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  1. My 9 yr old son has just been nominated by one of his school friends, I very much doubt he even knows what it is, so don't think I'll bother telling him about it. The same friend has nominated my husband, think he'll be ignoring it. As others have said we donate to charities of our choosing and a lot of our time (particularly my husbands) goes to Scouting, so we're not going to be pressured in to doing this just because it's the latest craze.
  2. I'm fed up with it filling my FB timeline now & I didn't actually know what it was for until a few days ago. I read the Wikipedia page on it earlier and it seems things along these lines have been going around for a few years for various causes. It also started out that you should donate or tip water over yourself. I did see a good one earlier by one of our local Explorer Scouts, he'd made a whole story video with backing music and ended it with showing his mobile texting his donation.
  3. Sounds fab!! Glad you had a good time. The Castleford Tigers played Leeds Rhinos at Wembley on Saturday - Leeds won
  4. I discovered the other day that one of my photos from my blog, of one of my pieces of painted glass, has been 'pinned' on Pinterest. I'm quite happy that someone has liked it enough to pin it, but I only discovered it because it showed on my blog stats that someone had arrived at my blog from Pinterest. Would be nice to get some sort of notification to tell you that someone has pinned your photo
  5. I've got a willow hen that I bought a few years ago, think it was on a Crafty stall in Cardiff City centre. Unfortunately all the willow has rotted away and I've now just got a metal wire shaped hen. Still looks quite cool though. Think it was about £15, definitely wasn't a huge price anyway.
  6. Also Roath Park Lake is a fab place for a walk, can hire row boats and pedaloes. Also big rose gardens and a greenhouse with lots of exotic plants and terrapins. It's not far out of the City centre. Forgot to say about the bowling and cinema. Agree that Castell Coch is lovely, if you go inside the rooms are amazing, it's all designed by William Burgess. Forgot about St Fagans, that's all really interesting. It's also free entry, you just pay for the car park.
  7. Don't know when you're coming, but the Cardiff Festival is on now until September http://www.cardiff-festival.com/content.asp
  8. Agree the whole Cardiff Bay Area is great, from the Dr Who Experience you can walk in one direction across the Barrage. There's a big, sandy play area there which my boys love. In the other direction, you go into the Bay, lots of restaurants and things, lovely ice cream in Cadwalladers. There's Techniquest in the Bay, which is a hands-on Science place, google and have a look at their website. In Cardiff City Centre there's obviously a lot of shops. The National Museum is in the Civic Centre area, it's free entry and they have dinosaurs, a large natural history area and a fantastic art gallery part. There is a hands on childrens area too, which I think can give you quizzes and things to look for around the museum. The museum has been used a few times in Dr Who. Also in town is The Cardiff Story, a local history place, again free entry. Downstairs in it is an interactive bit with computers and dress up and they run different activities. Again look at their website. Cardiff Castle is in town too, not sure how much entry is. Fab views from the top of the Keep.
  9. Will find you now - PurpleBruce13
  10. You can get Purple UPVC! Wow, I did not know that! I knew you could get brown wood coloured ones, but not different colours. Might have to look into that in future
  11. I've always fancied a purple front door with front gate and window surrounds to match. Sadly all our doors and windows are uPVC so don't need painting. I would ignore the neighbours and carry on painting
  12. The solvent based paints have a better finish than the water based ones. I use Marabu and they don't need baking in the oven. If it's a light pink you'll need to get the right clear paint to go with the pink paint you buy, to try and get to the right colour. I find it difficult to paint large bits of glass without it going a bit streaky & bits of fluff/dust sticking to it.
  13. No further advice to add, but wanted to wish you luck. We've got our house on the market at the moment, been on for about 6 weeks now and we've got a couple coming for a second viewing tomorrow, they seemed to really like it when they came last week. So fingers crossed
  14. I've had a few calls like that too saying they have information about an accident I, or someone in the household, has been in. Interestingly I had one last week from a foreign sounding man claiming to be from the Telephone Preferance Service (which we are registered with), saying they have noted an increase in nuisance calls to our number. To help with this we could be upgraded to their premium service. I hung up then. I had a look on the TPS website straightaway and there is a warning on there about this sort of call. So just a warning to you all, as it was a new one on me.
  15. I'm not bothered either way. Eldest son watched a little bit of whatever game yesterday when he was eating tea, but he'd much rather be running around the garden playing footie. We don't tend to have the telly on in the evening anyway. Funnily enough being in Wales I haven't seen one flag of any description

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