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    I'm afraid I don't rate them whatsoever. I had 4 patients complaining of sciatica having worn fitflops for a couple of weeks last year and 2 so far this summer. Doesn't help my opinion of them. I like the idea of the MBT's but my own personal experience of those is not good. Have you all seen the Vibram 5 fingers?
  2. Hi there, does anyone have any info on prolapses? One of my girls was off colour the other day, and after taking her to the vets (shes now on antibiotics and anti-inflams) she's perking up, but today, she's laid a rather blood stained egg and has a bit of a bulgy vent. Vets said she was sore hence the above drugs, which she is looking alot better on. She's back to her usual self and doesn't seem to be in pain to pass a motion. Should I be taking her back to the vets or doing anything?
  3. I posted up a while ago about one of my girls, Copper, who was ill. I took her to the vet, who gave her a couple of antibiotic jabs, and a course of tablets, and she was perking up very well indeed. She was much brighter, and back to her normal self. Sadly, over the past few days, she's taken a huge turn for the worse again. We are taking her back to the vets this afternoon, and she needs some good vibes o help her through it... Sadly, I feel this is the end for poor Copper. Is it silly to be so upset about a hen!? ETA: poor Copper is sadly no longer with us.
  4. Any reccomendations? She saw a vet this morning who never commented much on the worming aspect but did do acupuncture on her foot! Toe is definatly swollen and has little grip, I'm wondering if its a pain issue.
  5. There's a good question, she hasn't been wormed for a few months. Iusually do them with verm-x as last time I used flubenvet one of my girls had a bad reaction to it. I had wondered if she needs a dose of wormer. Her breathing sounds fine, I've not noticed any odd noises from her and she'll still walk along making the noise she does normally make (somewhere between a duck and a chook!) I'm flummoxed, She's not really wanting to come out of the eglu in the morning which makes me wonder if its still pain. I think the vet might be the way to go...
  6. Hi everyone, its been a long time since I posted! All is well with the girls, apart from one. Copper, one of my Bantie Rhode Island Reds went very lame about 2 weeks ago. She had a swollen toe that was obviously VERY tender to walk/stand on and to be touched. I assume she wrenched her toe and probably broke it somehow. She's spent alot of time recently just sitting about, not doing a great deal. At first, we thought it was due to the toe, but shes not really lame any more (no signs of scaley leg mite or bumble foot, all pads/toes are cool to the touch etc) she still finds a quiet place and just sits. She's eating ok with the others, and is drinking fine. She's got a shine to her feathers and her eyes are bright. She's not hunched and puffed up, just sits. Shes being bullied a bit by one of the others, but she has always been the under-chicken anyway. I'm really at a loss of what to do. I'm contemplating taking her to the vet for a check up as her comb and wattles have gone a bit pale these past couple of days, though, as I say, she is still eating and drinking. Answers on a postcard please... I'm stumped!! PS, hope you are all well!!
  7. My banties are laying like crazy still!! I have 4 now, and want some more... 2 partridge wyandottes, and 2 rhode island red ones. I get atleast 2/3 eggs a day. One of the wyandottes will go broody if you leave eggs in the nest, but other than that, they are lovely little birds.... The cat is petrified of them!!
  8. Wedding day. Absolutely beautiful scent... quite subtle but lurvely!!
  9. ohh CONGRATULATIONS and GOOD LUCK in finding a new job Mr Egluntine
  10. Its been far too long since I last visited the omlet shop... oh dear, my poor credit card
  11. Its been some time since I was last here, so a huge HELLO to everyone again! Been to clean the girls out today, and my roosting bars have red mite I'm not very happy. I've been battling against them all summer, cleaning the girls out every 3 days, but once the "Ooops, word censored!"s are in, they are in. Every weekend I hose the entire eglu out and put it all back together, cover everything (including the girls!) in mite powder, but they must be ingrained into the bars. SO... I've just been browsing the omlet shop, having discussed how useful plastic bars would be, and low and behold THEY HAVE PLASTIC BARS!!! BUT, I also saw they now have funky coloured shades... so I could have a purple shade and plastic bars to go with my purple eglu... This leaves me with a dilemma. Having just taken the run apart for the winter, as the girls are only confined when I go away, do I buy just the bars on their own, or do I buy a kit with a purple shade?! Hmmm.... I think I know what the answer is....
  12. Yes, i would have thought rescue remedy would just be for shock, but she's all settled now and I'm inclined not to disturb her too much. I'm wondering if its just shock and obviously pain thats causing it? Oh, poor girl, I'm so upset for her!
  13. One of my little RIR's managed to trap her toe tonight, and is rather sore on it. It doesnt appear to have broken the skin, but its obviously bruised and scratched the scales over the top of the injury. She was walking on it, all be it with a limp, but was eating and drinking ok this afternoon after the accident. I've just been to shut them up, and she's all huddled over to the "good" side, obviously to protect the bad toe, but she looks really pale in her comb/wattles. Is she ok? what should I be doing? help!! I'll obviously be keeping a very close eye on her, and making sure that she gets food/water. Poor little Copper...

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