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  1. A sprinkle of garden lime in the run once a week does the trick for us.
  2. We are currently introducing 7 new hens ranging from 13wks to 21wks to our existing 3 who are 2. We read all the advice on this site but us being us are quite impatient and can't wait to see them all together. So on day 2 we decided to let them all run around together (we have an electric fenced area approx 40sqm and leave the eglu run and cube run open all the time) and let them decide where to sleep. I was expecting a real cafuffle with the old and new hens but it seems to have gone suprisingly well, there is the odd bit of pecking if the newbies go too close to the oldies but nothing particulary nasty. As the days go on they are getting on better and better, one of the newbies even laid an egg with one of the oldies at the same time. Think we are going to give them another week and try them all in the same house. I think when introducing them you just have to see how they react to each other and do what you feel they can cope with they will soon sort a pecking order out and as long as they all get food and water should be fine.
  3. Cheapest, yes, safest, no. I had a friend who lost around 20 chickens and 8 Muskcovy ducks, they was in a electric fenced area.. The fox dug under. I didn't think foxes could dig under if the electric fence was working properly If I was a fox I wouldn't want to dig under it, it gives you a right bolt (We know we have tried it out of curiosity). Foxes apparently test the fence first and if they get a shock won't try again. We have had it for 2 years with no problems. It is wired into the mains so unless there is a power cut it is always electrfied. We did have one casulalty last year unfortunatley a hedgehog tried to get under and was electrocuted.
  4. We got ours from a garden centre, i think there is more chance of getting it if you go to a larger one as we couldn't find it in our small local ones.
  5. We too have chippings and these are just raked over weekly and garden lime chucked on to stop any smells. When they talk about poo picking I assume they are on about any large obvious poops around, which I pick up with some gloves on a throw into the holly bush as its really good fertiliser. Hope this helps. I don't think you need to worry about picking up every poo.
  6. Poor little Agnes won't come out of the cube today, everytime she tries to be brave Ethel has a go at her. I'm sure it will sort itself out, had a look at Agnes and there doesn't seem to be any damage to her. I have put some food and water in the cube house for her and she has tucked into it, so at least she is eating . Will try free ranging them all together next weekend. On the plus side they have now stopped bullying Bella Henburg, and they all managed to take themselves to bed so didn't have to resort to a torch. Poor Margot though is looking a bit under the weather today, think it might be the shock of the newbies. Will just have to see how she goes, she is still eating but looks like someone has pulled her batteries out.
  7. Thanks daxigirl, got some chooks today, just have to wait a while for them to start laying. We are also getting a columbine and copper black next weekend
  8. Well 5 out of 7 newbies have landed, they all look so small compared to the old girls. There is a lot of noise from the oldies but am sure they will get used to each other in time. We have so far got a buff orpington, speckledy, 2 white star and a cream legbar. Poor Agnes is tiny as is only 12 weeks and is getting a bit off pecking although others are only 1-2 weeks older and all from same place. I have bought some anti pecking spray, does this actually work? If i could figure out how to add pictures I would but unfortunatley I have no idea. How long do intros usually take. I'm thnking it may not be a good idea to integrate them all until the newbies get to POL age.
  9. One our chickens did that, there was nothing obviously wrong with her it was as if she just couldn't be bothered. We gave her some mash with poultry spice and she perked up the next day and within 2-3 days back to normal.
  10. Our 3 regularly wipe their beaks, I don't think it has anything to do with being broody. I always just assumed it was to give it a clean, but have also noticed that they do it when they have eaten something that they really like.
  11. We already have a black rock Jenny but ours only lays really pale creamy eggs, although they are large. Think it will have to a pure breed maran to get chocholate eggs.
  12. He wasn't very happy about a pink one so we are having a purple one. i'm sure the old ladies won't be very happy but they will get used to it. ive looked at glencroft polutry and we are thinking of getting some from there, hopefully next weekend. don't think they have any corton blues but they do have columbines. No haven't been on here for ages Mostin, had aot going on as you know, but things are slowly getting back to normal.
  13. We have an electric fence enclosure which is approx 40sqm so space isn't a problem. Thanks for the suggestions on breeds.
  14. I'm so excited, we have just ordered a cube after deciding to add to our current 3 chickens. we are looking to get 7 more. 1 will definatley be an orpington but we are also looking for some blue egg layers, dark brown egg layers and white egg layers. Can anyone suggest any hybrids that we can get that lay these?
  15. We are going away in June for a week and have managed to persuade my Mum and Dad to up sticks for the week to look after the girls. They will also be bringing their cat with them, who is quite fond of chicken watching as she comes to stay when my parents go away. Think my mum is secretly looking forward to chicken sitting and keeps asking for instructions. I will be able to enjoy the hol a lot more knowing they are in safe hands.

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