherwise, Esther or Martina maybe? It makes me cringe watching the 'more mature' people in there, kinda feel sorry for them having to crawl around and eat bugs with no hiding from looking rough! Must be right JM, pensions must have been hit! I always say i won't get drawn in, but with x-factor being a bit rubbish this year probably will do anyway
  9. Hi Patricia We set something up so we could open and close the end of the cube run like a door - http://club.omlet.co.uk/gallery/main.php?g2_itemId=34182 if you look at a couple of pics here you will be able to see how we did it, i open and close the end pretty much every day and it is fine for me. Hope that helps C.
  10. I have now had my girls 10 weeks (can’t remember not having them now! ) and Perdita is starting to get wattles at last! She is now 26 weeks, with the youngest of the bunch being the Hermione and Titania at 22 weeks and Ophelia being the eldest at 28 weeks old. They are still all on growers pellets. There is no sign of crouching, but I was wondering whether her new red face and wattles means there might be something coming soon? I thought it would probably be next year when there is more light, but do they mature physically anyway? I am not in any hurry for laying, just want to make sure I don’t miss it, at the moment I leave when they are still in bed (they won’t come out when I open their door in the morning, it is too early for them ) and they are in bed by the time I get home so wouldnt see any crouching anyhow. Thanks
  11. mine love it too, i mix a tin of rinsed, spring water tuna with some bio yoghurt and some bokashi, and they go mad for it
  12. yummy, crunchy crouton mealworms on a salad think i might give that one a miss
  13. I remember it well, i used it a few weeks back It lasted a few days on my hands, and managed to hang round the run for at least a week, it seemed to work though
  14. I cant believe that result, i am not normally that bothered but really think that was wrong, some of the rubbish before, ie Rachel, and Laura goes out It's not that I think she should have necessarily won, but how on earth was that the result? who voted enough to keep the other muppets in And letting Diana off the hook, isn't that the first time someone hasnt sung? feels like a set up to me
  15. I have a Links charm bracelet, and have also bought the same as gifts. The main reason was there are loads of different style charms, it is in silver or gold, and they often have charms reduced in new year sales to pick up a few interesting ones

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