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  1. ....how do you decide on pricing? A friend suggested the price I paid for the materials I buy plus at least minimum wage hourly rate for the time it takes to make an item? What do you think??? Cheers Sarah x
  2. Wheres the best place to buy large quantities of merino? I've had some small amounts off ebay and I've had a look at the world of wool website (min £2.50 postage on 100g ) wondering if you all knowing crafters here have any better ideas? I've recently started felting and I'm coompletely ADDICTED Sarah
  3. Ohhh I could rant forever about this!! With 2 girls we have our fair share of barbie type things bought at birthday/christmas and it honestly must take half an hour to get each thing out of its box!! This year I saved up all the plastic ties from the boxes and I'm using them in the allotment
  4. Aww look what I found while browsing the net... http://www.outofthecity.co.uk/oxbow-amelie-chick-purple-p-1957.html Pricey but so US S x.
  5. Hi thanks, yes I'm sure they are lice, quite big very easy to see,some feather loss on abdo (thought she was moulting)
  6. ....or do I have to get a specific louse powder? I have red mite powder handy would that work? Grrrr little blighters!!
  7. Yes it was a quick end and it didn't know much about it-pretty disgusting I know but I just focused on ending it quick! I went to the farm shop to pick up some pellets and corn and was chatting to the guy there about having to dispatch it-he said "what did you do-stamp on it?" Now that would be revolting!
  8. Awww good luck with you new girlies Wish I had more space-I'd have loads!!!
  9. Try here- www.noahs-cupboard.co.uk/detail.asp?catno=6&pnum=A2A5N
  10. .....It was still ALIVE The trap had gone off the bait had gone but the little blighter was alongside the trap unconcious but still very much alive and breathing! Hubby disappeared into the shower and left me to dispatch it with a spade under the admiring gaze of 4 cats!! Not a good start to the week-I'm off to buy one of those big Tom Cat traps. Sarah x
  11. Nessa came out of the run with the others this morning but I could see straight away she wasn't right. She was just standing hunched up looking miserable not attempting to peck or scratch at anything.Her comb is bright bright red and appears to have fallen over a bit,it also looks a bit wrinkled so I'm thinking dehydration. Her crop which should have been empty was quite large and squishy and makes gurgling noises when I massage it I have brought her into the house and she is in a box in a dark corner of the kitchen with a heat pad,she has started drinking but not eating and after massaging her crop and tipping her forwards a load of grotty fluid and grass came out Am I right in thinking sour crop? and if so what can I give her? someone mentioned live yoghurt is this ok and how do you get it into a chicken that doesn't want to eat? Ta Sarah x
  12. Ha Ha, my friend lives next to a school and her cat would regularly come home with packets of sandwiches (still wrapped ) that she thinks he was stealing from the security guards hut
  13. Yes but only 1 side-think I might do the other side as well-just to give me something else to feel guilty about
  14. I got mine from Annie Halls Poultry near Bristol-she was great. Google the name and you will find her website.
  15. Naughty girls I was getting a bit fed up with finding lots of poo on the garden table and chairs, it was making the decking lethal and the lawn is a distant memory I've just sectioned off part of the garden for them, they have their eglu, and a 10m area with trees, bushes, the pond lots of mud and bark to dig in etc. are they happy? NO! Geraldine (my only layer so far) has just decided that she's had enough of that, flapped onto the top of the run and then up onto the top of the shed I had visions of me hurdling the fences to get her back but thankfully I managed to coax her down with some corn I've now shut them all in and they look mighty miffed and I'm feeling really guilty

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