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  1. Government Avian Influenza rules and guidance (as of 21st November 2020) can be found HERE 😉
  2. We have an electric car and it is great. If you are using it for short journeys, you probably won't have too much of an issue with charging as I assume that you will do most of your charging at home? If you do, weigh up whether home charging is practical - where would you run your cable. If not charging at home, weigh up your charging options which are possibly the greatest challenge with EVs. We have a Tesla and so have exclusive use of super fast Superchargers so this is not an issue. The availability and speed of chargers is something that is not fully covered when people are sold EVs so check your options out.
  3. Well done Lewis, really chuffed for you. DD got her results last Monday. I appreciate what a huge journey it has been for you. Congratulations, well deserved.
  4. We will indeed revert to being an unlisted country if there is a 'No Brexit Deal' on 29th March. All current Pet Passports will become invalid. It is wise to proceed now assuming a worst case scenario and to plan 4 months ahead of your date of intended travel. To make sure that you can travel with your pet. You must get your dog, cat or ferret microchipped and then vaccinated against rabies before it can travel. Your pet must have a blood sample taken at least 30 days after the rabies vaccination. You’ll need to talk to your vet about whether you need a rabies vaccination or booster before this test. Your vet must send the blood sample to an EU-approved blood testing laboratory. The results of the blood test must show that the vaccination was successful (Your pet must have a rabies antibody level of at least 0.5 IU/ml). You must wait 3 months from the date the successful blood sample was taken before you travel. You must take your pet to a Official Veterinarian (OV), no more than 10 days before travel to get a health certificate.
  5. My fingers were quite sore by the end of it. It took the whole weekend!i should have worn gloves really.
  6. No, I used long and fairly random lengths of 'rusted' wire from a roll. I used a technique that uses cable ties to secure things in the early stages. They are then removed and replaces with fine wire to secure any necessary areas. I never thought I could achieve something like this. I am creatively challenged!
  7. I spent a weekend on a wire weekend and surprised myself (not very arty) by being able to make this: https://instagram.com/p/Bqoo3xaApUl/
  8. I would stick with the school and give the new Head a chance to turn things around. A portal would be good as they can put any syllabuses, homework, progress and behaviour on there. Does your son have a school 'tutor'? They often have 'tutor groups' where there is a teacher than looks after their pastoral needs. They are a good port of call as are year heads. It is not too late for him. Get hold of the syllabus, speak to the school and use a combo of carrot and stick to jolly your son along. Finding someone to work with of similar or higher ability is also really important. It is very hard to crack on without company, especially for boys. Getting mates over to sit around a table to study with food as Soapdragon says is a good way of getting things done. If he wants to stay at this school, he has to show you that he can work through this with help from you and the improvements coming from the school (hopefully). Work carefully and diplomatically with the staff at the school. Staff don't like parents that go in all guns blazing and can stubborn and sadly can also take things out on a child. I have always been careful to avoid this scenario but have witnessed it first hand from both sides.
  9. Regardless of how good or bad a school is, if a child does not want to learn, they won't. Some of your son's progress will be down to the school but some is also down to him. As you sure that he doesn't get homework? Has the school been rated by Ofsted? If it is poorly rated by Ofted, they will have to pull their socks up. My children went to primary school with 60 on role in a rural area that was put in Special Measures by Ofsted. It was the best thing that could have happened to it as there was lots of intervention (and cash) bought in to turn it around. Rural school particularly go through ups and downs and I think that you have to stick with them if you can and 'top up' at home if you can. Our secondary school was not great when we started, then did very well and is now going downhill again. My friend, an ex Director in a large UK company has just become a Chair of Governors in a large failing school and has turned it around and they now have a waiting list so don't give up on the school. Definitely have a chat with the school. I would actually go along without your son as you will be able to speak more frankly. Teenagers, particularly boys don't like parents talking to teachers and even less so in front of them. Get an idea of what he should be doing and try to make sure that there are incentives at home for him to get the work done. We didn't have Playstations etc to distract and no TVs in bedrooms. Working at a kitchen table if you don't trust them not to look at rubbish on YouTube helps. Boys can be 'lazy until they know where they are going' , they see little point in working hard if they have no target however bright they may be. Maybe you should suggest to your son that if things don't improve in say, 6 months, you may have to move him. (all 3 of mine have gone through small rural state primaries and then moved to large semi rural state secondaries. 2 now doing medicine and 1 veterinary medicine so they got by going through the less than perfect state school system. I know plenty that have struggled with poor teaching in private education)
