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  1. Just a quick update, this is Merlot and Muscat today (Merlot is now 9 weeks, Muscat is at 7 weeks). It took Merlot a couple of days to accept Muscat, but they seem firm friends now. If anything, I think Muscat might end up ‘in charge’ in the long run.
  2. This one came from John at Old Dairy Poultry. After I explained the special situation I had he was willing to sell me a single chick. I would have happily taken two if I could, but that would have taken me over a dozen birds and I know the Buff Orps can get very big (I’ve had two before), so hence just the one extra chick this time.
  3. So, “Little Bit” is now not so little any more and has been called Merlot. She is 7 weeks old and Mum has lost interest and is laying again. So, with Nutmeg needing Layer Pellets and Merlot Grower Pelets, I’ve decided Nutmeg should go back with the others and Merlot therefore needed a companion in her part of the run (any excuse for more hens!). Welcome Muscat, a 6 week old Buff Orpington.
  4. This is my first Araucana Chick, I’ve had Pekins and Polands before, and as you say, they are easy. For “little bit” she is not showing the usual signs of male behaviour and does not have any sign of a comb forming (coming up to 7 weeks now). So I’m hopeful it’s a girl, but I’m no expert.
  5. Yes, she is a Blue or Black Araucana (I think Blue).
  6. ‘Little Bit’ has reached the grand old age of 5 weeks and 3 days. I’m now pretty sure I have a girl.
  7. ‘Little Bit’ is a Blue or Black Araucana. We think he/she is a ‘Blue’, which will be great if that’s the case, as that is what we were hoping for (as well as hoping it being a female chick of course!).
  8. This weekend it was time for ‘Little Bit’ and Mum to move into larger accommodation. Our two new white hens are now completely integrated with the main flock, so Mum and her chick have taken up residence in a section at the end of our Walk-in-Run.
  9. We’ve had our new hens for a week now, so today we let them into the garden to see how they got on mixing with our existing flock (a hen bubble perhaps!?). Anyway, they got on just fine, and Patrick our cockerel was very happy about having some new girls to ‘socialise’ with 😂.
  10. Of the four Poland eggs you gave me back in 2014 all hatched and we got 3 girls and one boy. We kept 2 girls, and called them Mel and Sue (from Bake Off), and re-homed the other two. https://photos.app.goo.gl/V2WXuTX4jxqTZNFz8 - Mel https://photos.app.goo.gl/xQfnSF69yhnQyqHX6 - Sue Sue was interesting, she was jet black, had five toes, and I don’t think ever laid any eggs, buy she was a ‘she’. Mel was White, very feisty, and would always hold her own with the big girls in the early days. She laid little white eggs occasionally! Sue died about a year ago, Mel disappeared, literally, about two months ago. We’ve no idea what happened to her. No signs of an attack, she just vanished one day while they were in the garden. She was going a bit blind in her old age (6), and became more timid In her later years, so could have been spooked and flown up and over our fences, but our neighbours never saw her in their gardens.
  11. Hi Patricia - I’ve been incredibly busy with work since I last posted, hence not having the time to post much. However the flock are doing well, we lost a few hens over the last 18 months, all down to old age, so this year it’s time to restock. Chicks and new POL at the same time weren’t the original plan, but Nutmeg went broody early in May and we wanted blue eggs again (Xena was one of the hens we lost last year). Then the POL Leghorn hens we wanted became available this weekend, so now we have both!!! I’m retiring from work (after 38 years) at the end of the month, so will have more time for the forum from July.
  12. Evening all, It's been a while, but this week I've added three new additions to the flock. A hatch of 6 eggs resulted in 1 healthy chick on Monday (sadly, 3 others were DIS, the other 2 eggs were infertile, always a risk with eBay eggs) and today 2 White Leghorn POL hens became available. The chick is a Blue or Black Araucana (again, eBay, who knows!). The chick struggled to exit the shell independently (very strong shell and inner membrane) and after 12hrs I assisted it (not something I'd usually do, but it was clearly struggling by that point). Glad I did, as it's a healthy chick and is thriving so far (now 4 days old, hatch day in the pictures).
  13. Thanks Patricia, good to see you're still contributing! Yes, it's almost certain the egg would have been fertile as I currently have two very active cockerels . The egg was from one of my older hens, as the 'new' girls that hatched last year currently lay much smaller sized eggs than the big girls. Andrew
  14. Hello Omletteers! I'd like to ask for your thoughts on what might be causing a red discoloration in the white of eggs being laid by one of my hens. I’m curious as to what might have caused it. It first occurred a couple of weeks back, but as it was the first time I’d seen it in any of my eggs I didn’t give it any further thought at the time. However, now it's happened again, so it clearly wasn’t a one-off, and I'd like to get your thoughts on what it is (it looks like some blood got into the egg-white forming process) and what might have caused it. Finally of course, do I have anything to worry about? Looking froward to your replies, Andrew
  15. You probably don't want to see how my little chicks are getting on then Cheers Andrew

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