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  1. Gosh , we are looking at getting the walk in run and I was really hoping it would be rat secure, not that we would have to add even more protection on top. C'est la vie
  2. We have our chickens in an area at the top if the garden with a bit of scrub etc and until last year grass .Quite a large area for our current up inhabitants of 4 large and 2 pekins .For 7 years the grass has largely come back but the wet winter of 2014/15 seemed to do for it and now there is not a blade of green to be seen , has anyone reseeded a run , what did you use and how did you deal with your girls while doing it ?
  3. Thanks Beantree, I think I will have another search but also try and block off the nesting box , it's difficult because the younger ones are still pretty wary of the big ones although so far we haven't had any pecking just the odd bit of chasing and I think they get chased off the roosting bars by the big ones .
  4. We had let the numbers of hens dwindle to 2 and so decided to get a couple of new ones and three weeks ago brought home a Rhode Island Red and a wheaten x Rhode island , both about 18 weeks , until then we had been getting an egg a day from our Welsummer and, every other day usually from the Speckledy .Since then they have both stopped laying , or they are laying elsewhere , we have searched around but can't find any eggs but there is quite a lot of vegetation at the very top of the garden . Is it common for hens to stop laying when new ones arrived, over the years we have introduced quite a few new girls and never had this problem , the new ones currently like sleeping in one of the nesting boxes , could this be the problem?
  5. We have happily mixed pure breed and hybrid but my all time favourite is definitely Edna our Welsummer, she is beautiful to look at ,pretty friendly , lays lovely terracotta eggs which a really flavoursome, in fact we fight over the eggs .The only thing is that she doesn't lay over the winter so you do need a hybrid as well . Looking to add to our flock at the moment would like another welsummer but I have also looking at a buff sussex or maybe a cream legbar
  6. Thanks ,think I will head up to the house with my scales at bedtime that should confuse the neighbours
  7. Have some harkamectin,and was thinking about using on my speckledy who i think may have lice ,would 4 drops be enough do you think?
  8. Following on from my query on the other thread,does anyone know where the nearest reliable stockist is to Ipswich?
  9. Does anyone know if Feeds and Treats in Manningtree still stock Garvo?
  10. So sorry to hear about perkin Will look at the flubenvey pellets,don't like the idea of giving them all the time so will probably just go for the recommended days
  11. WE use aubiose in the house and wood chip on the floor,does the aubiose not go mushy etc if it gets wet?
  12. I have been wondering about getting the flubenvet layers pellets as i hate mixing the proportions etc with the powder.Didn,t realise you could give it permanently though.Can I ask where you got yours as there don't seem to be any local suppliers around here
  13. Well that sounds as if it might work then,they free range a lot anyway and with the run extension that could be the answer
  14. Today we lost little Dolly our Lavender pekin,she had been looking a little frail in the past week but was eating and drinking fine and out and about in the sunshine however this morning I went out to find that she had passed away in the coop .Debs her friend and partner in crime is looking very lost,I am worried about her being on her own,although we have the 4 large girls the pekins were a definate pair and shared their own little coop.So sad

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