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  1. Hey! Hi to all of you.... anyone remember me????? I havent posted in well over 18 months, just so busy I love this forum and still check in from time to time. I still have chooks, 3 newbies this year who are gorgeous, they came from Fleur at Wylye Valley chickens. I have 2 of my original Brahmas now aged 4 and one Brahma aged 3. This forum helped me so much not only with chickens, but problems with teenage daughter etc such sound advice and never judgemental (thank you so much ) Daughter is now 18 and is a credit to us! definately getting to the other side of awkward, very independent and as for son who is due to start college in Sep, never given us a moments worry (this could be yet to come though!) loved to read all of the names again
  2. oh it was a lovely little book wasnt it! read it last week on my hols, perfect easy reading and great story
  3. yes that's it, thank you both!! Just ordered it Thank you
  4. Hi, I know someone here will be able to help me! (fingers crossed) A couple of weeks ago in the Mail on Sunday, there was a book review. I cant rememeber the blurb exactly, but it something about someone writing letters to someone which go undelivered, but are picked up at the sorting office by the mail man who sorts the undeliverable mail, he is about to retire. thats all I can remember but I know I wanted to go get the book and now I just cannot find out what it was. Its a very recent book. Heres hoping that some of you bookworms can help me? Thank you
  5. Aqua Manda Talc! After a weekly Sunday night bath
  6. How strange, I had read you post earlier at work and was just sitting reading the local rag and found this article, thought you might like a look. I wasn't even aware that we had a green burial site near me, and they are even holding an open day http://www.swindonadvertiser.co.uk/news/10421624.Death_Cafe_dinner/
  7. have a look here http://www.totalthorpepark.co.uk/features/foodanddrink.shtml
  8. Hi, lots of food choices / options there, and if you eat from the kiosks they are a bit cheaper. The hot dog and fries deal from a kiosk is one of the cheaper options about £6 for a meal deal, there is also a kfc with same menu as normal kfc, they also have donuts and coffee kiosks / popcorn/ sweets etc. drinks you can pay around £7 for a refillable plastic cup, souveniers are the same as any other park, but there are smaller things to buy. The photos are the money spinner there although saying that you can buy a photo deal for £15-20 for around 4-5 pics. the more expensive food is at the sit down restaurants there is a grill bar a pizza hut and some other. I would think £20.00 would cover drink food and a few sweets! We are off there on the 8th May!! just bought the tickets today
  9. Me too! not last episode but the week before they showed it as a clip at the beginning of the show ..previously on Broadchurch? and I did think then why are they showing that bit? I thought it was going to be Millers husband, but we dont seem to have seen a lot about him and really hope it isnt him! If we do get to the bottom of who did it, do you think the police will catch them? I do hope Alec Hardy makes it to the end, but I have a feeling he may discover whats been going on and then die - ~apparently even the cast werent told who dunnit until the last bit of filming, and David Tennant had an argument with the Director when he refused to tell him! only 3 nights to go till conclusion!!!!!
  10. Well? What a sad end for the newsagent. Why is Pauline Quirke' scharacter so keen in enticing Tom Miller to her caravan with the excuse of walking the dog? I just looked at the odds on Ladbrokes and DCI Alec Hardy is at 4-1! do you think he has arranged the killing of this boy to prove he can solve a murder after failing in the last town?? I think I may have to re-watch the first episode as whils browsing other forums on this people are saying that the music in each episode is leaving a clue. And why is DCI Hardy collapsing? Millers husband is still a bit strange and hasnt really had much of a storyline, so I am standing by him as the killer. but I do hate it when the murderer is someone from out of nowhere, Do you think the stolen burning boat was bringing in drugs? and there is a drug ring????? cant wait really enjoying it
  11. Ooh I think it may be Millers husband. They found the phone last night sor will be able to get the texts that Millers son deleted. It's really good isn't it!!!
  12. I think this cold spell is really putting them off!, but I now think I have 3 laying just dont know who the 3rd hen is
  13. Henny Penny has now joined Lola so 2 out of 5 pure breeds now laying
  14. think I can officially do an egg dance I got home from work this afternoon and Lola was missing, only one place she could have been and that was the nest box, I now finally have my first egg of the year
  15. No eggs yet !! but Lola crouched yesterday!
  16. Well can you get your Lola to chat to my Lola to get a move on pleeeease!!! still eggless
  17. Well I am frustrated to say the least!, but am I expecting too much?? My 3 oldest girls all Brahmas will be the ripe old age of 3 next month and have yet to lay their first eggs since about last October. I had patiently waited until Valentines Day as I thought they would be back into the swing of things but still NO eggs!! the two younger ones a Brahma and an Orpington have also yet to lay this year. Do you think that the Brahmas are getting too old to lay and will I ever see an egg again? feels as if I have 5 freeloaders at the moment!
  18. well so far no eggs for me this year, dissapointed every day when I check the nestbox even pancakes last night from shop bought eggs! sacrilege! I cant remember the last time we had an egg now? must have been October time, off home to check now
  19. When we had our house refurbished we chose an independent kitchen company in Swindon who were fantastic and recommended by our builders. We aslo used Howdens for the utility furniture as we had blown our budget on the ktchen and couldnt warrant spending any more with the first company. Builders like Howdens as all the units come ready assembled by the joinery and there is no flat pack involved. the fitting is of a high qaulity and the units are very sturdy and very well made. Howdens have a great range in price, so you can choose the spec you want and I cannot fault the build or workmanship. Both our kitchen and utility are 3 years old now and both still look great and no wobbly doors etc
  20. Hi, We had something similar with my sons LG phone, his friends got hold of it and tried to unlock his passcode to access the phne and then it locked, I rang vodafone who unlocked/ reset his PUK code???
  21. Heard on pause for thought last week: Think either you can or either you cant ...Whatever you decide you are right
  22. Poor Keith, upstaged at the last minute! bet he's none too pleased
  23. I thought we may have had Jahmene from the X factor, seeing as he is from Swindon, but I expect Keith had been booked early as he's at the panto for the second year running! Robbie Williams turned on Oxford Street. Doesn't Nicholas Cage live in Glastonbury now? He's been rumoured to switch on local lights all the time! he is cool though!!! One of my weirder celeb crushes!
  24. Just thought it would be a fun thread!.......... not saying that the celebrity you get reflects in any way on your local town, but just who is switching on your local Christmas lights? Here in Swindon, we have...........Keith Chegwin says is all!
  25. Hi, one of my hens seems to be drinking excessively or is obsessed with the drinker? No other obvious probs, except some watery poos, but dont know if this is down to the water. She is in full moult as well, do you think it could be worms??? she is eating ok and mixing with the others when she can drag herself away from the drinker The other thought I had was I have been keeping them restricted to their run a lot lately it is a very big run 3m x3m, just because its so wet and muddy and we have a a fox visitng at night, so wanted to make sure they are safe when I am not there. Could it be boredom? as she has less opportunity to forage/ explore? she is the most intelligent of all my chooks!

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