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  1. So sorry to hear your news, what a horrible shock for you.
  2. OK Omleteers with creative brains. I have a friend who has a dog training school called Speak Dog and she is trying to think of a clever catchy tag line, so something like 'Speak Dog'....'training for life' (she can't use that one as someone else has it). Any clever suggestions? I need to get some sleep and this is keeping me up
  3. I hate people putting my receipts 'in the bag', I want them in my purse, not in my bag. I then have to dig around in the bag to take them out!
  4. We have had a confirmed death in our area (Wiltshire) and 4 further surviving cases. Here is an information sheet for those of you that don't know anything about the disease. Thankfully it is rare but sounds like it could be an emerging disease. If it is not in your area yet, it is something that could get overlooked so be vigilant. Alabama Rot
  5. If your vet said to bathe, I would bathe it. They are best placed having done the surgery and having accessed to would to say what is best for this wound. The wound may need to discharge some serum and this will not be possible if there are scabs. Preventing the fluid or serum escaping may result in swelling or infection.
  6. Well done, it is really awful making such a decision but I have no doubt that you have made the right one. I am confident that the diagnosis is secure. It feels awful I know but what you are doing is preventing pain and suffering in a dear friend, don't feel guilty.
  7. Sorry to hear your news. To be honest, I think that you vet is right and understandably your husband is clutching at straws. Cats seem to be able to 'cope' with the most critical and serious of illnesses for some time without succumbing. I am afraid to say that your cat will be struggling despite it appearing to be reasonably comfortable. Cats can purr when they are stressed and distressed do don't read too much into her purring at the moment. Sorry that I am not being positive about this but I would hope that you have posted wanting to hear honest comments. It would be a shame for you to wait for your much loved cat to be in crisis and distress before you made the decision to put her to sleep. Remember, for her it is a simple injection of an overdose of anaesthetic, the pain will be confined to you and your family
  8. I have never had any issues with Parcel2Go.
  9. Mum was black Lab x Springer and dad was Lab x Retriever. You would never guess it looking at her.
  10. She is so funny. She is such a calm sensible dog most of the time but she has some hilarious little quirks. She does the toy spinning quite a lot but this is only the second time she has done the wall of death impression
  11. This is male adolescent behaviour. It often happens, you are not alone You need to take your training back a few steps. Adopt a similar approach as you would with a puppy. Regular trips out for a wee and stay outside with him. Until he has performed. Let him in the garden after a walk as some dogs are too busy on a walk to empty their bladders and it is not unusual for them to return from a walk only to wee indoor when they get back. This is the age when dogs can challenge for top dog status. A little like the young lion cubs who challenge the adult male for top male status. Your husband is clearly not an easy challenge so he is battling with you. You need to do more with him and you need yo do some basic training with him on a daily basis to make it clear to him that you are not bottom of the pack. You eat first, go through the door first. inwould not let him on the furniture but you may have let him do this from day 1 so this might be difficult to stop. If he is food motivated you can use treats to encourage and praise good behaviour, or you can use a toy. As others have said, routine is important andd consistency is essential. It will take some time but it needs investing now to get him back on track.
  12. We always advise "not to strenuously exercise your dog before or straight after eating". Hattie has not quite grasped this concept! This is her after her breakfast. http://vid846.photobucket.com/albums/ab22/chuckymama/Mobile%20Uploads/VID_20151112_083827_zpsxhmtug9k.mp4
  13. I would choose a girl every time but that is personal preference.
  14. I have some.. I buy a few each month instead of doing the lottery. Not sure if it makes good financial sense but it is safe. My kids have £100 each that they were bought as Christening presents and they have each won £50 once or twice.
  15. As Kevin naturally slows down and stops eating, he stops pooing too. They need to empty themselves before hibernating so we usually pop him in a warm bath which encourages a last drink and a poo. We keep him on tiles floors (or try to) until then as a tortoise poo with a shell dragged through it on the carpet is no fun
  16. Kevin is in ready to wind down for hibernation. He had a massive dirty protest but has now parked himself under a radiator in the dining room which is standard practice for him at this stage. Have managed to stop the Hattie (puppy) from standing barking at him.She paid no attention to him in the garden
  17. Here's a giant one - will post more when photobucket is less annoying!
  18. I think she has pretty much stopped growing. The previous litter were the size of small Labradors but Hattie was at the back of the queue when the legs were handed out. I think she is going to keep her big 'lion's paws'. She does look very sweet with them though.
  19. Thanks, she is so sweet! Here are another couple of videos. The first is some distance control and the second is a trick I taught her for the last of her puppy classes when we were told to teach them a trick. She still desperately tries to get the chickens to play every day and they still beat her up...every day Not bad for 15 weeks! http://vid846.photobucket.com/albums/ab22/chuckymama/beckahnpton_zpsv1hhdxfe.mp4 http://vid846.photobucket.com/albums/ab22/chuckymama/bang1_zpsrmwgtydj.mp4
  20. It isn't that! It is people coming together from all over the UK, bringing diseases with them, therefore, you are exposed to germs that you are not immune to and get sick. Honest! Yes, I know - The people coming together from all over the UK is the 'too many people together' bit'. As I told my guys, if they weren't exhausted and full of booze, their immune system would be able to put up a half decent fight up against these germs
  21. I have 2, one in year 3 and one in year 2. Both have had Fresher's Flu again this year- most of them get it! Too many people together + too much drink + too little sleep = Fresher's Flu.

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