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  1. where is the sticky for introducing new hens?? im sure we had one Diana and Shiera are making the new hens lives a misery. they slep togther in the eglu last night and is still falry bad. the new ones havent eaten much even tho they are in the run on their own and the big uns are out free range
  2. no crowing today, but Innara used to crow when she was scared and it sounded like that, tho she does have a big tail too. will keep and eye on her/ him. The bluebelle has nasty squity runny poo mostly water, but is eating ok. and the Columbine is doing well eating loads and asserting dominace over the bluebelle. they are both in the run today while the other 2 are outside making nests under a bush. they have had a good look at each other and Diana makes a whining/ crowing noise at them. im not sure either she is teaching them who is boss or she is calling for innara. i have rang Glencrofts poultry and they ahve reassred me that Sheena is def a pullet and that she will be big, active and have a very large comb, so here hoping. they also said the diarrrohea (sp?) is normal when birds move so ill keep an eye on her. Tharka (the bluebelle) loves to sit on my knee and will so for ages seems to love a cuddle and makes bubbly noises
  3. picture on the Here they are thread
  4. came just now, had a good huggle of each and the bluebelle immedialytly settled down on my knee! so i introduce Sheena - The Columbine and Tharka - The Bluebelle they are eating and tharka is sat down in the kitchen in the pen we have and sheena is crowing her head off. they are 19 weeks old and still gaining the adult plumage. so gorgeous
  5. Glencroft called today at 8.05 they are coming TODAY!!! hurrah so they will be here lunch time. he has really made my day a 19 week olf Bluebelle and Columbie. A really nice guy. I couldnt thank him enough. Just waiting now and too excited to sleep
  6. Glencroft Poultry have called me back and have a Columbine and a Bluebelle i can have and will deliver, just waiting for a call back when delivery will be, thanks for all your offers. you have all been a help thank you
  7. thank you bronze so much anything really but would love a bluebelle or a blue/ green egg layer (jasmine??) dont know if thatsa hybrid and maybe a white egg layer but something different
  8. If youve ready teh chicken clinic, you'll know that my favuorite huen , innara died on Saturday. Im having a real hard time getting over it, and i have started looking for a replacement for her. Ive exhauseted my self looking and i cant semm to find any where near Tamworth in Staffs. ive been given the email list from Omlet and most of them either didnt work ,where a B&B and one was wholesale pullets?! the meadowswwet poutly agent isnt open on mondays (do these ppl work?) im getting desperate, i need a new spark of liife and joy , ive had a really bad month with illness, now house bound, flood in the house last week, kitchen ruined, and now Innara dying. Does anyone know anywhere i can go or someone who will delivery nationwide Pullets. Plz remeber im now house bound and cant walk/ drive thanks for your help. im on a real low
  9. we use an organic dairy free spread called Pure which is soil association certified is this any good for you?? made from sunflower oil. we use it not cos we are vegans, but we try to cut down on the dairy stuff. i am a vegatarian so i like to keep the dairy intake down. But i just cant give up my Racheal organic milk from dancing cows
  10. hi everyone, we just joined a organic box scheme from hopwood organics in solihul. they do a weekly or fortnighly drop. thier first drop to us was last friday. may i say its great we spent £17 on the delivery which is only round a fiver more then we would nprmally spend over the two weeks on fresh veg and fruit so not really much extra the seasonal box was £15 i think and we had a few extras added in. no delivery charged and we got free organic new potatoes too http://www.hopwoodorganic.co.uk/
  11. i use hankies too. there are no single use tissues in our house. OH wont use hankies but uses toilet paper instead
  12. here is my little girl Kessie the cockatiels died yeserday in my hands. She been sick for only a couple of hours, and i dont really know what was wrong with her. Got back from the vets with med for fungal respitory disease 5 mins later from getting back she died. http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e72/fleata1/110706a.jpg Look not where I was, for I am not there, My Spirit is free, I am everywhere. In the air that you breathe, In the sounds that you hear, Please dont cry for me now, my Spirit is near. Ill watch for you from the other side, Ill be the one flying, new friends by my side. Smile at my memory, remember in you heart, this isn't the end, its a brand new start.
  13. well i took all our excess packaging into asda and they where happy to take it. even with a smile we have not put anything packaging wise in the bin now for about a week
  14. On searching for some more environmental ideas I found some freepost address for recycling you batteries. We will be buy rechargeable ones when the arrive but i thought I'd spread the word: SO DON'T BIN THEM SEND THEM FREEPOST TO: Energizer/ Ever Ready/ UCAR/ Ralston Energy Recycling Division, FREEPOST LOL2311 DUNSTABLE, Bedfordshire LU5 4YY Duracell ( also make Mallory ) - 0800 716 434 Duracell Customer Services FREEPOST OF1503 Aylesbury Road THAME, Oxfordshire OX9 3LJ or alternativley go here for more addresses http://www.battery.ukf.net/address.htm
  15. never tought of that thanks everyone. instead of making the till lady miserable well collect all the platic excess packaging and give it to cusotmer services. we use asda by the way cos its the cheapest in the area and i dont work at the mo
  16. hi all, just wachted the news at 1pm on the beeb and they have said there is a drive by womens groups to put pressure on supermarkets to reduce the amount of packaging in superstores. I hope this gets the message out. I gonna see if i can get mom to do it as well. they said to leave excess packaging in the superstore at the checkout like the do in sweeden and they have said to return unwanted packaging to the store you bought it from. i cant wait for next wednessday, the next shop for us. The look on the till ladies face will be a treasure
  17. we went yesterday. i bought loads of strawberry plants and tomato seed. i'm gonna try growing my own veg and fruit if the hens dont eat them all first. i also bought a seed spouter so ill let you all know how that goes
  18. its what they call it. no insult intended
  19. one of my green earth books say yes you can use what they call as grey water on your plants, once it has cooled. grey water is like dish water bath and shower water.
  20. i asked our milkman the milk is dairy crest and comes all the way from castle vale, thats like 20 miles i think(dont own a car). he uses a wacking great big diesel truck too I cant seem to find a local dist here in tamworth. if anyone knows one let me know. think ill just have to keep sending OH up the shop, but i wanted to get away from plastic botles
  21. i have an e-cloth now 1 gen purpose and 1 glass cleaner. I can truly say they are ace. i've cleaned the whole kithen today, every surface, the cooker, fridge with just one cloth and water, (usally takes me most whole of kitchen towel roll and a whole load of chemical antibacterial cleaner).. well worth it
  22. glad to be of help. the book i have is called Clean house, Clean Planet. By Karen Lgan. Its a US book but apart from borax which i can't find, it's full of 100's of great cleaning recipies. if you need anymore ideas pm me
  23. ooooo in my green recipe book it says baking soda and some lemon scented viegar will deoderize you drains as well as fizzing away any gunk 1/2 cup of soda and 1 cup on scented white vinegar. you can use any essential oil you like. covers e snk hole untill fizzing ends
  24. that looks so lovely. wish we could afford one... so envious I want solar power too, but nearly had cardiac arrest when quoted

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