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  1. dear all thanks for the continued replies just to let you know have picked up my 4 silkies and they are soo cute .... all snuggled in the eglu tonight and our black rock is in the house in a box to night and they all meet tomorrow am sure it will eb fine!!!! will keep ypu informed..
  2. thank you for all the kind words .... now am worrying about the silkie hens mixing with the old timer black rock Doris.... she was always queen bee and always abit of a cow but hope she won't harm the littleies!!!!
  3. thank you for your kind replies just to let you know the hen died tonight i thought she was rallying she'd had some rescue remedy and water and was abit brighter but hubby came home and she was dead in her box in front of the aga...at least she had a chance and it has been a hard lesson to learn after 2 plus years of free ranging .... have ordered 4 siklies a white a blue a black and a partridge one and pick them up on tues..poor doris has been demented today on her own.so am signing off with a for losing my 2 little girls and a about my newbies!! thanks for the support this morn.
  4. Hello early morning I know...i don't post alot but read the club regularly and have been an eglu owner for over 2 years and have had the same happy hens during this time but had to post and ask advice this am!! Was woken at 4 am by the most blood curdling screech and the long and short of it was a hen which my black rock has been untouched by , my speckeldy gone and bluebell has been attacked but is alive in a box by the Aga she has a couple of puncture wounds on her neck and a nick bite out of her back and has lost a fair bit of feathers and seems pretty shocked!! No wonder.... My dilema is do I leave her to see if she survives or get my handy friend who is very practised in wringing their necks to put her out of her misery? I would hate her to be suffering but want to give her an opportunity to survive if she is going to.. a vet is not an option am married to a farmer and he would not entertain it!!Thanks for reading and advising. Rachel.

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