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  1. I think it's just us being old fashioned to actually expect somebody doing a job to have a broad knowledge of it. It's an unfortunate 'sign of the times'. When it comes to retailers, a lot of the larger companies don't care who is doing the job as long as the doors are open, money is being taken and the staff are paid as little as possible. Do I sound bitter yet? Staff such as Cinnamon, who goes out of her way to extend her knowledge should be applauded but I expect it goes by un-noticed by the powers that be. Having said all that, I've been in my trade for 17 years. Some of the rules & regulations change from time to time, and I do keep abreast of them, and have a keen interest in them, but even I learnt something new last week!
  2. I was lucky enough to be in the Olympic Stadium when he won the 400m. He was the reason we went. A sporting hero of mine. I'm devastated for all involved and pray it was an accident.
  3. I'm coming back as a racehorse, a really pretty looking chestnut filly with a lot of white. I shall take to hurdling with ease, enjoy swishing my tail and showing the boys a clean pair of heels as a gallop away. I'll lap up the adoration from my crowd at Cheltenham and Aintree, perhaps pop across the Irish Sea for the Punchestown Festival. Graduate to jumping fences, and again win everything in sight before retiring to stud and popping out a number of foals.
  4. I don't like not knowing things! Regardless of who the skeletons belong to, I'd leave them in the Abbey but I really really want to know if it is them or if they secretly lived out their lives in exile *stamps foot and starts writing to the Queen....*
  5. Having had a lifelong passion for the Tudors and their heirs, I found this fascinating. I've long been on the belief that Richard had nothing to do with the deaths of the boys in the Tower, I blame the Mother of Henry VII, Lady Margaret Beaufort for orchestrating it. Her entire life revolved around her beloved only child reaching the throne, I don't think there is anything she would've let stand in the way. She was ruthless and manipulative. It certainly paid off. I don't think Henry had it in him to order the deaths of two innocent boys. She certainly did. I would dearly love for the boys alleged remains to be DNA tested, if possible, to find out once and for all if it was them.
  6. I suffered with it frequently in early childhood, grew out of it but when I caught Glandular Fever aged about 14 it came back with avengence. I had it every few weeks until I finally had my tonsils removed aged 16/17. Best thing ever. I had to beg and plead for the op but I didn't see why I should have to suffer on a regular basis just because it wasn't the fashion to whip them out anymore. I rarely suffer from a sore throat now and I don't think I've had a throat infection since. I highly recommend a tonsillectomy for anyone who gets regular bouts of tonsilitis!
  7. Youngest daughters school is opening at 11am tomorrow. No idea about the others but glad I don't have to get dressed early
  8. Spotted a few flakes falling when Asda arrived. It's supposed to start tomorrow morning, some sites say light snow, others say heavy, so we'll see....
  9. I bravely took myself off to see it on my own yesterday. I haven't read the book, seen the stage show, I only knew a couple of songs, nothing else about it but it was wonderful. It was beautiful and deserves all the Oscars it's been nominated for. I cried, alot I'n now feeling the need to download the soundtrack. I might take Daisy & Molly to see it too.
  10. We noticed some pink tinsel around a picture frame we'd forgotten about this morning!
  11. I haven't got one yet, last years was a Vampire Diaries one.
  12. People who have suicidal thoughts don't generally share their thoughts with others, and certainly not with their employers because of the stigma still attached to mental illness and fear of losing their job. The majority of suicide attempts end in failure, it's actually quite hard to kill yourself. I feel desperately sad for her that she didn't receive the support she needed after her suicide attempts. But having said that though, "Ooops, word censored!"ody where I work has a clue there's been anything wrong with me, therefore they can't support me, but I've got enough support outside of work to keep me safe, should I chose to call upon it. I have more sympathy than ever before for those DJs. This was not their fault.
  13. Six year old still believes, not sure about the eleven year old but the other two don't. I want to go to bed now but they've only just all gone to bed! I'm hoping for a lie in tomorrow.....
  14. We did Christmas at the MILs this weekend. What did I say earlier on in this thread about Thorntons chocs & smellies? Yep I have a huge box of the Classic Collection from Thorntons Smellies A hideous brown/beige purse MIL redeemed herself with a lovely amethyst necklace from her recent trip to India. I love amethysts. We're trying hard to think of who we can give the chocolates to.....

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