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  1. If you are concerned that your new girlies wont get to the food because of the oldies, then I would suggest adding more feeders than there are chickens. So if you have 4 hens, put out 5 feeders. They dont have to be proper Grubs or hen feeders, a weighted yoghurt pot with pellets or mash in will do. Place around the run so that the oldies cant police all 5 at once, that way there will always be a feeder free for your newbies. They take a while to love each other but as long as there isnt overcrowding in the run, they will be fine.
  2. I had one girl left out of 5 and I thought she would be terribly lonely but she was fine! She was alone for about 2 months then I rescued 3 from BH Trust. I kept them separated in the same run (divided the run with wire) and each party had their own house. They could see each other through the wire, there was lots of pecking and trying to get to each other and they had a few supervised free ranging visits. There were a few punch ups (more distressing for me than them!) and it took me a total of 23 days to integrate them all together as a flock without any s"Ooops, word censored!"ping. The original girl became top hen and she had also stopped laying before they arrived. Once they were all in together she began laying again for some reason and they were all happy, put on some weight and are fully feathered. Bubbles has now popped off but the remaining 3 are fine Hope you can find some new friends for your girl soon.
  3. Grandmashazzle - You did not upset me at all, thank you for taking the time to post It seems all chicken keepers do things differently and it also seems vets do things differently as well. Some are advising culling at home, some give sedation, some inject without. I feel confident that I have made the right decisions for my girls despite what some posters think and will continue to treat each one on a case by case basis. Have a good weekend people
  4. Daphne - You're right, I did use euthanising rather than culling or dispatching in a search - another lesson learnt! Thanks
  5. You're right Charlottechicken, I thought she had starved to death but I am guessing, the same as I'm guessing it was 2 minutes that the flapping occured, it felt like 2 hours if I'm honest. I am not a vet and I dont know what any of my hens have died of, tumours, heart problems or just plain old age. I've never performed a post mortem on any of them and neither would I want to. I have felt badly about both incidents since, whether or not they were my fault. As I said previously, lessons have been learnt and they wont happen again. Its a shame that when asking for help with a hobby we all feel passionately about that some people feel they need to labour the point by being judgemental and repetitive. And yes, you are wrong.
  6. Wow. I'm on my third marriage so you are not alone with crazy ex-partners . Hang in there, stay strong and make sure you keep the police informed of anything he does to you - the more evidence you can accumulate, the better. Best of luck.
  7. Its you I have no idea what it smells like but they are usually fresh and clean smelling, which cant be that bad, can it?! Hope it doesnt irritate your skin though!
  8. I only ever hang a small lump of sweetcorn in the run between 4 (well 3 now!) and they play chicken swingball with it. That way no single hen gets it all. I also hide wheat in piles of old leaves at this time of the year, makes them hunt for it and keeps them busy!
  9. Phew thank you Olly, Minnie&Moose, Chucky Mama, Egluntyne, doctors girl, Coco and miller30, you've made me feel better! I'm glad the flapping is normal, I will look up the broomstick method in case of emergencies before I can get on a culling course. DH has some hoofing strength on him, thank the Lord as I wouldnt have been strong enough to despatch her myself. Although he did ask me not to ask him to do it again! Poor thing. We love our chooks but this part really does suck. Thanks again for all your help
  10. I didnt know she was starving to death at the time, I thought she would recover so I didnt want to have her PTS. Looking back on it now and knowing what I now know about hens and chicken illness, I'm guessing that she starved to death. Lesson learnt and I wouldnt want to put a hen through that again. As for the 2 minutes, it wasnt that she was flapping or even breathing for that time, I am guessing it was that amount of time but I was more concerned that she had actually died and not suffering than knowing the exact time it took. I have never heard of a culling course, I will definitely look into that as I want to end their suffering as quickly as possible when needed and I dont want to put DH through it again if I can help it, he was as traumatised as me. As for the vet, he doesnt know a thing about chickens and always requires an appointment etc, not useful if you have an ailing hen.
  11. Hi Ladies and Gents I have just had to ask DH to euthanize Bubbles, one of our Bluebelles This is the first time he has had to do this, to my shame I couldnt bring myself to do it with another sick hen previously and I think she starved to death. I couldnt let that happen again. Bubbles was an old hen and slowly going downhill for a while. Today was the first morning where she didnt even come out of the Cube, didnt run away screaming when I picked her up (this was one dramatic hen) and her crop was completely empty. She wouldnt eat nor even move from the place where I left her. Her poop was greeny and her comb greyish/purple so I knew it was time. My question is: Why is there not any good info on euthanising a chicken anywhere? I have searched everywhere, UK and US sites and there seems to be a lot of discussion on this but no actual trauma and stress free ways to do it? DH did it but he found it emotionally difficult as he wasnt completely confident in what he was doing. He gave a hard pull at the base of her skull, there was some flapping but she died within around 2 minutes. Have I missed an article somewhere that everyone else has read and knows about this? I want to do the best for the girls, even if it means putting them to sleep so they dont suffer. Thanks
  12. One of my hybrids was alone for 4 weeks before my ex-batts became available and she was fine! She wandered about a bit on her own to begin with but I kept her company as much as I could when I was at home, left treats (piece of sweetcorn) hanging in the run when I was at work and put some straw under the Cube with mealworms hidden in to keep her occupied. I was worried she would be cold in the Cube alone but she slept in the nestbox and seemed warm enough, even during frosty nights. The ex-batts arrived and she still looks at me now as if to say "Who are this lot and when are they leaving??!" She will be fine, dont worry, you are doing all the right things and the chaos will begin once the newbies arrive!
  13. So many!! Eating chocolate Watching the chooks dust bathe and end up looking dirtier than when they started A pot of miniature daff bulbs to pop on the window sill Time when OH and mine shifts are in line and we get to have a rare day off together Planning a holiday - even down to the car parking at the airport
  14. Hi Rob Chickens are attracted to the colour red too, so if your baldy girls have red skin, the others could peck at the red skin as well as new quills. I have a bottle of Purple Spray on hand for this, sold by Omlet and loads of other places, make sure you wear old clothes and rubber gloves as it stains everything it lands on and is a nightmare to scrub off! You catch a hen, spray the red skin with Purple Spray and this can help towards disguising the redness, thus the others stop their pecking. I've sprayed all three of my ex-batts as they were bald in various places, they are still a bit naked in places but all have new little feathers poking through Good luck!
  15. They worked out that they like cherry tomatoes if they can peck the squishy insides, they like corn if its shredded off the cob and apple if its stuffed in the wire separating them from my lone hen! It must have been the hanger, there was a lot of screaming and running away. I have started FR them, they dont ever want to go back in the run now!

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