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  1. Thanks so much, both of you. The vet checked them for gapeworm and ruled it out but I think you could be right. I have flubenvet on order already and will worm both chickens as soon as it comes. Fingers crossed and thanks again.
  2. I have a poorly 6-month old Pekin with suspected mycoplasma and scaly leg mite. She is on Baytril from the vet for the mycoplasma and Johnson's Scaly mite/vaseline/tea-tree cream for the scaly leg mite. We are keeping her in an indoor makeshift coop. Both her conditions seem to be improving rapidly and she is quite perky. However today I noticed two new symptoms/behaviours: (1) shaking her head rapidly from side to side and (2) clacking her beak together repeatedly. Does anyone know what these might mean, please and what we can do about it? Might the surviving scaly mites have reached her ears? I am happy to take her back to the vets (3rd time!) but he is not an avian specialist (couldn't find one near Cambridge) so is unlikely to know.
  3. Thanks Egluntine. I'll hold off for a few days as she has gained weight and is scoffing food and isolating herself less. Fingers crossed... Will visit vet at weekend if still worried though. E.
  4. Thanks Egluntine. I am sorry about your hen. Mrs P HAS started to walk a bit bow-legged and certainly keeps herself to herself. I hope this is not the cause...
  5. I was wondering if it could be peritonitis, though. Does anyone know the symptoms?
  6. Thanks Stoice. She likes tuna so I'll give her some. She moulted in October/November so seems a bit soon for a new moult but could be I suppose. E x
  7. My poor Pekin has been out of sorts for about a month. She has been isolating herself from the other chickens, her weight has dropped from 980g to 910g, she is eating very little and has lost lots of feathers. She has also stopped laying. Does anyone have any ideas what might be wrong, please?
  8. Just an update. We had the post-mortem results on our Silkie Hen, and, although tests are ongoing, so far they have found E Coli Klebsiella pneumonia Pasteurella She also had an impacted crop (full of grass). So... Not as simple as just Infectious Coryza. The original vet is still not convinced it was that at all. He is going to put them all on Baytril, following their partial response to Tylan. I don't think the existing ones can be that sick, though, as they all managed to escape to the neighbours' garden this morning!
  9. Ours hate pellets, but I think they are spoiled. Through choice, they would live on hand-fed hand-peeled grapes with occasional sweetcorn and tuna.
  10. Thanks very much. Christian and Egluntine! It is very upsetting when they get ill, and really nice to receive your support.
  11. Hi Baggins, I am really sorry to hear that. Swollen face and very smelly breath does sound like infectious coryza. See link above and also: http://www.merckvetmanual.com/mvm/index.jsp?cfile=htm/bc/206600.htm One of our cockerels can't see in one eye at the moment. The eye closed up because his face was swollen and became pus-filled. This has improved with regular bathing in Optrex (I don't know whether this is vet-approved - we just tried it in desperation). The advice from Beaumont vet hospital was to give the chickens Tylan. We have injected all ours, and, apart from the cockerel, who is worst affected, they seem much perkier, and are now eating, although their breathing is still noisy. There is more information about treatment in the link above. I think you should take your hen to the vet asap with information about infectious coryza printed out (even avian specialists don't seem to necessarily know about it). Good luck, and please let me know how you get on. Egghead
  12. Thanks again, Christian - really helpful. This all sounds like what they have, apart from the swollen face. I would say that, if anything, their face-furniture looks shrivelled and dehydrated. Beaumont Vet Hospital (very chicken-friendly, for people in London), are calling me back tomorrow with advice.
  13. Thank you very much, Christian. It does sound like that. I will contact another vet immediately.
  14. Our chickens are sick to various degrees (laboured breathing, gasping, losing weight, dehydrated, inactive, sleep a lot) and all the infected ones have a very repellent smell - something like unwashed, cheesy, humans mixed with game. Two of them have died already So far no response to 2 antibioltics, including Tylan. The vet is not sure what it is, but we don't know how much experience he has with chickens. We thought they had mycoplasma, but for this they should smell sweet. Any ideas? Any help would be much appreciated. We are very worried and it is horrible watching them die off one by one.

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