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  1. eeeekkkkk im so excited the WIR is finally coming tomorrow after six long weeks of waiting! The girlies will be moving over to the other side of the garden into their favourite scratch-patch. Will they settle in ok tomorrow night? they will be sleeping in their usual eglu but it will just be in a different place and raised up on a table instead of on the floor. OH thinks they'll be fine because they will recognise the eglu and will know to sleep in there, but im not so sure........... will they not try to come to the side of the garden they sleep in now, even though there will be no eglu there anymore?? Think i am just worrying about nothing, but just want it to all go ok!!
  2. i agree with 5am re the free-ranging trick, i have a bright blue scoop that i use for their treats, so when i give them a call and they see the scoop they come running..........even if its empty
  3. Hi tracyann i used to use chopped straw in the nest box and wood shavings in the poo tray which was ok, but now use easibed and i'd say its much better and makes things a lot easier. I have never been able to get hold of auboise anywhere either, so don't know what its like, but easibed is great at soaking everything up so you can just pick out the poo, whereas with the straw and wood shavings i was changing all of it everyday. A big bag of easibed lasts us ages i would reccommed it.
  4. Thanks for the replies egg withdrawal hadn't even occured to me Does anyone know if this is necessay, i think i have read somewhere that it isn't?
  5. Today the Frontline has arrived Its the one for cats and i thought i had read on here that most people just put one drop on the back of the neck right onto the skin where the hen can't get to. I notice on the box it says one drop on the neck and one further along the body - i know these instructions are for cats so i just wanted to check that i should just do the one drop on the back of the neck? thanks for any help.
  6. i regularly use a hosepipe on the cats around here, there are a few and they are a right pain. I am of the opinion that if they are in my garden, leaving their nasty poos everywhere and upsetting my chickens, then i have every right to squirt them, they are in my garden and i don't want them there. If they not in my garden then its not a problem, but if they come in to my garden, then i shall do what i like to get rid of them - whether the neighbours approve or not! Sometimes i am tempted to collect all their poos in a bag and take it round to the owners and leave it on their doorstep - why should i have to put up with this - i don't own any cats, i don't want any cats, so why should i have to put up with there poo in my garden! As you can tell, i an definately not a cat lover
  7. i am a bit confused......how do you do this It would be great for louse powdering! I am not sure if i could get my chicks to lie down in the first place...............
  8. i can't see anything that might be causing any pain - there is no blood or anything obvious. i don't think there can be any part of the old bit stuck anywhere as she was fine for the four days without one - happily bullying my other four! she has had a small amount of pellets porridge this afternoon, and has gone to bed now - fingers crossed for a better day tomorrow
  9. Majuka, sorry to hear that your chuck has gone, but i thought i'd post this incase it helps others. I would recommend the superlorin to anyone. Our Chalkie was very ill and had laid softees for a couple of months. I tried everything i came across, from food supplements, to water supplements to crushed eggshells - it was all hopeless. Eventually the soft eggs began to get stuck and i went to the vets twice to have stuck soft rotten eggs removed from Chalkie before i found out about the implant (which cost the same price as having a stuck egg removed!). After the implant chalkie went though a massive moult, and it did change her eating habits, she eats less and is more interested in greens rather than the usual mealworms, seeds etc. Her comb has shrunk to amost nothing but she has grown into a great big stocky bird, looking more healthy than ever. From the day of the implant there hasn't been any sign of any eggs - stuck or otherwise, so i am very pleased. I am sure she wouldn't be here now without this implant. The vet told us it would only probably last six months, but it has been much longer then that, and i would be happy if she never laid again. If she did, and the same problems arose again, i would take her back for another implant without hesitation. I cannot reccommend this enough. I believe it has saved her life
  10. hi folks unfortunately at the start of december i had to bumper -bit two of my hens as they were ripping the feathers out of the others and causing severe bruising/bleeding - it was awful, but believe me, the bumper-bits were the last resort. None of the sprays worked and in fact one of them (johnsons) seemed to make the problem worse. The two i bumpered were ok within about 10 mins of fitting the bumpers and it seemed to solve the problem. Last monday Fizz's bumper bit came off after the 'bit' piece broke in her mouth. I thought i'd give her a go without one and see how she went on, but within four days my others were half bald and covered in blood again. So on sunday i had to bumper Fizz again, but since then she has sat hunched in the same place and is not eating much and has her eyes closed all day. I have looked at the bumper-bit and it seems to be in the correct place and i didn't do anything different to last time, but i am very worried about her - i am not sure if she could just be sulking or maybe she could be in pain?? I have let them out today to free-range as i am off work, but she hasn't even come out of the run, and she is not even interested in her fave mealworms. I thought about taking the bumper bit off but this isn't fair to the others, and i am not sure what else i could do with her, except perhaps make her her own house and run for her to live in seperately without a bumper bit on. Does anyone know if she could just be sulking? or could she be in pain? Its awful to see her looking so miserable alison
