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  1. I was given 2 free serama eggs by our CCL egg supplier a couple of years ago. "Have them for free" he said "I can't get them to hatch in the incy". Well we put them under our broody Barnevelder(!) with half a dozen CCLs and they both hatched! They were both boys and we still have one (he's in my avatar as a chick) the other went to auction. He now has three girlfriends who take it in turns to hog the nestbox and we accidentally had a partially-formed chick in a hidden egg last week (these chickens are CRAFTY!) So my tip would be: you might have more luck under a broody than in the incy - even in the middle of winter!!
  2. Thanks lovelies. Yes Plum, 'daft' sums him right up Will get some violet when can get to petshop (would the vets have it?) As if I didn't have my hands full with Daisy on Metacam and refusing to walk after slipping over yesterday!
  3. Our boy Keema is going through a big moult - thankfully in stages. He's done his tail which is now growing back.... now it's his neck. His neck is a bit raw as he has lots of new feathers coming through... but seems to be asking one of the girls to peck at them. He'll literally go and stand next to her and bend his neck down and wait. And then she'll tug at one of the feathers. He'll squeak a bit when she does it as if it hurts, but he's definitely asking her to do it. She doesn't peck at anywhere or anyone else - she ranks bang in the middle of the pecking order - and although she's on-and-off broody she doesn't appear to be doing it for nesting material. Anyone had this happen before? Do I need to locate some purple spray? I haven't looked yet but I doubt there'll be a bumper bit in her size
  4. I have realised that I have far too many UFOs laying around.. A crocheted White shrug for me, a crocheted jumper for the baby-in-progress, a knitted hat also for the bump (due November - perfect for a wool lover ) and an attic24 ripple blanket which was originally for my little angel - she was due this month so it's a cotton blankie which means Bump won't need it for a while anyway. Oh and I'm behind in my Art of Crochet squares as I received 8 issues in the space of 2 weeks! (the joys of being a subscriber...) Hmph. Got some finishing to do.
  5. We're going away for a couple of nights today so having to leave the pophole open and I have visions of Keema marching his girls out of the coop at 4am and finally tipping the neighbours over the edge
  6. Janty I have a Belkin rubberised cover for the back and sides, and a clear screen protector. The number of times this phone has fallen off the table/sofa and survived intact is untrue!
  7. Will definitely be thinking of you - good luck!
  8. I've not been around much and had no idea you were going through this - I'm so sorry. But sounds like you're definitely on the way to bouncing back and I wish you all the luck in the world xxx
  9. I love bamboo yarns but am currently making myself a baby blanket in a wool/acrylic mix (63% wool) that I found at a good price. I panic about 100% acrylic stuff in case god forbid there's a house fire and it melts Definitely Ravelry for free patterns As for colour..... go bright, I will be! x
  10. Heehee that is EXCELLENT, what a fab idea!
  11. Haha sorry Cathy! At least you got the gist of it!
  12. Marvellous. I asked my sister if she needed any (she's a paeds renal nurse, they have lots of transplant patients) but as they're on dialysis they usually have permacaths instead.
  13. We have nine at the mo: The originals: 1 Light Sussex 1 Buff Orp 1 Barnevelder Our 2009 hatchlings: 2 alleged cream legbars - but they must be some kind of cross as they're MASSIVE. 1 White Serama male. The new girls: 3 Serama females. All four serama are currently living in the house while hubby builds them a brand new run with hot n cold running water!!
  14. I may have accidentally ordered more kiddie-print fabric . I'm hooked! Looks like I'll be hawking more of them round any hospital that'll take em! xx

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