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  1. Meant to watch it.......forgot.........ended up watching Gavin and Stacey and pulling instead(hilarious)
  2. I find it so hard letting mine be independent,even at 16 and 14. I think that no matter what age they are,they're still your babies and its instinctual to just want to keep looking after them,no matter what? Try not to worry(which is often easier said than done),get a glass out and have adrink(or bottle) of wine with me. She'll be fine,they always are.
  3. Thankyou all so very much,it is really appreciated Once we get next week out of the way and everything turns out OK then hopefully that will be the turning point? Just got to try and keep a positive head on........if not for myself,then for my Mum and the In laws and others involved. Not always easy,but,I have some great friends who always help me through,and for that I'm extremely grateful!
  4. Thats brilliant! Its really cheered me up! The epitome of every teenage boy. Are teenage girls the same? I have two lads so I wouldnt know if they are?
  5. When will life start to feel like its looking up again? My Mums been put on hormone therapy for a pre cancerous tumour on the site of her mastectomy area from years ago. The Mother-in-law has ripped her tendon in her leg and is in quite a lot of pain. The Father-in-law goes into hospital a week tomorrow for an operation that could leave him a quadraplegic if anything goes wrong? And to top it all,today I had to have Emily put to sleep because of a blockage somewhere in her insides that had been causing her some discomfort. AAAAAAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
  6. My Oh went to the tropical fish place near us at the end of November last year to buy half a dozen fish for his Biorb.....which would have cost between £10-£15 and came out with...................A vivarium with all the relevant fixtures and fittings and two Bearded dragons????????? It all came to just over £400!!! Best thing about it was that he never got the fish at all????????????? Men!!!!!
  7. Dont the RSPCA sponsor the freedom food thingy,to do with free range chickens for eating. Makes you wonder what there true policies are on them ,does'nt it?
  8. My OH bought two bearded dragons at the end of November last year. We only went into the shop to buy half a dozen fish for the Biorb. Expensive fish they were. Only thing I dont like about them is having to feed them creepy crawlies.............YEEEEEUK!!!! I can handle mice,rats,snakes and lizards but if its got more than four legs,then I turn into a total coward.
  9. I think the funniest ever show was when Charlotte took them all along to the tantric sex teacher to improve things........if you know what I mean and Samantha ended up in the line of fire! It must have taken me two weeks to stop laughing. I'm smiling now thinking about it!!!
  10. What an incredibly emotional journey that must have been for you all? You must have been so strong for each other? A very beautifully moving film
  11. We woke up to a light dusting of snow on the garden today. It did look pretty and clean though. Friday was all about heavy hail showers that left everywhere looking white but lumpy. It was that bad about 6.15 in the morning that it actaully woke me before the alarm went off. I thought the windows were gonna smash
  12. We had a new kitchen fitted last year when we moved house. I wish I'd never picked the beech block worktops. You can put as much danish oil on as you want and it will still stain. We have a ring on ours where someone let hot water spill from the kettle and did'nt wipe it up straight away and now have a kettle sized watermark in the wood and no amount of sanding will get rid.

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