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  1. Hi There,I am looking to upgrade the housing for my bantams....five Sablepoots and three pekins. I have a wooden coop at the minute but having the garden done and was looking at the Cubes,will one of these be too big do you think ? I know the Eglu and the Go will be too small.Any thoughts anyone?
  2. Hi Guys, Heres the worry.......Bonfire night.......or nights as it seems to be by us! This is my first year with the girls and I am a bit concerned about the noise from the fireworks .Mine dont have the luxury of an Eglu as I imagine with them being insulated they are probably well sound proofed. Any ideas on how they might fair. xxx
  3. Just caught my eldest son taking one of the chooks on a ride down the slide with him! She seemed to enjoy it but he has been told off and told not to do it again. It was very funny though but had to make sure he didnt see me laughing ! Thats being on here checking stuff out....So I blame you lot xx
  4. Hi Guys , Just a quick line to say thanks if anyone who replied is about. Chop Socky looks great and seems back to her normal self No more lying down all the time and really lively,I am so pleased.Chucky chan started to have a runny nose so before it proggressed any further I started her on the Baytril too (only downside to that I have lost the eggs from her as only her and Chick P lay at the mo) but she no longer seems to have a runny nose but still has a couple of days left on the med so will see it out. But thanks guys ,glad I listened to all the good advice. xx
  5. Sorry didnt see that she was up at 6.30 on the go,Mine tend to lay later in the day( hope they dont get earlier as my one neighbour moans if a gnat farts!).Sorry cant be of any use with answers I`m afraid ,not had mine long. xx
  6. A couple of my girls make a right row when one or the other has layed ,sounds like a recording they used to have in asda at the egg section .It used to be terrible cos everyones kids used to keep pressing the button and it was always on the go.......Asda took it out in the end I dont think mine go on for long but I tend to worry about the neighbours too so I ust chuck a handful of corn or beansprouts out for them...silence in a second xx
  7. Hi Guys Thanks for the replys,I will now leave them in peace when they go to bed and stop checking.I had tried to make her perch but she just wasnt having it.Thanks again. xx
  8. Hi All, Right...one of my lot wont perch in the roost at night she prefers to sit on the floor and fall asleep.There is more than enough space for her to fit on albeit she is a buxom bird She is second in command but I dont think there is any bullying going on as she lies right by the perch next to the top girl.I think she lies there all night as you can tell from the postion of everyones droppings in the morning! I line the bottom of the roost with newspaper that gets changed everyday so at least she is not sitting in it all . I dont know why she does it,there is nothing wrong with her legs and she has enough head space above her so I just dont know but it bothers me that she is on the floor all night and my OH has said the same.Will it cause problems over time or not ? Ideas anyone?? Cheers. xx
  9. Could have been a Common Wall lizard which live wild here.We used to keep them when we were kids so I know they are not poisonous but I tend to agree with Chucky Mama about it being a newt . Wallies tend to run pretty quick too so it may have got out of the run before she caught if it had of been. xx
  10. Hi All, SJP,took you tip and tried the beansprouts cos they are mad for them.We poked holes all down the shoot and coated them with the Baytril and it worked a treat ....thanks! She looks a lot better today ,seems more lively I thought maybe it was just me with wishful thinking but my other half reakons she seems it to so we will have to see. Great stuff anyway feel pretty relieved today about it all . xx
  11. Hi All, Thanks again for all your replys. Could`nt get Chop socky into the vets yesterday but they managed to get her in this morning.I think I paid a bit extra for a Saturday appointment but I dont really know,came to £23.70 in all but a least he never gave me some cock and bull story about needing to do this and that and charging the earth for it. Anyway as you all knew he would (clever lot!)he gave me Baytril to give her for 5 days but he has said there is more than a five day course in the bottle so I suppose if any of the other two show any symptoms I could get them started on it until they get a vets appointment. She looks about the same today as yesterday so at least thats something and she looks no worse ....still eating and drinking too which is the main thing and no more foamy eyes either. So fingers crossed she will start to improve now but I am not looking forward to having to dose her twice a day but I imagine she will like it even less! By the way do you think its worth topping them all up with that citricidal stuff? Cheers guys xx
  12. Hi Guys , Thanks for the replys. When I let them out this morning there was no sign of the foam in the eye so, so far I have seen it only once,do you think it might have been something she ate? I sat and watched her for a bit while in the run and she is still drinking and eating the layers ok too.I have let them out this afternoon and it does seem as though she has a cold as every now and them I can see that she has watery nostrils and she will shake her head to get rid of it.......hasnt stopped her scoffing a handful of corn though while I had a good look at her! She does seem brighter today,at the moment she is digging all the pebbles out of the soakaway in between coming in and out of the kitchen.She also seems more vocal today....good or bad sign or what ???? Have managed to pick her up once today and had a quick sniff at her ,still whiffs a bit but to be honest she doesnt let me pick her up that often not like the fat one in the group does( is that just because she cant get away as quick lol!) so not really sure if thats "her smell",smells a bit fishy but havent noticed this with my fat one but I am going to get hold of them later and see what they all smell like,the things you do eh? Do you think I should still book the vets or what she is like tomorrow? Cheers Guys xx
  13. Hi All. I hope someone can offer me some advice for my little ill chook as I am new to chicken keeping. I have three Rhode Rocks,I have had them since mid July.Two are now laying but the third is yet to give it a whirl. They have all been wormed approx two weeks ago and de-bugged too as I found lice on them. Now the one that is not laying seems quite fed up and has been like this for a couple of days,no longer charging around the garden after one of the others who has found a grub! I thought she was probably going to start laying but today I notice that she had some foam in the corner of both eyes.This looks clear just like bubbles ,both of her eyes look clear with no discharge. The last two nights she has took to the roost early as well and when I went to check on her this evening the foam had gone but her nostrils looked runny She is still pecking about the garden and wolfed the beansprouts down today but didnt really bother with the veggies and stuff that they had for dinner this evening. She seems to be laying down more than the others too and today when she lay down she shut her eyes for a brief moment and I am sure her wattles under her ears went a different colour but she suddenly got up and they went back to pinky red again! I picked her up today and she kind of whiffed a bit too,not like the normal chickeny whiff. Would love some advice if anyone has any . I am looking to take her to the vets too ,anyone any experience with any west midlands vets. xx

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