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  1. Hahaa, nope no zombie chicken lovers, as far as i know ANH, i didn't realise that rick and the govenor were english till i looked them up on wiki it also amazes me at ll the glory bits and especially when you see behind the scenes photos and you see chandler riggs (carl) hugging zombie sophia and you realise how amazing the effects are i saw an interview with sarah wayne callies and she said that the cast who had turned like shane had to have a strong drink after seeing themselves zombified wondering who will die in the mid-season finale Any predictions ? me thinks it will be carol or maggie I love maggie and glenn
  2. Hi Guys Haven't posted in a couple of years and came on This morning to update myself Just wondering if anyone out there shares my love for all things walking dead, I love that programme haha. Any predictions of what's going to happen ? Just thought we could start a thread about all things walking dead What a shock when lori died
  3. Hi guys Just gone down to my hen this morning to find one of my cages completely destroyed by a fox, it has decapitated and killed all of the hens in their which included 3 cream legbars, A copper blue maran and about 9 hybrids Don't know what to do with myself at the moment and not sure what to do with the bodies
  4. Hi I had my original ginger hen earlier this year and she was 7 and I still have my original amber lee who is 7 who i got in 2004 and not showing any ageing at all
  5. Hi Guys I miss the wild berry smints that have now been discontinued, they were the little box's of triangular sweets which would freshen your breath. I looked online but can only buy them in boxes of 8 in which would have 24 little boxes in for an extortionate price
  6. For me Ordered 24 cortunix quail eggs should be delived next wednesday/thurday Hoping to get at least 10 females Josh BTW: they are living in a eglu classic
  7. Hi Guys sooooooo Sad Clootie: have a look here, not sure if you know about this but just type his name in: http://japan.person-finder.appspot.com/ Hope this helps Josh
  8. Hi I have 2 male pygmy goats which are great little pets, their house does smell towards the time when we clean it out but it's OK because I can still walk in their house to get their food tray If you are interested in pygmy's then you can get female and they won't need milking everyday + they are smaller than my auntie and uncles lab(I'd say about half his size) Josh
  9. Hello Guys Joey is 2 yrs old a month tomorrow and He has grown sooooooooo much since when I first brought him home!!!! here's some new pics from today after he had his birthday hair-cut Hope you Like them Josh
  10. Ohhhhh The guy i brought my chick from said he feeds his 100 + girls feed corn and they have been laying 70+ eggs a day so we went and brought some Ok Thanks Josh
  11. Hi Their on feed corn, but it's not just one thats not laying it's 19 that aren't
  12. My hens were laying eggs until about halfway through november and still haven't started again is it something i've done wrong?? they are on complete corn diet so it fills them up more and have been free-ranging about a hour every day. Please help Thanks Josh
  13. Hi Guys Hope everyone's ok I have 4 two year old isa brown hens, 3 two year old pure breeds (Cream legbar and french copper maran) and 2 one year old black rocks together. In another cage i have 7 sussex and blubelle hybrid hens which i brought in november and none of them have laid since november. When i first got my new ones I was still only getting 1 egg a day but after about 2 weeks none . I have wormed them last week with flubenvet. I think my goats are scaring them and am thinking about covering the side of the cages with tarp so they cant see each other ?? What do you think could be stopping them laying? Josh
  14. When I was about 5/6 my nan would get a stencil of a boot and put it on the floor from the fire across to the tree and pour talcum powder into it so it looks like snow even if it wasn't snowing i would still believe it Josh

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