  11. i dont move mine either. It said on the news it was -17 here the other night and i left them outside in the eglu just covered with a heavy dust sheet and they were fine the next morning, came racing out as usual to get to the hot porridge There are five big beasts sleeping ontop of each other in there so i recon they stay pretty toasty I used to worry too, but not anymore.
  12. Hi folks, i like the sounds of using Frontline as i find the powder really quite difficult to apply to the girlies. Is it the Frontline for cats that you are using? thanks alison
  13. ooooooohhhhhh ive had a traumatic time today getting bumper bits on my two bullies - i was really nervous and so were the hens, ive never had to do this before! I have managed to get the bumpers on following the tips page on here, but i read that its better to get them in the holes towards the back of the nostrils - not the front holes. I managed to put them on in the back holes (sort of under that little flap of skin) but after the two hens had done all their head shaking and rubbing the floor i noticed that the bumpers had slipped to the front of their nostrils - as though they are in the front holes. I had another fiddle and pushed them back but they came forward again after more shaking. They look like they will stay on but i am concerned they are not in the right place. Does this matter? Will this be hurting them? what an awful experience this was for both the hens and me
  14. This is what it says about vinegar on the website i have been reading: Any type of vinegar will do however many people prefer the white (clear) vinegar, Just a very small amount, I would say a cup full to a gallon of water. I was wrong to say its got the nutrients in that they need, after reading it again it says the vinegar balances out the nutrient levels in the body, so they dont have this craving for extra protein. I've got nothing to lose and if it works i'll be well chuffed, so im gonna give it a go - got the bumper bits on stand-by though just in case! I'll let you know what happens.................
  15. Hi everyone, Ive been battling with a bully for a few weeks and she is now in the sin-bin for a few days after she has pecked the other two's bumb bare . I have tried all sorts of anti-peck sprays togerther with the purple spray and so far nothing has worked. She pecks the feather out then gobbles them up I have got some bumber bits coming from Wernlas but i dont want to use there unless i really have to. I have read this morning that putting some ordinary malt vinegar in their water might help to cure this, as the vinegar contains all the nutrients that the hens need. I cant really believe they are deficient in any nutrients, at my older ones have never plucked eachother and i spend a fortune on expensive garvo feed. But i am willing to try the vinegar in the hope it might work. has anyone ever tried this?? thanks alison
  16. thanks for the advice - l'll let her out for a while tomorrow on her own
  17. One of my newbies Fizz has so far pecked the other two new chooks' bum's bald. She pecks the feathers out then gobbles them up There has been bloodshed and scabs, and the anti-peck sprays have not stopped her. She is now in the sin bin dog crate and has been in there for two days, going in the garage at night. How long do i leave her for? Tonight after work the others FR'd round her and she was straining her neck trying to get a feather out of Smokeys bum! Will she know why she is in there? Will a sin bin stop her from pulling out feathers? Will this work? I feel guilty that she is in there but know that the other two have sore bums and are probably glad
  18. Ive been trying to stop some feather pulling between my new girls for a few weeks, i have used both Johnsons anti-peck spray and hen this didnt work i moved onto Nettex spray, both with no luck. Smokey is full of scabs and sore patches and her back end is almost bald - i have now seperated her because its got so bad, but i would like to get them back together asap. I have turned on the computer this morning with the intention of getting some bumperbits online, but i have just come across some articles that say they are now actually illegal as they can cause damage to the nostrils, pierce the membranes, cause infections etc so now i am unsure! ive also just read of someones experience with feather pullung, they used Ukadex and the problem stopped. Is this stuff really going to be more effective that he Nettex? The Nettex absolutley stinks and is thick and sticky like tar, it has stunk out my whole house and garden, and the taste has been in the back of my throat (spray misfire into my mouth!!!) for over week. Im now not sure whether to give it a go with the Ukadex - or is this going to be more money down the drain? or should i just take the plunge and go for the bumperbits?? Any advice would be greatfully received! thanks.
