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  1. I think that getting a puppy will require more time than we have. I wanted to make the right decision but not knowing much about dogs it's hard to know when the time is right to get one. It just feels a bit frustrating waiting for the right time as I feel I have been waiting for the last 10 years and the time never seems right. I might have to accept that it may never be right for us to get a dog until I myself or my partner gets a different job. I may just have to get more cats or chickens till then
  2. Thanks for the replies as i haven't had a dog before and so just want to get things right or not get a dog at all. I work odd hours but generally out by 10 and back by 6/7. I have heard about borrowmydoggy.com which sounds like it could be very useful to some people or even perhaps for myself if I can't realistically commit to a dog. I'm only 34 and no sign of retirement yet so that isn't really an option My partner is dead set on puppy as he wants to train it. We look after his parents dog when they are away but I always feel bad when we go to work as I'm sure dogs must get bored if left alone too long. I know dogs are a lot of work but so are children! I haven't got kids(or plan to have any) and it feels as if I announced I was having a baby no one would ask if I was committed or was sure but when I say I want a dog friends and family say its a lot of work and commitment and I should think about it. I don't know the answer but will just have to weigh up pros and cons, I am a great animal lover and would never get a dog if couldn't have the best care.
  3. My partner and I have wanted a dog for years but it has never been 'the right time'. We have always said we will get one when we move, or when I get a new job (which is a whole other matter that is not going to plan). We want to move to somewhere with a bigger garden as ours is quite small especially with the chooks in it which are not going anywhere . My question is-is there ever a right time or should I bite the bullet and just get a dog. The only thing is with us both working we would need to hire a dog walker/pet sitter during the day on the days that we are both out the house. Would that give us problems bonding and training with the dog? I have never owned a dog but you have to start somewhere and maybe the time will never be right
  4. Thanks yes I put the flubenvet in their pellets (dodson and horrell) so sure that but is fine. I will give the limestone flour a go as the eggs can't get any worse! Funnily enough they have gone off some of their treats, still like the odd bit of mash but I used to hang up broccoli or cauliflower occasionally and now they won't touch it fussy beggers!
  5. Hi I have been having trouble with my hens for a while now and running out of ideas. I have gone from getting 4 eggs a day from four chooks down to one. I think the main problem is softies, there have been broken ones in the nest box and the dropping trays. Also I keep seeing a chook laying a soft egg in the run and all the chooks going mental and fighting to eat it. I have wormed them, given extra cooked shells, acv, no treats and golf balls in the nest box. There are also odd droppings going on which are very liquid and grainy? I am going on holiday soon and need to sort this out as the neighbours although good are a bit squeamish! Should I worm them again it's been about a month? Any help would be great as the other half is close to getting rid of them and getting new ones due to lack of breakfast!
  6. Hi I am slightly confused as to why my chooks have suddenly become fussy eaters. For the last couple of years the chooks have had the same food, grit and corn mix every day with no problems. Lately when I feed them there I have noticed that they are just eating the pellets and leaving the grit and corn in the grub, no matter how much I mix the food when I put fresh in they only eat the pellets. I have also noticed that the quality of their eggs has changed. The shells are thinner and the whites are runnier. In fact I have stopped giving them away to family as they have commented that they aren't as nice as usual. Have they got bored of the food? I am trying to get extra grit into them by putting it in cous cous or other treats but that just means they are getting more treats now. Anyone else had this problem and how did they fix it? They look healthy enough apart from some feather plucking but nothing to serious.
  7. Thanks for the advice I think I am going to stick with my four at the mo. maybe when the weather is a bit better I may add some more if any take my fancy but I think for now I am just going to enjoy the peace.
  8. Hi I have just finished my WIR (piccies in other thread) and I have a cube with a big run and only 4 chickens. Over the years I have lots of trouble with feather plucking and bullying with past chooks. At the moment I have four happy spoilt chickens in a luxurious home. I don't really want to get new chickens and have to start again with bumper bits and sprays and separating chooks because of bad behaviour. I have never had more harmonious chooks than I have now but new chooks are very tempting so should I just leave the ones i have to their palace where all is good or be brave and get more?
  9. Forgot to say thank you to Mrs B for suggesting bark-uk for woodchip. I discovered they are half an hour away so went down there and got the wood chip loads cheaper!
  10. Finally finished (ish) hooray! All it needs is a corner of the roof putting on and some perches etc but its basically finished
  11. Things are against me at the mo will I ever finish my WIR? Got up this morning to put the roof on and there was bright sunshine, by the time I've had my brekkie it's absolutely throwing it down. Because I've dug out all the old smelly stuff from the run its now even more muddy than when I started! Also having woodchip problems, I emailed a tree surgeon ages ago who said I could have some free woodchip now he has disappeared and I can't get in contact. B and q seem to have stopped doing woodchip also so it might be back to bark which I know isn't ideal but would stop the swamp! On the plus side the chooks are loving the new space however muddy it is.
  12. Hi just thought I would share how my WIR is going. Managed to get out between the snow and rain and get the wall done. Next is the roof and putting some woodchip down so the chooks can finally get out of the mud! Oh is quite proud of having built the chooks a bay window
  13. How bizarre the picture is the right way up on my computer but on my phone it's upside down!? My OH made the panels himself and isn't too chuffed that I wanted two doors and an egg port. Wanted to try and get it finished tomorrow but there maybe too much snow for that. The paint is Ronseal Woodland Trust Wood Sage from B and Q think it looks quite good.
  14. Just thought I would post I piccie of how my WIR is going. It is perhaps a stupid time to be out in the garden but now my OH has started he can't be stopped! We are going to build around the chooks at the mo then take the run out and redo the base when it is nearer completion. I wonder how many more chooks I can get in there!
  15. Thanks for helping me think it through I think because where of where the run will be I won't put the hard floor down at the moment. It's in a space next to a garage and a fence and as I am going to put a roof on too I think it will be ok. I have chosen the worst time to build my run however! At the moment we are painting panels in the spare room as its too cold outside and the paint won't dry. The tin says don't paint when it's below 10 degrees Will put some piccies up if we ever finish

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