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  1. If he is that bad I would get him referred ASAP. It doesn't need to be for surgery, it can be for assessment, advise of pain relief and prognosis. Huge leaps have been made in veterinary medicine and a vet taking referrals will be much more up to date with options available.
  2. What a shame My neighbour's dog is now nearly 14 and I clocked his classic Hip Dysplasia gait when he was very young. He was subsequently xrayed and has very bad Hip Dysplasia. He has however been kept slim and fit and is has taken medication only intermittently during flare ups thoughout his life so all is not lost Do not under any cirucmstances encourage ball chasing type exercise and avoid jumping and stairs if possible. I would do some research into your nearest Specialist. You will get vets who say they 'specialise' but you need to look for a Specialist (this is a title awarded by the RCVS, you can't just call yourself one), a Diploma holder or the very least a Certificate holder. This link may help you with your research http://www.any-uk-vet.co.uk/nireland.htm
  3. What a shame It is worth getting him seen by an orthopaedic specialist if this is not already planned.
  4. We have been sponsoring a child in Africa via World Vision for years. We send an annual parcel too.
  5. Please be careful feeding peanuts in the spring and summer. This is the RSPB advice re this:
  6. Our dog used to flip Kevin when she was a puppy. We used to find him stranded on the lawn. Thre is no way they can right themselves. Kev is a bit odd this year. He has been slower to get going and has been spending time in parts of the garden that he has not used before. He has also got into they cube run a few times It might be down to the odd weather. I am going to look at for a poo sample for a worm egg count. Current advice is to only worm after a positive worm egg count.
  7. OK, who is going to be watching tonight. Clearly we don't have a hope of winning due to all of the political voting but always good for a laugh.
  8. I'm with you. It makes my toes curl, I can't watch it.
  9. The SQP (Suitably Qualified Person) or Vet should give you full dosing instructions. One of the reasons for medicines regulations is so that drugs like this have to be dispensed by people that know what they are talking about.
  10. You are quite right that it is licensed for chickens there is a 0 days egg withdrawal.
  11. Oh what a shame. I thought people had more sense than to let tortoises hibernate outdoors these days.
  12. Don't see why that would be the case as it contains the same active ingredient as Flubenvet (flubendazole). The drug company may not have paid to get it 'licensed' for all the same worms as Flubenvet so that it can make claims on the label but if it contains the same active ingredients, it will do the same job in my book.
  13. There is no date available as yet for Flubenvet 1% which usually means that the wait could be a long one. Solubenol Oral Emulsion is being suggested as a licencensed substitute also containing flubendazole.
  14. Thanks. We had taken her in as a rescue as she was so badly injured. Gutted she didn't make it. I would be tempted bring yours in at night and give them some food and heat before they go out for the day. I don't think it is warm enough at the moment to warm them up enough to get them out of their overnight dig ins and keep them eating.
  15. I would talk to a travel insurance company rather than the airline
  16. Kevin is awake and thankfully aways eats without any issue. We sadly lost a young Russian tortoise who didn't survive a semi hibernation. She had suffered several dog attacks and whilst her wounds contracted and healed quite well she didn't make it despite stomach tubing On the brighter side though Kev is in good shape but he is digging himself in in the early evening and so we are bringing him in at night. We give him a couple of hours under the heat lamp and a good feed in the morning before he goes out again. Despite the recent sun the wind has been cold so I think they need a bit of support at the moment. Kev hates being indoors and did a massive dirty protest this morning before being let out
  17. This thread has been returned after consideration by the moderating team following complaints about certain comments. This is a great thread but please be thoughtful and considerate of others when posting Here is my list! Any person who says 'of course' for no good reason A noisy eater A child that produces bright green bogeys or has food around their mouths Piers Morgan Jeremy Kyle The Queen - too high maintenance! Any politician - can you imagine trying to get a straight answer? 'er Ed what would you like for supper?"
  18. It looks good ANH. What I would consider however is how this fits in with your dog's reason for weakness. If it is as a result of arthritic pain just consider whether harness pressure and 'lifting' with the sling around these areas may cause pain.If you do use the harness, remember it is for 'support' in an older dog, not rehabilitation. Excercise should not be increased beyond what Riley could do unsupported (hope that makes sense).
  19. I got cross with the last 2 episodes. I the young scientist's actions and miraculous survival really bugged me. I was OK until then.
  20. Thanks, it looks lovely. I will show ES who is keen to visit places like this.
  21. Sounds lovely. I can't get the link to work though to see your photos.
  22. Pastrami with gherkins with bread spread with dijonaisse ( or Mayo and mustard).Sausage with onion marmalade with bread spread the same way. Cheese and chilli jam.
  23. I agree, I was rather pleased that Pettigrew got munched. Does that make me a bad person The doctor did the 'come back to life (barely)' bit that the other guy did in the first episode I think. I did think blokey that stood in the room with his flipping mouth open peering over her was a bit stupid

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