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  1. Thank you, Molly! We are delighted - she is such a sweet hen.
  2. Retford poultry can analyse a poo sample and give you a diagnosis for about £30. Brachyspira is quite a common cause of diarrhoea. They pick it up from wild birds and the treatment is denegard. However, diarrhoea can also be a symptom of lots of other things, e.g. Mycoplasma (which needs Tylan) etc. Avipro can be helpful for gut health. Good luck with your hens. I hope the poorly one turns a corner.
  3. I wanted to update to say she got better! It was a long haul and she needed Tylan, Baytril, several more vets visits (couldn't find a chicken vet so took her to a bird of prey vet!) and a lot of tlc but she has been back to her normal self (with some slight visual problems) for 2-3 weeks now. I think it was mycoplasma, which can apparently affect vision. She is at this moment tweeting loudly outside the door for grapes!
  4. Maybe you could do with some too! It's good for stress in humans!
  5. I have used the syringe method for these conditions and associated meds, too. My tip is only to give her a little bit of medicine in each squirt (I give less than 1 ml) and aim it far back and above the tongue. Good luck. You know there are treatments for peritonitis (suprelorin, although not everyone on the site approves of it and it is expensive).
  6. Just a quick update that the Retfords sample came back last week with camphylobacter and candida. I stopped the baytril yesterday and switched her to denegard. I was already treating her for candida. After rallying a lot last week and eating well, she seemed to lose her appetite a bit after 5 days on the baytril and has now gone into a stress moult. She is pecking around but too weak to fly up to her coop table or climb the garden steps. Fingers crossed she picks up again on the denegard.
  7. That's brilliant - thank you. I am really glad your cockerel is doing well now. Pumpkin seems to be pecking a bit more accurately already (I thought I was imagining it)!
  8. My view is that if they are eating mainly chicken food and what they can forage they are unlikely to be overweight (they usually don't like chicken food that much). I wouldn't worry. They tend to lose weight when in lay. You can try picking them off the perch when they are sleepy when you need to check them over.
  9. Congratulations on your new chickens! I have kept chickens for 9 years and have never had their wings clipped (or clipped them myself) and I don't know any other chicken-keepers who would do this either. They really cannot fly very high. Usually a wing-assisted hop of about 3-4 feet is the maximum. I don't know how one could scale a 7ft fence - maybe move the house so it cannot be used as a stepping stone? My advice would be not to clip. Covering the run should sort the problem. Diatom - I use Stalosan F or similar which I think is antimicrobial as well as just absorbant/drying. I sprinkle it round the run once a week. I don't put it in their coop - I clean this with a pet-safe disinfectant instead (and occasional anti red mite cleaner). Chickens like to find their own dustbath area (usually in your best flower-bed). They also like to make their way into your kitchen before shaking themselves off... I put recycling boxes half full of compost in their run for them to dustbath in too. Mixed grit should already have oystershell in it. Check and if so, you don't need to buy it separately. I put out baked crushed egg-shells from time to time - excellent free source of calcium. Don't worry about mild pecking - that is just how chickens remind everyone where they stand.
  10. Vitamin E with added selenium is excellent for this - even better than plain vitamin E, in my experience.
  11. I had a pekin who was very withdrawn and subdued when out of lay and then her normal feisty self as soon as the first egg was on its way. Lovely birds!
  12. Ours do. One of the chickens (who's normally very gentle) stalks and pecks the rabbit but he has learned to hide from her!
  13. Ours do. One of the chickens (who's normally very gentle) stalks and pecks the rabbit but he has learned to hide from her!
  14. Dear Beantree, Thank you very much for your post. It is very helpful to know that air-pecking can be caused by blindness in one eye secondary to dehydration. I have read that vitamin A deficiency can also cause this. Can I ask whether it was reversible in your cockerel? We considered peritonitis and a mass of egg bits. I agree it is possible/probable. Her abdomen is not swollen, though. Her crop was indeed bloated and not emptying. The good news is that it is emptying normally now and she is much perkier (back to attacking the rabbit - her favourite pastime!) Would that she could see a specialist chicken vet. She had an excellent one - Steve Smith at Wendover Heights - but he left a few months ago. I am trying to get her an appointment with one of his proteges but it is not the same. My understanding is that antibiotics may stop the prebiotics in the Avipro from working, not vice versa. At the moment I am giving Avipro for the electrolytes and vitamin A, not the prebiotics, so I am not too worried about that. (I will give her some prebiotics once she is through with the antibiotics). She was wormed with flubenvet 4-6 months ago so is overdue another worming, once she gets better. So it seems that the problem is either gizzard impaction or (more likely) peritonitis, which has caused diarrhoea which has caused dehydration and poss vitamin deficiencies which has caused partial blindness which has caused air pecking. Treatment - rehydration and vitamins, baytril and loxicom, and paraffin oil (cautious amount) and/or suprelorin implant. Also worming when better. Many thanks again - much appreciated. Egghead.
  15. Hi, We have a 4-year-old ex-batt who has been pecking thin air and had nasty watery diarrhoea since Saturday. She is drinking well and trying to eat but misses the food as she is not pecking accurately. She is quite lethargic in between bursts of energy. She was fit and well until the weekend. I took her to the non-specialist emergency vet yesterday who said there was a lump in her abdomen, possibly an impacted gizzard (probably not an egg as wrong shape), and prescribed 4 drops paraffin oil and 0.8ml baytril twice daily. She thought that the inaccurate pecking might just be due to weakness, although I am not so sure. Her main current concern (and mine too), is that the chicken could become severely malnourished and dehydrated due to the severe watery diarrhoea. I have sent off a poo sample to Retfords and am feeding her Critical Care formula, egg and water with avipro or avian electrolytes. She is eating yoghurt, grapes and a little chicken food herself and drinking a lot. She seems to be perkier on the Baytril and is walking around and vocalising in between collapsing with tiredness/weakness. We have her indoors. She's still pecking the air though - might be neurological/ vision-related? Has anyone come across this before? Any ideas what's wrong or what we can do? Any help much appreciated.

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