  10. What sad news She was a real warrior.
  11. I have no experience but think you need to review your house insurance if you are renting a room.
  12. I think that we are being led to dislike and disbelieve her so I am expecting it to be turned on its head and it to be him. I had to rewind 3 times to check that she really did say 'damson in distress' - she did!!!!
  13. I would do a Google search on his name. It may be that there are other complaints about him if he is dodgy. Also see if you can find his Facebook page. Has his wife really had a baby...? All sounds dodgy to me. How did you pay the deposit? Was it cash?
  14. Please visit your vet for treatment (if necessary) and advice on long term maintenance of your dog's ears. Ventilation is key with dogs with hairy ears so keep plucking! Please don't put random liquid down ears as if applies to a perforated ear drum in can cause all manner of issues.
  15. Pet Remedy smells quite strongly and isn't to everyone's taste.
  16. Humans shouldn't be able to smell Feliway.
  17. An Adaptil in the house ahead of bringing the new pup home is a good idea. My advise would be not to keep stepping in when the dogs are figuring things out. Of course do something if it gets fraught and dangerous but a growl is fine. Owners all too often tell dogs off for growling - it is a warning, if you stop the growl the pup won't learn when it oversteps the mark. Older dogs are great at teaching younger dogs and puppies the rope and rules. Also, the older dog is more likely to get resentful of the puppy. Often owners try to stop younger dogs dominating existing dogs as they grow as they feel guilty for the older dog having its position changed. Again, let things work themselves out. If the younger dog is going to be more dominant, so be it.
  18. I only meant it was like spraining an ankle in terms of how it can sometimes occur, certainly not in terms of the seriousness of the injury, treatment, pain or recovery time
  19. Hmm, a cruciate injury in a dog is very similar to spraining an ankle. Common and fairly easily done, especially in dogs whose confirmation lends itself to a weakness in that area which wears the ligament. Then the top half of leg goes one way and the bottom half goes the other and it goes. A very common skiing injury in humans.
  20. Only just read your update. I hope that things are improving. I am not usually a killjoy but I am sorry to say that ball throwing is not great for a lot of dogs. They can suffer damage to joints - hips and stifles (rear knee area). The sudden stopping jolts joints and when dogs catch up with a ball, often the top half of the body continues long after the bottom half has stopped which is where cruciates can tear. I hope that the cruciate settles without the need for surgery. I would advise stopping ball throwing games with her. If she likes a ball you perhaps play search games with it or throw a ball and send her after it has landed, this way the approach is slower and more controlled.
  21. I have to say that I find this all rather crazy. After 30 days we will be releasing our birds back into an environment full of wild birds that may have been infected during that 30 day period No only that but the ground will have been contaminated with the migrating birds. Places like Slimbridge and other wild fowl collections are not being restricted and they will come into contact with wild birds in their hundreds. I think that there will some serious welfare issues for those that have free range birds. There are farms with hundreds of free range turkeys etc that will only have sufficient space for overnighting.
  22. Kevin is a large 40+ spur thighed tortoise so he is quite robust. He needs to hibernate and he pretty much knows what he is doing! We used to pack him in a box in the garage but he now comes in when it gets cold outdoors, parks himself in the same place in the house and goes to sleep. He wakes up occasionally if the house is very hot or overly noisy but will move a little and then go back to sleep. He wakes up properly around Easter. We like hibernating him this way as he can decide what he wants to do rather than him sitting in a cold dark box in the garage. It works well for us. I put him behind our heavy living room curtains if the house is busy to make sure no one accidentally hits him.
  23. We bought Kevin in last week and he has pooed and parked himself in his favourite hibernation place under the radiator in the dining room.

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