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  1. Haha thanks Snowy :3 They are such little monkeys!
  2. Yes, I think grandad is taking him to Andy, the person that we got her from :3
  3. Rat Chat Hello, Hello welcome to Rat Chat! his is the thread where these rodents rule! Feel free to come hee and talk about you rats and mice! I've had rats for years and I am currently reading lots about them/ wanting to become a vet! If you have any questions or queries about rats then come here and I shall answer them to the bestest of my abilities :3 I currently have two male rats, called Howard and Vince after the two Mighty Boosh characters Howard (played by Jullian Barrett) and Vince (Played by Noel Fielding <3). They are oly young at the moment and still need to grow yet are the most gorgeous rats I've ever had. Vince is so calm and shy, he comes out of his cage and sits on your lap letting you stroke him while Howard is mental! Howard runs rings around you and doesn't sit still. He jumps about everywhere! Meet the boys My gorgeous boy Howard <3 Shy little Vince <3 Howard eating the the corner <3 Howard finding something shiny <3 Howard up close <3 Howard and Vince <3 <3 Howard is a blue blazed Dumbo rat and like described above never sits still. As I type this he is sitting under my skirt and messing about. Vince is a hooded Dumbo rat and is currently on my windowsill
  4. No I'm afraid I dont and it's very difficult taking pictures of it as she never sits still
  5. Hi guys its Ella here with a rather strange subject. It appears that one of my three chickens Rocky (my German Vowerk bantam hen) has a sort of triangular growth on the back of her leg. At first we thought it was mud, so we tried to wash it but all of the mud came off leaving an inch of hard growthy stuff. I don't really know what it is..or how to get it off of her foot or anything so help would be great!
  6. the guinea pig i have at the momant is Sandy my one year old male.
  7. My guinea pig Scratchy has died recentely and i was wondering if i should get a new one to go with my remaining male. I decided that i would but i'm stuck with names so any ideas? If so i'd be happy to hear them. So far i have 1 name that i like and thats Cosmo.
  8. My two chooks Bubble and squeak died from a fox. Its really sad as we used to get a egg a day from them. I miss them dearly and although we have some more i'll always remember then..... I miss you guys.
  9. My guinea pig(s) Stay outside in the winter but i got them a hutch hugger. a Hutch hugger can be easily bought and isn't very much money. It keeps them warm in the winter so their snug as a bug in a rug
  10. Our wellsummer hen for the last month or more has been having bald patches around her tail her vent and each side of her neck. My grandad has dusted her with magic dragon powder and sprayed her 3 times with a anti pecking spray. We thought one of our bantams was pecking her but we watched her and she's pecking her own feathers out. Can anyone plz help?
  11. I have 3 chickens 2 German Vorwerk bantams and a wellsummer they are all hens. My Grandad got me a Golden Seabright hen i put her in the run with the other chickens and as we expected they picked on her and were still picking on her after 5 weeks. I noticed she had a open wound on her head where she's been pecked. We took her out of the run and put her in a cage on her own so the wound would heal. My grandad was speaking to some body who told him that if you painted the wound with stockholm tar it would help it to heal and if I put her back in the run with the other girls they would leave her alone and she would eventually get accepted. Does anyone know if this is correct please help.
  12. Well about 2 years ago me and my grandad got 2 female chicks. they grew up happily and calmly. when me and my grandad noticed the extremely large burrows trying to get in the run we fox proofed it by putting slabs around the edges. Unfortuatly about three weeks later the fox managed to dig a hole to get in out of a 1 foot space and killed poor bubble and squeak. Now we have the same problem with our new chickens and we have to trap them in at night because we have 2 rare breeds. Fingers crossed that the fox doesn't get in.
  13. I have 2 rare german vowerks who are bantams they are so beautiful. anyone else got them?
  14. I have 2 rare breeds both of them are German Vowerks. how rare are they? my grandads friend gave them to us and said their are worth £75 each. Is that true?

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