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  1. i think we have found their escape route so no more outings we hope! mosca is the ring leader as she was getting out the most and cecilia was just following on! there are no flys on our mosca and she is over three years old! love mim x
  2. thanks everyone so much, but they have appeared! i called and called them and rattled thier food and they came clucking in! there is a massive garden behind ours and they must have been in there even though we went in there and called and called! they must have been having too much fun! i am going to try and watch them tommorow and see if i can work out how they are getting out, they really worried us and they are now grounded(in the run) untill we find out how they are escaping! thaks again for all your support ,you never fail!! mim and jason xx
  3. hi everyone, just got home to find our two chucks missing . they are netted in with the net from omlet, recently mosca has found her way out and we could not work out how and now it seems that they have both found out and have gone walkabout. what are the chances of them coming back? what should we do next ? all help gratefully recieved! we have beeen out looking in gardens and asked a few of the nieghbours. thanks a very worried and sad mim x
  4. they both sound great but can you get the icing already blue as the last time i tried to use food colouring i got in a right mess! mim x
  5. Hi everyone, i have landed the job of making my nieces birthday cake this year and she desperately wants a thomas one. i have looked at some recipes and they are all really advanced for a novice like me. so i may have to resort to buying one from sainsburys although i would rather make it myself , has anyone got any ideas? thanks mim x
  6. not sure if i want to watch it as her coments recently annoyed me a bit! stil OH will definately watch as she can do no wrong in his eyes! mim x
  7. singing in the rain strictly ballroom groundhog day although this is really hard as there are loads!! mim xx
  8. don't worry at all! our black star's first egg we were convinced had been layed by a passing pigeon! and she has laid them like that since. it doesn't help when our old girl mosca who is a gingernut lays massive ones so hers will always be smaller but still yummy!! love mim x
  9. I've given up trying to understand why my cats do things! one of mine, Lily, loves licking carrier bags! mim x
  10. cooked this for my tea tonight as i have just developed a cold, it was really yummy! i have enough left for my lunch tommorow and for my hubby to take to work, thanks for the recipe!!! love mim and jason x
  11. so sorry to hear your news, we have so much sympathy for you as we lost our Sella yesterday. she had been ill a couple of times but we had been able to get her back on her feet, this time she had just had enough. its so heart breaking losing any pet and your Daisy mae was still so young. its so hard with chucks to see when they are ill it all happens so quickly. you have your memories hold onto that. sending lots of love Mim and Jason xx
  12. Hi ! we have recently aquired a new chicken, she is a lovely maran and since friday when we got her we have been trying to introduce her to our other three girls. Well we have to seperate them in the day as they are really picking on her , i know we have to be patient as it can take weeks but this morning they all jumped on top of her as i let them out of the eglu and have given her a nasty wound on her neck. it has dried over now but i am a bit worried about putting her in with them tonight . any advice would be welcome! the poor thing has just come from a home where she was being picked on i feel so sorry for her! Lov mim xx
  13. got the pussies yesterday and they seem ok, except both of them have already wee'd on our bed ! good job we have plenty of duvets! we have put trays down for them and one of them used it yesterday so it must be nerves of settling in i hope! barnaby is a bit miffed as they keep hissing at him but as yet no fights. will post some pics when i can at the moment they won't sit still long enough!Lily is a chocolate tortie and is a typical naughty tortie, into everything but seems slightly highly strung, Dora is lovely a very tiny tabby who is very kitten like, and both of them are very affectionate, so fingers crossed for a happy ending as long as they stop weeing!!! love mim xx
  14. just an update . we have had no luck with kittens they are snapped up so quickly, and the RSPCA wouldn't even consider us as we live on a main road, so i found this wonderfull rescue called second chance and we are now the proud new owners of two new girls who are both 2 and have always been house cats so hopefully they won't want to go anywhere near the road. we are going to pick them up on saturday so fingers cross that they get on with our barnaby. wish me luck!!! will keep you up to date! love mim xx p.s one is tabby and one is a chocolaty brown tortie type cat!!!!Very odd colour)
  15. i suppose that it all depends on the cat they are all so different, barnaby is a real softy and him and daisy were always cuddled up together, so i think he would benefit from a friend, if i can ever find one for him!! love mim xxx

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