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  1. My money would be on a fox. You don't usually come across hedgehog poo, I don't know where they do it but you rarely see it! From my experience of hedgehog poo, it doesn't look like that. Foxes will use poo to mark territory so will do bits here and there and there may well be mature cubs around too. Unlikely but don't rule out cat poo
  2. We have really lovely neighbours. We live in a close with 6 houses and we know them all. We take in parcels for each other and my next door neighbours dog sit for us. My DD who is in her second year of university has just moved into a house with 5 other girlfriends. They went to say hello to the next door neighbours last night armed with homemade flapjacks. They looked at them as if they had just landed from Mars. They just didn't understand why they had come round! ES's old neighbour when they were students used to bring them homemade jam and they took her homemade bread (1 bought them a breadmaker!) What are your neighbours like?
  3. Flavourly looks interesting..thanks for the code Cinnamon! I will sign up for a few boxes. I have a code for Hello Fresh if anyone wants one, just pm me
  4. I have a Hello Fresh box once a month. They are great and i really look forward to know having to think up what to cook and shop for ingredients that week!
  5. They ideally need to be a good weight and have stopped eating and 'empty' and worm free before they hibernate. Kevin gradually slows down and stops eating. We then 'clear him out' by giving him a couple of baths which usually do the trick. We no longer package him up. We leave him to slow down and fall asleep when and where he likes indoors. We bring him in when it gets cold enough for him to want to dig in. Once asleep we pop him behind our heavy living room curtains which is quite and draft free. He then usually emerges briefly for Christmas because of the noise and then properly around Easter time.
  6. I get my hair products from Curly Harmony. I have long afro textured hair. It is kept in loose soft curls with product. I use a decent conditioner and my routine is: Wash & Condition twice a week. After washing pat dry and brush through (paddle brush) some Buttercream mixed with Curl Reviver (this when dry leaves ringletty soft curls and no frizz Inbetween washes I let my hair get 'misted' and slightly damp in the shower. I then brush through some Leave in Conditioner. This keep curl in and the frizz away. I never go near my hair with a hairdryer - always allow to dry naturally and never go near it with brush when it is dry
  7. I made these beetroot chocolate brownies today. They are delicious (can't tell there is beetroot in them). Need cooking for longer that it says though. RECIPE
  8. The conversation went a bit like this: Me "Don't put the dog on the door, she is going to get bigger and break it" ES "oh, but she is so small she can't reach" (this happened once) NOW LOOK! She wan't looking to do the 'pre wash', she just thought it was a warm place to sleep!
  9. Thanks all Hattie is settling well and is a very sweet and makes us smile a lot. She is the eternal optimist and is still hopeful that the chickens will play with her, she will be allowed upstairs and that there are more toys in the bottom of the toy box and all that she needs to do is get in and dig! She is now 12 weeks old and has still not grown into her paws Below are some recent videos Brekkie Time Don't Mess with Patricia No, we still don't like you! Recall Why is the box always more fun?!
  10. I think that it is entirely reasonable and sensible to transport your elderly dog to a place that he likes to walk for a potter around. I have issues with people that take their elderly dogs for ' a drag'. Basically dragging a dog for a walk that it is completely incapable of enjoying or enduring without pain. I think that you are going to draw some funny looks and comments is you do find a stroller of some sort and to be honest your dog may well not enjoy the enjoy the experience. There are a few online if you do a web search - Amazon for instance. They are not cheap. Do you cycle? You may be less of a target with one that attaches to a bike
  11. I have joined Borrow my Doggie, might be handly having a local doggie auntie or uncle for our new pup..
  12. I have split this from ( Lost my mate as seeing that title makes me sad Well, I have a puppy. Drove for a total of 10 hours but I think she is worth it (had my reservations at 3am!). Couldn't find a suitable 8-9 week old rescue puppy for love nor money which I would like to have done but I now have a non rescue match for our family and she is called Hattie (I can't tell you how much hassle naming her was ). We have had a few moments watching her play with some of Scally's old toys and there has been the odd name mistake but we are happy to have her. VIDEO of Hattie
  13. I've had one. I am afraid it didn't last long at all. I have Afro mixed hair. I was pleased initially although rather concerned at the need to have the door open due to the clouds of 'vapor' produced during the procedure I haven't had it done since as it was costly for something that didn't last long. May be fine for someone with different hair though.
  14. Latest update I have is that wholesalers (via Elanco) are hoping to have stock in warehouses on 4/8/2015.
  15. This thread has been returned with some edits. Please continue to enjoy it but the moderating team ask that you remember that this is a family friendly forum
  16. Good luck with the exams Lewis, how many retakes/sits are you allowed? I can't believe the year has gone by so quickly!
  17. If she is a week or so into her season she will be rather desperate to find a mate. It should settle but an Adaptil wouldn't hurt.
  18. I use Parcel2Go, whoever you use, add insurance cover.
  19. I used this company recently as wanted the flowers to be delivered without the person having to be at home. I also needed to make sure that there were no lillies that were toxic to cats in the bouquet! https://www.bloomandwild.com/. I don't however know how good the flowers were as it was not appropriate to ask the recipients
  20. Proud mummy moment - DD passed her first year Vet School exams ...just the 4 more years to go She is currently doing 12 days placement at a dairy farm and comes home every day covered in cow poo
  21. Thanks everyone. DM we are going on holiday so can't takes pup until we get back around mid August. Do you have any links to the puppies? Iit may be that they will be a bit too large, or a bit too old for us by the time we are ready. We don't want to miss vital socialisation.
  22. Got up on Sunday morning to find that Scally our dog had died. She had shown no signs of illness and had behaved normally the day and evening before. Whilst nearly 13 she was the picture of health. Her death remains completely unexplained. With a vet, vet nurse, vet student and med student in the house the slightest symptom would have been spotted. She had heart and neuro check recently as DD used her to practise on before exams! It has come as a total shock. We really struggle with the lack of a dog in the house and are looking for a new puppy to join us in mid to late August. If anyone knows of anything, please could you pop me a pm. We are looking for an old fashioned mongrel puppy or puppy of mixed breed., Our requirements are quite specific as our dogs become part of our family and they need to be specifically trained and be able to fit into the available space in our car! We have a large garden, live in a rural setting with someone at home most of the day. Please no Staffs or Bull Breed crosses, Beagle crosses, short nosed breeds, dogs with docked tails or very short or 'coffee table' legs (we run with our dogs), Wire or very long coats or'designer hybrids'. In terms of size, no dogs larger than a small Labrador or smaller than a JRT. Ideally looking at a small soft coated X Collie Type. Sadly as a veterinary family we are rather too aware of health issues in certain breeds and it makes us very picky
  23. It's a bit like buying a house. You will know when it is right. If they are all similar, take into account, ease of getting there (is there transport laid on or do you have to arrange it yourself?), how many local children (prospective friends) go there and do they have a 6th form. Secondary school is a whole different ball game, you will have much less contact with the school, teachers, friends and friend's parents. Going 'out of area' i.e away from your catchment school, can make local friendships a little more difficult. Our 3 have gone to the local catchment school and it has had ups and downs like many schools. Our children are well motivated and bright so have been very successful. Other local children's parents have looked for schools in the area that they consider 'more upmarket' -they want to say that their children go to school in Marlborough or Royal Wootton Bassettt rather than Swindon! The schools do not differ significantly and these poor parents drive around the countryside for nothing and their chidren have no local friends.

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