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  1. Have you been to a vet regarding this?
  2. My daughter had what we thought might be a grumbling appendix. She ended up going to an out of hours and they felt it was pain related to ovulation. We were told that it is very difficult to pick up anything on scan and that a large number of 'grumbling' appendixes are removed and are found to be healthy. Was your pain on the same side as the ovarian cyst? I would go to A & E if you are at all unsure especially given that you are hot and have the shakes. Go along with an open mind as to what is could be and let the doctors 'work you up' from scratch. Don't point them too much in any direction. Let them see you with fresh eyes and make a diagnosis based on how you are now.
  3. I personally would not choose to re home a dog from Romania. I hadn't realised that we were taking dogs from overseas for rehoming. Our rescue kennels are buldging at the seams. Dogs that are bred 'on the streets' often have temperaments to survive 'on the streets'. This can take a generation or 2 to breed out. There is an abundance of Staffies and Staffy crosses in most rescue kennels at the moment which makes homing a dog from a rescue tricky if you don't want/like the breed. I agree that greyhounds make wonderful pets. Contrary to what you may think, they don't need lots of exercise. Ex racers can have issues being homed with cats so check this first if you have cats! Look out for private ads for dogs as people unable to keep their dogs for perfectly valid reasons often have to advertise them as rescue kennels are too full to take them. Local pet Facebook pages are a good source. Most people ask for a token amount of money to try and discourage people from buying dogs as bait dogs. I would advise having any privately owned dog scanned to ensure it is theirs to rehome/sell
  4. I'm quite enjoying it although the chap that does the 'feeding' really scares me
  5. They are not the most well designed of breeds. They have issues with eyes, ears, skin & hips amongst other things. They are also dribbly and smelly. Temperament wise they are OK as far as I am aware.
  6. Lovely Where in France is it?
  7. Why is 3 year old Harper Beckham still being carriesd or pushed around in a pushchair
  8. There is a sign up on a byeway near here where the council have sprayed a patch of knotweed. I have no idea how they knew it was there as it is in the middle of nowhere I wouldn't have known it was Japanese Knotweed if I had not been told. Anyway, it has been sprayed once and is a dead as a doornail. Sorry, probably doesn't help you but it just doesn't seem like something that hard to kill
  9. I know someone whose son started on the shop floor and Aldi and is now a manager with a house and a rather nice car I know someone else moving through different roles in a larged department store who is well paid with good working condiitons and likely to continue progressing.
  10. A little wait then. I hope that you can keep occupied and well during your wait. Fingers crossed that your uni can come up with a plan for you if you feel you want to continue studying in some way.
  11. Sorry to hear this but how fortunate that it was spotted. What are you doing at uni? Might you be able to study at home a little? Have they given any idea of timescale for an operation and reovery if you have to have one. Such a shock, you must have lots of questions and concerns. Good luck
  12. We've had issues in the past with sims not being activated or the phone not having something enabled. I'd get back on the phone to them and be persistent. Waiting times on the phone to Vodafone are frustratingly long and customer service inconsistent I find at the moment so good luck
  13. Congrats on gettting through your first semester successfully Lewis . So pleased that your friend got a place at Surrey. Has she goone straight there or does she start in the summer? DD has also just passed her first round of exams. They were Anatomy too. I wonder how close your syllabus is to the UK's. Clearly no Latin here!
  14. We have been through both tests. You can get practice books online and also papers. They will give you an idea of what to expect to a degree but you cannot really revise for them. Some unis require them and others don't. Some very much take note of the marks and others less so. I would advise choosing one uni at least that doesn't require them. If she is thinking of medicine, work experience is something that is important and can be hard to find so make sure you have that covered. Do your homework re entry requirements too. Some had a minimum A* GCSE requirement when ES applied. (7-8 for some). Each one of your applications is precious so it is important to have what they want otherwise it is a wasted choice. To be honest, medicine is so competitive that it is often as case of whether you can get a place at all rather than whether you get your top choice ES was unusually fortunate to have the luxury of choice ( with an average BMAT I hasten to add). PM me if I can be of any help
  15. We ended up with 2 copies of the same book at Christmas si I went on to Amazon to process a return of the Copt that I biught. I ticked the option that said I had a duplicate. They refunded me straight away and told me that I don't need to return it So, looks like someone else will be getting it as a birthday present
  16. Didn't know there was one Where is it?
  17. Facebook and local vets are good ports of cal. Is the kitten microchipped? Also check with neighbours that he isn't shut in somewhere. I know is sounds silly but check your house really really well. You'd be surprise how many kittens are found trapped somewhere within their own homes.
  18. I don't drink and find non alcoholic drink very dull. I usually end up drinking ginger beer (watch out now though as there are alcoholic versions) or tonic water.
  19. Glad to hear that there has been some progress.
  20. ES at uni has had a couple. He said they were OK but they are 4 lads at un! I am not sure i would go for it myself

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