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  1. Thanks both. Yes I am now pretty convinced it is snoring/sleep-related. She really is absolutely fine when she is awake (thank goodness).
  2. I give them 0% fat Greek yoghurt for a few days, mainly because they look so funny with their beaks covered in it!
  3. Ours were like that too but they settled down. Bokashi bran and Avipro might help.
  4. I think maybe she is indeed snoring. There is a video on youtube of a chicken snoring and it sounds just the same.
  5. They are so beautiful. Where did you get them?
  6. Beautiful silkies! Our ex-batts used to dust-bathe on concrete, carpet, you name it. We kept moving them to a proper dust-bath area and throwing a bit of soil on their backs till they got the hang of it.
  7. Dear all, One of the ex-batts to whom I am auntie seems perfectly well in herself by day but if I open the coop at night her breathing is very noisy (or it may be that she is making a noise that is not her breathing). If I take her out of the coop to listen to her breathe the noise stops - it is as though she snores noisily. She has had two courses of antibiotics (a week of baytril and a week of denaguard) and it has made no difference. She has been like this for about a month. She is perfectly lively, eating, behaving completely normally. No sign of hunching, sneezing, respiratory or joint problems by day. Poo normal looking. I know that she has underlying mycoplasma (as do the whole flock) but I don't know whether this is an outbreak or something else (or indeed nothing). I am tempted to put her somewhere else to sleep and monitor her in case it is an allergy to her bedding or something. I would be grateful if anyone has any ideas. Thanks in advance.
  8. Thanks Grandma. On investigation she has extensive bruising round her leg. Nothing seems to be broken. We will try to get her some arnica.
  9. My house-mate got two ex-batts on Saturday. I watched them yesterday and they seemed pretty strong (perching and jumping up and down). Because I thought they were strong enough I put them to sleep overnight on a low perch, even though I knew that ex-batts should not perch initially. This morning one of them has woken up very subdued and is unable to weight-bear on her left leg (she also has diarrhoea and a swollen rear, which she had yesterday too). Any help very much appreciated. I feel so bad as this wasn't even my hen.
  10. Hello, My housemate is making a radio feature on urban chickens and is very interested in speaking to anyone who rehomes ex-battery hens or rescues chickens in the Buckinghamshire or London area. Please PM me with your email address if you'd like to get involved with this and I'll pass them on to him. He'd be very grateful for any help! Thanks, Egghead68.
  11. Don't cull them!!! How did you get on at the vet's?
  12. Mine love raspberries and japanese wineberries. Expensive tastes! I might see if I can switch them onto foraged blackberries.
  13. My vet doesn't drain because of the risks. The fluid usually reabsorbs following hormone treatment inmy experience although it can take over a month.
  14. She sounds very poorly and needs to see a chicken-specialist vet asap.
  15. Personally I'd get a suprelorin implant rather than drain. Good luck.
  16. I'm sorry she's poorlY. Can you ask your vet about Tylan 200 injections (and to show you how to administervthem). These are very helpful for some respiratory infections. In the meantime I'd isolate her and keep her warm and make sure she is eating and drinking.
  17. You need to cool down her nether regions (e.g. By having air circulate through the bottom of the cage) to break the broodiness.
  18. Great! It is a very simple procedure so hopefully should be fine. I once had mine implanted by a vet who could not tell a hen from a cockerel and who was completely panicking at having to deal with a chicken (booking error) and it was still fine.
  19. Presumably you've seen this list of forum-recommended vets? http://club.omlet.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=41&t=4447 There is one in Norfolk.
  20. It is probably too far but if you are desperate there is a good chicken vet in Cambridge.

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