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  1. Yes be careful not to overdose. I think an overdose can cause neurological problems.
  2. Could well be. I had one that used to blush when I picked her up till she got used to me.
  3. I use it as a preventative every 4 months or so. I use 2 drops for my bantam (on skin on back of neck).
  4. The dot contains the bacteria so if you can get it off easily (try soaking) then this should help. You can get the iodine at any chemist's. Dilute it with water to weak tea colour and then wipe her feet with it twice a day. I think it is best to see a vet for antibiotics if you haven't dealt with it before (although personally if it is mild I would see if it improves with a few days of iodine first). More tips on the other thread.
  5. The iodine needs to be quite dilute (weak tea coloured). Good luck. I expect they will be fine soon.
  6. They can go red temporarily when they are stressed.
  7. My pekin's had baytril for it in the past but now I just catch it early and do the iodine bathing and it disappears within a week or so. Good luck at the vet's. You've caught it early so it shouldn't be anything too much to worry about.
  8. It's bumblefoot. You need to getbthe black bits off (gently) then wipe twice a day with iodine diluted to the colour of weak tea. The chicken may need oral antibiotics too. Be careful to wear gloves as humans can catch the germ.
  9. It's good you areworming them with flubenvet. Sounds like they desperately need it. Yes, live worms and their eggs are infectious. I'd pick them and any poo up with gloves as regularly as possible and dispose of it away from the garden. I'd also apply a ground sanitiser, such as Stalosan F, liberally.
  10. I'm very sorry to hear that.
  11. You should only give it if prescribed by a vet. I have been prescribed that one for my chickens. I think the dose per kg is the same as for dogs but that would have to be checked with a vet.
  12. Turns out mine was (semi) broody too! Huge broody patch and feathers everywhere. I locked the nestbox all day and she seems to have snapped out of it. I feel really bad about the oil and bath too!!
  13. A swollen face is often a sign of mycoplasma which requires antibiotics. If it is mycoplasma tylan 200 injections can work well but your vet will advise. I believe you have a legal obligation under the animal welfare act to get her diagnosed and treated or to cull her so she does not suffer. Your husband is wrong. Please see: http://club.omlet.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=92732 General vets don't tend to know much about chickens. There is a list of chicken-friendly vets on the forum.
  14. That's good. I now have the same problem. My pekin seems to want to stay on the nest box but I am not convinced she is broody as she doesn't pancake when I put her elsewhere. She does throw straw over her shoulder a bit though. She didn't lay yesterday for the first time in a while and was frantic looking for her eggs. She is still eating and pooing and doesn't look unwell. She whimpers when I take her off the nest but doesn't growl. I have given her calcium/warm bath/liquid paraffin vent massage in case. Fingers crossed she is just broody.
  15. She could be ill or shecould have a soft egg brewing or just not be dealing well with the heat. Do you have a chicken-friendly vet who could take a look at her?
  16. Great to hear she is doing well. Thanks for the update.
  17. I'm glad she is doing better. Fingers crossed it continues.
  18. Corsodyl is antifungal so it should work. Hope your hens are doing OK.
  19. Thanks for suggestion of ex-batt implant thread. V. Informative. Good to know they may reduce risk of cancer.
  20. I asked to switch to delvosteron but the vet said it is now massively expensive because of a change in the way it is licensed (?). I think the implants last less long in the spring and longer in the winter, from my obs, probably because of fluctuations in the hen's own hormone levels.
  21. Chickens will not stay off anything. The more out of bounds something is, the more tempting, it seems.

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