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  1. I've only just read the news. I completely forgot the reason I followed Alvecote Wood on Facebook was after Docsquids enthusiasm for it and her wonderful photos on here. I never met her, or even really chatted to her, but it sounds like she was an amazing woman who did a LOT of good things in her life. So sad she is gone. RIP Sarah x
  2. She spoke to the accomodation manager who has assured her she will not be moved, and the work done to her room will happen when she leaves in May. So, all that stress for no reason at all. Or, they suddenly realised they might have a disability case against them. She dug out an email this morning from them at the beginning of the year which assured her she would not be moved, but explaining what works were being done. We viewed some studio flats with her a couple of days ago, and although they are expensive, they are amazing. She has wanted to reward herself for her final year by having her own kitchen etc which I think she should, but its up to her.
  3. Student support have passed her email onto the relevant person so hopefully they will help. She did speak to the halls manager who said they could work around her while she is still in the room, but they would need to run that by uni first, so still no idea what will happen. She seems calmer today which is good. The room she is in is specially adapted for disabled people. It is twice as big as the others so a wheelchair can be used in it. There is an emergency pull cord just in case, both next to her bed and in the wetroom. The wetroom has a seat in the shower and pull down arm rest things to help get up and down off the loo. The kitchen her room is assigned to has a movable worksurface with a sink on it so she can prepare food and wash up. The cooker is a normal one, but she is ok cooking on it. None of this is in the temp room I shall let you know when I hear anything else. I am so looking forward to Sept as it will be her final year and as she has been so careful with her money these past few years, she has enough to pay for a studio flat for herself. No more sharing a kitchen
  4. Email has been composed by me and edited by her and sent to student support, just so they have a heads up of her meeting tomorrow. I was gobsmacked when I read her text. I just hope its crossed wires and the woman was talking about when she leaves in May, but somehow I don't think it is.
  5. My ed is at uni, second year, and the halls she is in is being refurbed. She thought her room, which is an adapted room so bigger than normal with a wet room (sounds nicer than it is) would be done when she comes back home at the end of term in May. She had a knock at her door today and has been told she needs to move rooms, I am assuming very soon, to a room which is too small to have her wheelchair in, a tiny shower with no seat and the use of a kitchen with no lowered surface so she can prepare her meals, and no auto openers on the doors which are too heavy for her to open without causing a lot of pain. What can she do about this? I have told her they can't make her move rooms, and offered to come down to speak to the halls manager with her. Her pain levels have sky rocketed due to the stress this has caused. I am so furious for her! What can we all do to help. They can't do this, surely? I'm hoping its a misunderstanding
  6. I would have been ringing that bell quite a bit Thats fantastic that bits over and I am sure the rest of the treatment will be over before you know it. Enjoy your break, you all deffo deserve it. Do you do the Herceptin yourself or do you go in to have a nurse do it?
  7. A bit of enlightenment Catstails http://www.coventrytelegraph.net/whats-on/shopping/sainsburys-just-slashed-cost-christmas-14056521
  8. Sounds bliss! I bought my inlaws some northern lights pine cones from Lakeland for Christmas a couple of years ago and they shoot pretty colours in their woodburner. They don't last long, but are lovely for a Christmas treat.
  9. We got 25p veg in Sainsbury's last night.
  10. Not been on here for a little while, so was just seeing how you were going. Hope things are going well, no more cannula issues, and hope the sickness isn't too bad.
  11. Good tip. I think we will do ours in the summer.
  12. Very jealous, but I look forward to seeing your pics once its all in and lit. We did a bit of diy at home yesterday. Remove a fake arch which badly mirrored a real one on the other side of our chimney breast. Whilst removing it some of the plaster came off the chimney breast and it is brick! The plan now will be to remove all the plaster and treat the brick so its not dusty etc when we get ready to do our woodburner. Hopefully by this time next year
  13. I had an Irish Linen teatowel with a calendar on it from the year before I was born! It was in perfect condition. I wrapped a cake up in it to take it a friends for lunch one day, a few years ago, and I haven't seen it since. I must ask her if she still has it. We have some towels which are on their way to being threadbare. The edging is coming off so you risk trapping a toe when trying to dry yourself off
  14. That is rubbish Sarah! I shall have a look for the one you mentioned though.
  15. Not a disaster but my ED doesn't let me forget the Christmas I stabbed her! In my defence she was annoying......JOKING! I had a new knife set and the carving knife was about a metre long so I didn't quite realise how close to her I was and poked her a little bit with the end I hope Grannys Drawers turn up Soapdragon. Have they been put inside another box? Under something, or behind something?
  16. I didn't think I would, but I really liked Antman. Quite funny and a little bit different to the usual superhero film.
  17. I have! Its a fantastic, unexpected film which I thoroughly enjoyed. I have recommended it to so many people who have all agreed.
  18. I watched it a couple of weeks ago when I saw it was on Netflix. Really good film. He was a determined young boy/ man wasn't he!
  19. I would! We have been after one for years, but as we were in rented we couldn't do it. But now we have a chimney!! so we will be getting one as soon as we can afford one. I love them. My sil and bil have one and its just bliss to watch in the evening. Our living room is not huge so I think we will get a 4kw one. I was after black cast iron one, but after seeing Cinnamons beautiful French one, I am not so sure
  20. My Yd & I have seen all sorts with nurses and drs trying to put in canulas. You just have to go with it, though we are less happy when drs do it as they generally dont seem to have the special touch most nurses do. Do try and take it easy and not overdo things, but I guess being busy helps stop you dwelling on the feeling sick etc. Listen to your body and rest when you need it. Hope the anti sickness tablets help this time and you dont feel as ick.
  21. My ED used one for her CRPS which helped a bit, but she soon got used to it and it no longer helped. The same sadly happens with medication, in that you become used to it and it stops working. YD has just bought a Tens from Amazon which is tiny! Slightly larger than a £2 coin. She has tried it a couple of times and has yet to find a setting that works for her. It has a bluetooth connection so you control it from your phone. It was anout £16, so not pricey. If you can hire one, then that would be a good idea. I hope he get his op soon and can start on the road to recovery.
  22. I just wanted to wish you well in your treatment and hope it kicks this cancers butt! I would have done the same as you, in having a big blowout before getting my head around whats to come. Don't deny yourself any nice treats, but obviously don't go crazy. And don't forget we are all here for you, for the good and the bad times ((hugs))
  23. Wishing you all the best with your treatment and hope you have a super quick recovery. It sounds like yo have a really positive attitude, which I am sure will go a long way to help you fight this
  24. I have had great success with cutting back leggy honesuckles. They grow new green shoots from the base so I would go for it.
  25. Out of my kitchen window I can see the bomb site that is my garden. Its mid renovations (we are in the middle of putting in a sleeper retaining wall at the very end), but dh popped his calf muscle so thats on hold. On the left I can also see the pergola covered with a beautiful wisteria flowering for the third time this year! The first flowers were got by an unexpected frost. It also has a vine of some sort taking over what it can. Currently its trying to consume my beautiful blue green shed I think it may have grapes, but it will be going as its encouraging to many wasps. On the other side I have the roses that were already here; one a gorgeous orange but my fave is a yellow one which smells all sherbety and divine. I can just see a blue delphinium which will be going to its new home in the front garden as soon as I finish battling the brambles, bind weed and other plants which keep trying to grow despite all my root pulling. Beyong the back fence, I can just see some flats (my planned silver birch copse will get rid of that view) and then its the lights from the rugby pitch and blue sky.

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