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  1. My ex-landlady had silkies. They are adorable birds but go broody a lot! I read somewhere that when they were introduced to the U.K. they were sold as half chicken half rabbit!!
  2. I'm so sorry to hear that. You did all you could.
  3. Thanks everyone. I think it might have been to do with laying a rough-surfaced egg after having been broody. They definitely do like to worry us!
  4. Yuck! Hope she feels better now. There are various threads with home remedies for sour crop including apple cider vinegar and human thrush treatments. It's often fungal. Good luck!
  5. I'm so sorry. It's really difficult to know what to do for the best and to see them poorly, isn't it. Thinking of you and your little hen.
  6. Well I'm pleased to report I've come home to a cross and noisy chicken who's trashed my bathroom and run off into the garden before I could catch her. Who knows what that was all about? Maybe the heat got to her. She is black and soaks it up. i'm minded to keep them indoors tomorrow as it is really exceptionally hot here. Thanks Olly for your help.
  7. I have put mine in the bathroom today with the blind half down and a cold shower running.
  8. I would let the scrambled egg cool a bit first. Good luck and keep us posted.
  9. I think you're right. My logic was it might affect her more as she is 1/3 the weight of the others. But it's true - they tend to stay away from poison (although I know of a cockerel that got sick eating slugs poisoned with slug pellets). I'll be home at 7:45 and see how she is then. Fingers crossed.
  10. Thanks Ollie. She's never laid a softy but I suppose it is a possibility. I will see how she is tonight. It's certainly come on very suddenly, whatever it is. My main worry is poisoning. I had the moss stripped off the roof at the weekend and of course they have all enjoyed eating all the bits they can find. The roofer promised me there was nothing used in the stripping process that could poison chickens but I'm not sure.
  11. Fingers crossed for her. Can you get any food into her, e.g. scrambled egg? Keep syringing water.
  12. My five-year-old Pekin Mrs P was fine yesterday but this morning she is only sitting on the lowest perch and not eating or drinking. She is also uncharacterisically quiet. I've checked her vent, crop, everything I can think of and all seem fine. I've brought her and the others inside in the cool and syringed water and avipro into her. Anyone have any other ideas please?
  13. Bantams usually lay smaller eggs so you woN't mix them up with the hybrids' eggs. I don't know any bantams that lay as well as commercial hybrids. Personally I eat eggs from chickens that have had baytril after a 7 day withdrawal period but I know that is not recommended.
  14. That's great to hear. Thanks for updating.
  15. My pekin has had it three times. i check her feet every week and apply iodine at the first signs.
  16. OK mine is definitely 0.5% and I use 1 drop per 500g of chicken.
  17. I can't read the concentration on mine without my glasses (which are lost) but I think it's 0.3, 0.5 or 0.8%. It's definitely not 0.1%. It's called Easymec.
  18. I expect they will calm down with treats and time. I think if the bumblefoot is mild iodine should fix it. Sorry you had an unnecessary trip to the vet but it's better safe than sorry and it's hard to tell how severe the problem is over the internet. The baby sock is an inspired idea - if she keeps it on! Good luck and let us know how you get on.
  19. Ah - I haven't checked the concentration on mine - just know I use two drops. Will check tonight.

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