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  1. Just opened the Times newspaper the insert Diamond Jubilee History and on page 9 is a picture of an eglu with a little paragraph about omlet. Omlet has made the Jubliee history for 2002 - 2006.
  2. My hunters lasted approx 9 months before they split (shop said they are now made in china and they have had a lot of compaints of them splitting). Have now got agilie (something like that spelling) and love them. More expensive than Hunters and not bright colours but oh so comfortable and warm
  3. Ive bought things on Groupon and had no problems. I was listening to a discussion about these on the radio and it does seem that some retailers underestimate the power of groupon and the like. One lady thought she would get some "nice publicity and sell a few products" wherein she was inundated with orders.
  4. I am so sorry - my thoughts are with you and Rosie's family
  5. yep she is egg bound - injection of calcium and fingers crossed. sue
  6. Yes she finished worming last week - I use flubivet. I really cant figure this out although have just read the post about grapes and she does love grape! Have made an appointment for 6 at the vets sue

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