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  1. Nothing between the toes and no obvious sign of injury. So worried about her. We are in Penistone Nottingham in her feed. Perch is low. May have fallen off a Wall bit unlikely. Recently moved house so garden is new.
  2. Hello Could anyone help please. My Faverolle, who is about 5 years old,has gone lame in the past few days. Her foot is completely curled up and she can't walk, she is just laying on the ground and sort of balancing herself with her wing. No sign of raised scales or black scabs so don't think its Bumblefoot or scaly leg mite. She is eating a little bit and drinking but no sign of poo. She seems quite bright in herself. A couple of photos to illustrate. Thanks for any help
  3. http://www.hallamdojo.co.uk/hen.jpg http://www.hallamdojo.co.uk/hen_close.jpg Dear Forum members, Please can you have a look at these photos and tell me what is wrong with this bottom ? Some of the marks look a bit like ingrown feathers, you may be able to see on the close up picture. This bird is a light Sussex, approx 4 years old, in good health and still laying. We have a white and buff Orpington with similarly affected nether regions. All the birds are happy and healthy and laying well, despite the cold and snow. Is it an infection, or mites, I've had a good look and can't see any crawlers or droppings, or just old fashioned pecking. Thanks for any help and advice you can give. Maggie
  4. Hi Forum I'm pretty sure one of my birds has this, I've been draining her crop and foul smelling liquid has come up 3 times, 2 quite small amounts and one "gusher". I have tried her with some oil soaked bread and she ate a tiny bit, she is still interested in her normal food and has been trying to eat it but I've taken it away. I am going to feed her some live yogurt too. She seems to be huddling down and is very puffed up, also, her feet are turned in, like pigeon toes. Is this normal ? I've separated her from the other birds too. We only noticed that she was unwell yesterday so have tried to deal with it asap, any information would be helpful, thanks. Mags
  5. Thanks Sarah Happy to know the ladies are not freaks and the eggs can still be used. Mags
  6. Please can anyone tell me what causes this, this is the second egg in 2 days where this has happened, a small hole in the top of the egg, definitely no sign of pecking and you can see a build up of shell around the hole. Hens are fit and healthy and about two and a half years old. http://www.hallamdojo.co.uk/egg.jpg Has this happened to anyone else ? Thanks
  7. Thanks Egluntine It was pretty gross but glad to know it's probably nothing. Maggie
  8. I found this in the chicken poo this afternoon, shell had a rubbery texture http://www.hallamdojo.co.uk/Photo015.jpg And when Andy burst it, this came out. http://www.hallamdojo.co.uk/Photo024.jpg It was mucosy, jellified and blood coloured. Is this a lash or should I be concerned, chickens chickening about as normal, they are about 2 and a half years old. Thanks.
  9. Our chickens have the same problem. I've looked for mites etc and can't see anything and I don't think it's from pecking as they all roost on the same level. Some days it looks red and some days it doesn't but they don't seem bothered by it, they're eating well and laying as usual, although there has been a slight drop in eggs but one of them has been broody. http://www.hallamdojo.co.uk/images/hen_1.jpg http://www.hallamdojo.co.uk/images/hen_2.jpg
  10. What a great lunchtime read, so glad this was a happy ending. Will bookmark this as we are hoping to extend our "family" in spring.
  11. We are looking to move house and if we do, we will have to get a cube and run (Whoopee ) Can I leave my 3 girls in the 2m run while we are at work and let them free range when I get home. At the moment they have a WIR about 4m x 3m. Unfortunately, there just isn't room for this at the proposed new house . This could seriously affect the decision to go ahead with the house as I can't bear to think of them locked up all day desperate to get out. Any help or advice would be welcome as well as hearing your own experiences. Thanks again, I know I can always get sound advice here.
  12. My Bluebell has taken to hopping onto the roof of the chook shed and the onto the top of the run and over, what an escapologist. Found her running round the garden the past 2 mornings when I've been to let the other 2 out. The run is over 2 metres tall ! My Little white Hen is moulting so the garden looks like an explosion in a duvet factory and they have started laying in alternative locations which means an "Easter egg" hunt each day. Why do we have them ??
  13. I suppose it was only a matter of time before we were faced with this problem. Found the revolting creatures on the ends of the perches yesterday when cleaning out the hut. Why do you always find this sort of thing at 5 on a Sunday ? We have steam cleaned the hut and the run and I'm planning to wash it out with Poultry Shield and then dose the ladies and the floor of the run with Diatom powder. If there are any Omleteers in the Sheffield area please can you tell me where I can get hold of these products, I work in S3. And, is this the right approach and is there anything else I shoud try. Thanks for your help with this.
  14. I don't know if this is a common problem or not but here goes. My Bluebell has a really dirty bottom ! In the past we have had to wash it about every 2 weeks but having been away for a few days she has a really bad build up. I'm happy to do this but she's not too happy about it and it does turn into a bit of a circus act. Her poos are good, they aren't runny or messy so I'm not concerned about her health but it looks terrible and it can't be good for her. Is it possible or ok to trim the feathers around her rear end or will I have to wash her again. Tickets on sale at the box office ...... Thanks peeps.
  15. Seems a bit obvious but have you asked your neighbours what they think? (Not trying to be funny here) You do think your chickens are being a pest but my neighbours actually like the noise my girls make, they thinks it hilarious they have so many different "voices". Where we live we are far more bothered by the noise of a main road and other peoples dogs than by my chooks. Hope this helps.

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