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  1. Since I found that our neighbours had not (yet) been disturbed by the recent early morning racket made by our girls; I have been making them wait in the run until 9am. They seems to be quieter now. No one minds the gentle clucking, it is lovely. It is the attempt at being a cockeral that is very noisy. It seems that now they dont get any early morning response they are getting into the habit of mooching around in the run. I have been leaving a small bowl of tasty s"Ooops, word censored!"s for them to find when they get up too which I think helps. I always leave the door from the nesting area open a small crack, just enough for them to squeeze out of in the morning so it is now as if they are closely confined. Am still planning the door opener/closer though. Just need to figure out a design. Apart from the morning thing, it would help with evening shut up. It will save me having to phone home to remind one of the family to shut them up! So...anyone out there that is a whizz at electronics (solar power, light sensitive would be great) just let me know!
  2. I actually braved asking them last night and they said that they can hear them but are not disturbed by them thankfully. We have geese that fly over at about 5.30am that are far more noisy thankfully. I think that they have probably been woken up by them before our chickens start their racket! They do disturb us however. Now I know that neighbours aren't (at the moment) worried by them; I am going to try training them to wait until 9 or 10am before I let them out. I love my pets to have freedom but letting them out when they create a din is just rewarding bad behaviour!!!! Still want to make a door opener/closer though!
  3. Hi, I have 4 beautiful chickens who have delveleped into confident free rangers and are now being a little troublesome in that they are waking up at 5.30 - 6am and demanding to be released from their 'Eglu Cube Jail'. What a cheek! Anyone would think they were badly treated. We leave the door slightly open so that they can come down into the run for breakfast when they wake up but that isn't good enough, they pace up and down next to the door like caged lions. I am worried that they are going to disturb the neighbours as can get quite loud. I was wondering about trying to make an automatic timed door opener. I know they exist for 'normal' chicken coops but wondered if anyone had adapted or made anything for an Eglu. My husband is quite handy but has never made anything electronic before.

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