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  1. I had one Pepperpot and one Gingernut . Both were equally as friendly and were best of friends - no pecking order. However, when Melody died and left Liberty on her own it did cause a problem as we were about to go on holiday and didn't have time to introduce any more (we sent her on hols to other hens ). Anyway, to cut a long story short it would have been much better if we had had 3 to start with as Liberty wouldn't have been left on her own. We have 3 now!
  2. I've just started selling a few of our spare eggs - usually 6 - 12 a week. I charge 25p an egg, 90p for 4, £1.30 for 6. So they normally buy 6 as they're getting a better deal If I had a bigger garden and more hen accommodation I would get lots more and I'm sure I wouldn't have any probs selling more eggs. We're thinking of moving and top of the list for a suitable property is a bigger garden for more chooks
  3. One of my hens (Liberty) started laying a lot of softies - lasted for a few weeks, then she stopped laying for a few weeks. I thought her laying days were over, then all of a sudden she started laying again. Although her shells are often thinner than the others they are perfectly reasonable and she lays most days
  4. Hi Guys I suddenly realised, I haven't been on the forum since Christmas! It's not my fault, it's FarmVille . I think I need to join FMA (FarmVille Anonymous) I have got lots of Omlet friends and neighbours though - so I don't feel so bad I've given myself a slap and will try to visit the forum more often See you in FarmVille......NO More therapy needed Kerry
  5. Cool, thanks. Just printed off vouchers for a free bar of chocolate and a loaf of bread - that's lunch sorted then
  6. kez


    I've just reached level 32 of FarmTown I now have a big seeder, big harvester, a solar-powered plowing tractor and of course a chicken coop I'm aiming for the mansion in level 34 I've already collected the required 1,000,000 coins
  7. kez


    I prefer FarmTown. On level 31 Just off to harvest my raspberries
  8. I know what you mean. My friends see me coming and think 'oh no, not chicken talk again!'
  9. It's our first 3 egg day yay It's also Liberty's first henniversary. Double celebration
  10. kez


    It's definately a NO! With all the comments from you all I have finally convinced my DH not to have a Saniflo He spoke to the builder again and he can now fit an ordinary toilet Think he just didn't want to do the extra work involved. In a few weeks we should have a nice downstairs toilet NOT SANIFLO I knew I could rely on you guys to fight my corner. Thank you
  11. kez


    Thanks everyone for your comments. You've all confirmed what I though. Just got to convince DH NOT TO DO IT!!!! I think I'd rather struggle up the stairs.
  12. kez


    Hi Omleteers We're thinking of having a downstairs toilet. We can't have an ordinary toilet because there's not enough angle for the flow. So, the only solution is a Saniflow. Has anyone got a saniflow? If, so are they any good? The only reports I've heard aren't very favourable. Thanks for your help in advance
  13. kez

    Growing pumpkins

    Thanks sjp. I had a feeling it might be something like that. Men Would covering the plants at night help? I'm on a learning curve with gardening this year. Next year hoping to grow STRAIGHT carrots - not bendy ones
  14. Can anyone give me some advice on growing pumpkins please? I've been growing pumpkins from seed this year, for the first time. They are a small variety. The plants are really big with loads of flowers. However, when the flowers die, the heads fall off and we're not getting any pumkins! Any advice please?
  15. I'm introducing 2:1. I've heard that is easier - certainly seems to be the case. We got our new ones on Sunday - they love being cuddled. We haven't got any separate sleeping quarters, so they've been put together at night from day one - minor pecking. Yesterday evening they did some very supervised free franging - only minimal pecking. Today, I'm sitting watching them all free franging together. They'll be separated again in a bit, so I can relax All seems to be going too well. Although I've never seem Liverty's bossy side before Good luck with your intros

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