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  1. Thanks Saronne for your offer. Will get the Flubenvet for my 2. She was very weak, I feared worst when she wouldn't eat! But as a first timer advice from you all is much appreciated. Glad I took her to vet too, feel happy that she got seen and took right path. She was a beautiful white Light Sussex, but he said she looked under weight etc and hadn't come on.
  2. Hi all. Took my girl to vet this morning and came back without her He said she wouldn't make it. Couldn't tell me what was wrong, he said maybe liver disease or something like that. The fact that she had never grown like the others, meant there was prob always something wrong. Thankyou for all your replies, will be sure to get the better worming treatment for my other 2, now I know the Vermex is not so good.
  3. That is making me think, as before xmas I said to my hubby that she was going up to the nesting box and it was enough to having me check alot. But nothing materialised? Thanks for advice. Will keep a good eye on her. This is a great website, everyone so helpful. If it is this what can I expect to happen? Thanks again.
  4. She has been sipping water. 1st noticed her being a bit off not yesterday but day before. Can an egg being on the way really make them that off? She is late developing, the others we got at the same the time are laying lovely eggs. Will try the grapes-thanks. Wondering now, do you take to vet and pay alot of money or will she pick up? This is all new to us, they are our first chickens. She is not interested in her mash or corn,or cabbage which she likes.
  5. My chook indoors in the warm, only sipping a little water and not eating. Not sure I can get worming treatment in her? Think it will be a visit to the vet. She is just sitting, tried her back outside a while ago but it was no good. She would normally love her free ranging time, but she just huddled down and puffed herself back up and sat alone
  6. ok i am about to order it online but there are 2 different ones each called flubenvet but 1 is 240g AND THE OTHER IS 60G DOMISTIC BOTH TO BE MIXED IN FOOD AND THE 240G IS ONLY £1 MORE AT http://www.mileendsupplies.co.uk
  7. Verm-X? Is it any good? It was pricey!
  8. Just brought her in and she has had a good drink. She seems a little low around bottom area, walking ok. She just did a dropping and it was creamy tinged with yellow with a couple of dark green dots in it?
  9. I will worm them all again. She doesn't look happy, all puffed out and alone, sometimes closes her eyes? She was eating and drinking, not sure how she's doing on that front since yesterday.
  10. Also, combs and wattles looked like they were finally sprouting, but still haven't come to much from the tight bud like form they were when I got her. Wattles coming down a bit
  11. Hi. She normally hangs out with the other 2 Chickens, pecking, foraging etc. She is choosing to be alone and yes crouching and feathers are puffed out more than usual. Most differently she is letting me pick her up and cuddle her! She would normally run away! Got her mid Sept with the others who are fine and laying. They were 18 weeks or there abouts when I got them all. Wormed a little while ago. Can't see anything in her feathers? Thanks guys
  12. My Light Sussex still hasn't laid since we got her, but now I am worried as she is huddling on her own and acting strange? Any ideas? Help, I love my Chickens!
  13. thanks for such quick replies.The hens in question are hybrids,1 being a light sussex and the other being a black rock. It was only because the supplier said that another person who got theirs at the same time had the same problem and this concerned us. This would be our luck as things like this always seem to happen to us lol We are just worried that there is a problem as we are having some lovely eggs from the bluebell (Abi) bless her even double yolkers

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