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  1. I’m looking to buy an eglu cube Mk 1 if anyone has one in the Hampshire area please
  2. If you go onto ebay you will get 3kg for about £26. A real bargain considering my local garden centre sells 800g for about £20.
  3. Hmmm, crafty girls, I think they have eaten the odd egg now and then and I was going to follow a remedy I found on the web, blow the egg and fill it with mustard but couldn't bring myself to be so cruel to them I hate mustard myself and couldn't inflict this on my lovely girls. Sobeit, if they are coming to the end of their egg laying then that's fine, they can retire, I don't want to 'force' them to lay if they are past it. I shall just get some more girls, I only have five at the moment and have an eglu cube and a huge walk in run so there's plenty of room for more. Just hope I can intigrate them, not tried it before so it should be interesting.
  4. Thanks Olly, I did have a look to see if I could see a thread but couldn't find one at the time. I looked at the 'sticky' and none of this applies since they all have access to oyster shells and I put the calcuim powder in their food now and again and I feed them layers pellets. How long do they usually lay for, my chickens were bought from Omlet in May 2011 so they are 17 months old. Not sure if they are coming to the end of their laying life or not. None of them look under the weather either, all in fine fettle. I have had this problem for quite a while though not a permanent problem. I'm not too worried about it unless it indicates that one of my lovely girls might be unwell.
  5. I've noticed that I occasionally get a soft egg or, it appears, one with no shell at all. They are layed in the coop on the roosting bars and fall through, they have never been laid in the nesting box. I can't identify which girl it is but they have a plentiful supply of layers pellets every day, oyster shells, I've put that calcuim powder in their food (can't remember the name of it) and they have the red drops for their water (again, can't remember what it's called) and still it happens. They have greens, a handful of corn each day and meal worms now and again. Not sure where to go from here. Any ideas please?
  6. Thanks WitchHazel and Mollyripkim, I agree about when you have a rubbish day, a little time spent with my girls really helps. They're so funny sometimes and they make me laugh. I bet if you gave a couple of chickens to someone who really didn't want them and thought they were a waste of time and set them up with a run and a coop for say a couple of months, they wouldn't want to give them back. People just don't know what they're missing.
  7. Hi Lavendar Blue and Mrs B, Thank you both for your comments. I've had a few of those comments about eating my chickens and you're right, it's not funny the first time nor the 50th time. Some years ago I had to take a chicken to the vet because I thought there was something wrong and people just laughed at me as if it was ludicrous to take a chicken to the vet. As it turned out she had an egg stuck, she wasn't egg bound I don't think but the vet was able to get it out and she was fine, now had I left her who knows what might have happened, I just wasn't prepared to risk it. Now, I keep quiet obout my chickens rather than be ridiculed. I put it down to their ignorance. I used to breed guinea pigs and the same sort of thing would happen, I was forever being told that guinea pigs were a delicacy in some country. I learnt then not to say too much. Only my family know that Gertie has gone and fortunately they were fairly sympathetic, they know what my girls mean to me. Once again, thank you to you all for your kind thoughts and comments.
  8. Thank you. It's never easy lsoing a pet and I know a lot of people (those who don't keep chickens) would say 'oh, it's only a chicken' but they should realise how hard it is to lose any pet as they become members of the family. It's nice to be amongst people who care for living creatures whatever they may be. I know she was 'only a chicken' but she was my chicken.
  9. Thank you so much. I still feel sad for her but I'm sure my other girls will help me feel better very soon. It's never easy losing a pet but the rewards we get from having them certainly make it all worth while
  10. Yesterday I had to say goodbye to Gertie. She was a little devil really but I did love her. She had spent the last few days sitting in the nesting box, head bowed and wouldn't eat or drink. I took her out and put her in the run to try and encourage her to eat some tit-bits I'd just put in there but immediately two of my other girls ran over and just pecked at her and she ran and took cover. I put her back and tried again later but the same thing happened. Now I'm afraid I can't do the deed myself so we called on a friend of ours who was used to all this and he did it quickly and humanely. (Had it not been Saturday afternoon I would have taken her to the vet but to make her wait until Monday seemed so cruel). Nevertheless, it was horrible to say goodbye to her. As I said she was quite a character and so bold. I was digging in the run a while ago trying to level the ground where they'd dug their various dust baths, you get he idea, and she was on the end of my spade with every dig trying to catch the big juicy worms I'd unearthed, I had to be very careful I didn't actually hurt her with the spaded, she was that close, hence I didn't do a very good job. She was a little devil too because when I went in to collect the eggs each morning she would stand behind me and peck at my leg. I learnt to keep moving all the time so she couldn't do it as it could be quite painful. I shall miss you Gertie my sweet girl.
  11. I don't sell them by size, I sell them as they come, what I was saying is that they are all very large eggs on the whole. I had one the other day of 109g, I've had about 16 over 100g and I don't sell them at any extra, as I say, I sell them as they come. I did once auction an egg that weighed over 100g in the pub where I worked and the proceeds when to the Life Boats as that was a charity we supported in the pub. Might do that again with the very large ones.
  12. Gosh, they are all different aren't they, obviously the cold doesn't bother some of them. I would love to get a night time camera in the run on my girls just to see if there is any activity at night. I assume they go to bed and stay there all night but I could be wrong.....
  13. That is very true but the risk of my forgetting to open the door in the morning now I'm used to leaving it open all the time is too great to start changing it now.
  14. I also have a walk in run with the eglu cube inside. When I first got my lovely girls, about two years ago, I used to close the door once they'd gone to bed every night but soon realised that I had to get up at stupid o'clock to open it up again in Summer. Now I have it open just wide enough for them to get in and out and leave it like that all year round and they don't come to any harm. When you look at the eglu cube there are lots of places where the cold air could come in so a little gap in the door won't make any difference. The girls haven't protested yet
  15. I like the idea of the sentry box. I shall follow that idea and see if they shelter there if I make it very big. They could dust themselves in wet weather - or am I being too ambitious hoping my girls will get some sense

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