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  1. My children have paper rounds and have done since they were 13. My eldest is doing GCSE's at the moment. They are usually back in the house in time for a very leisurly breakfast usually with the TV on then get slowly ready for school and then head off. It has been great for my daughter as it makes her get up early and she is in a much better frame of mind for setting off for school, if she didn't do it I can guarantee she would be more reluctant to get out of bed and would surely be running late for school. My son did get a bit spooked by a very large dog one morning. He abandoned his bike on their driveway and ran back home, the home owner tried to find him by riding my sons BMX calling 'paper boy, paper boy where are you' around the streets. He contacted the newsagents and deivered the bike back to us with a big bar of chocolate that afternoon My son hadn't told us and was quite embarrassed. We were very mean and pretended we knew nothing about it and hid his bike
  2. Thanks for your replies They all look very expensive Someone did suggest a plastic witches hat Carrie
  3. Does anyone know where I can buy a croque en bouche cone from.
  4. My sons 12 and 13 have been going on about Xbox live for ages and we keep saying no. Today is youngest sons birthday and he desperataly wants it-all his friends have it! I know nothing about it really, they say there is more to the games when you play on live Please impart your amazing omleteer wisdom and let me know what you think of it Thanks Carrie
  5. . We have a cockerel that I was paranoid about keeping quiet for months, until several neighbours said how nice it was to hear him! I would rather act before anyone complains, however this morning a dog was barking at 6am way before my chickens were clucking or crowing.
  6. Unfortunately getting a cockeral is definately not an option.
  7. One of my hens stoppped laying last spring after 1 year of laying, she started crowing last year and it was a bit half hearted. Now she has perfected it and does a full cockadoodledoo. The problem is I live in the middle of an estate, she start to crow about 7.30am but with lighter mornings it will get earlier and earlier. I don't want neighbours to complain. I contacted the lady I bought them off for advice and didn't get any (she found it funny ), she said it was a pet and it's only like a dog barking and people don't moan about that. So here is my dilema, I think I should really get rid of her (but to where) which is such a shame as she is beautiful. Any ideas?
  8. Our hoiday house is upside down, kitchen/diner, bathrooms and bedrooms downstairs and the living room upstairs. I love it we tend to live downstairs until the evening due to it having a kitchen diner and we can enjoy the beautiful views upstairs. It has wooden or vinyl flooring downstairs and carpets up so it's really easy to keep clean.
  9. Sad update Today we discovered that the wing that had been very badly pecked had turned green and was oozing very nasty stuff. She was in terrible pain. As we couldn't get the vet till tomorrow we had to make a very hard decision, we decided euthanasia was the kindest option because of the amount of pain she was in. Sadly she is no longer with us. Thanks for your advice. Carrie
  10. On Thursday one of my chickens got caught in my omlet netting, it was tightly wrapped around her neck, wings and legs. She must have been stuck for a couple of hours, the other hens had pecked most of the feathers off her wings and back, drawn blood and pecked at her comb. She was extremely distressed, luckily I finnished work at 12 instead of 4, if I hadn't I think she may have been dead when I got home. We brought her in overnight and on Friday put her in a separate house with an attached run. However she is still refusing to come out, when she does she sees the others and runs back in. What do you think I should do? (she wasn't bottom of the pecking order, but is very pathetic and a bit of a runt I think)
  11. I am waiting for a dispatch date for my kindle 3 3GWifi (hopefully next week) can't wait. I have downloaded for kindle for PC as well and have already bought one ebook which I am reaing on PC and will transfer to kindle when it arrives. Have also downloaded several samples as well which gives you the first couple of chapters to try before you decide whether to buy which is a great idea. I have had my kindle cover already so am pretending I have the reader as well
  12. Why has my chicken started to crow? She is now 2 years old, laid lovely dark brown eggs for a year and then nothing since her moult last autumn. She has been making attempts at crowing for a few weeks but has now perfected the perfect cock a dooddle doo. I am now worried that neighbours will start to complain.
  13. My daughter sent me a text the other day but sent it to the house phone! The automated message reading the text was very interesting. She couldn't believe it couldn't undertand text talk!!!
  14. I wouldn't follow recipe for shoulder as this has different cooking requirements as it is a very fatty but flavoursome meat which needs to be cooked long and slow for the fat to melt away. You cook follow the ingredients say garlic or rosemary but not the cooking method. I would have a look on the BBC wesite for ideas. Todays Times has some lamb recipes one is Roast leg of lamb with anchovies and garlic. Puch an anchovie fillet and a sliver of garlic into cuts in the lamb the night before. Cook Gas 6 add some thyme and oil, cover and cook for 45min - 1 hr allow 15 min more if juices are still bloody. Rest for 15 minuted and carve. Ot Other ideas are onions thyme and balsamic vinegar, lemon and apricots, rosemary thyme and garlic or corriander and honey. Good luck, I'm sure it will be delicious
  15. My copper black (nearly 2 years old) started laying Nov 08 and was a reliable daily layer, she stopped laying in Autumn 09 when she moulted and has not laid since. She possibly laid a strange egg two weeks ago (black and red shell with whisked up egg inside). We did have red mite a few weeks ago and have got rid of those. All girls are well, red combs, no changes to behaviour etc. They have been given poultry spice and I am due to worm with Fubenvet. Any ideas why she is not laying

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