  19. a few weeks ago i came home with three newbies and i have noticed that the smaller one is being badly bullied by the other two. She has big bald patches on both her thighs and quite a bit of blood and big scabs. I have been using johnsons anti peck spray and purple spray for a week and it hasn't worked so i have now bought some stronger poultry anti peck spray. it absolutley stinks! i have been using this since last friday, as well as the purple spray but they are still pulling her feather out! It has got so bad that for the past couple of days she won't come out of their house, because as soon as she does they peck her. I am worried about seperating her because i know this is not good, but i am at a loss of what to do next. I have thought about bumper bits, which would be ok for one of them, but the other has a cracked beak, so i am concerned about putting a bumper bit on it incase it breaks all together. Any suggestions would be great - i am panicking quite a bit!
  20. is it ok to have 5 chooks in an eglu? I have had four in there at one point with no probs but now i am down to two i am keen to get three more. I have read somewhere that you should only have four to one nest - but on of my chooks has had a superlorin implant so doesn't lay, so there would only be four using the nest. i also have a long extended run and the girls FR everyday so i am not too worried about outside space - just inside space!
  21. those big fat orange slugs - only slugs under a certain size and colour are safe!
  22. yes i agree i to lost one to sourcrop a couple of months ago now, really sad, so i am glad your chook is on the mend
  23. here is an update on Chalkie two weeks after the implant.......... she is now moulting. There hasn't been an 'egg incident' since the day of the implant which is surely much better for her as she was really not very happy for a few hours every day, so i am pleased. She does seem to have changed alot though (maybe the hormones?), like someone else said, she doesn't seem to be so interested in food (she is still eating!) but not so greedy as she was - which is good for her mate Specks who used to get shoved out of the way! She also seems a bit more docile, not scratching about so much - but am putting this down to the moult. Her poos went literally to turquoise water for a couple of days too which was a bit worrying, but all ok now (although i did move onto garvo food recently so don't know if this had anything to do with it, but no change in the others' poo). I miss the 'old' bossy cheeky Chalkie in a way, but so far i am sure i have done the right thing. Another thing Chalkie has started doing is making different noises. She is purring alot, she never did this before (although one of the others does) - don't know what this means really, so don't know if its significant? and she is also making that 'clip-clop' sound of a broody, but she isn't broody one bit Its all a bit of 'wait and see' at the mo!
  24. no hippy chick, no meds, just a once over - had a good look at her feet and toes and a feel of her legs, she agreed it was prob just a sprain. Said to take her back if she doesn't improve but today she's good so hopefully wont need to go back
  25. the first time i dropped one of my girls eggs i cried a bit i felt so guilty that she had produces this amazing egg then stupid clumsy me went and dropped it, so i know how you feel!

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