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  1. blackgold

    Walk in run

    Wanted a walk in run for my allotment so I can take my hens down down for a couple of hours when I go
  2. blackgold

    Broody crate questions - HELP!

    I have got eggs due to hatch on Sunday but not sure if they will as they were in the sorting office all weekend xxI was in when the parcel arrived but the postman didnt wait and I was at the bottom of the garden with my hens lol xx so didnt hear him.
  3. blackgold

    sick lamb

    She is back on her feet and eating and drinking by herself today so hopefully xxx
  4. blackgold

    sick lamb

    We have a sick lamb at home at the moment. Well 2 actually but the other one is company for the sick one. The vet has been twice to treat her and she appears to be on the mend so please keep your fingers toes and paws crossed for her. She is 8 months old and has listeriosis. xxx
  5. blackgold

    What Makes People Give up?

    I started off in 2008 with 3 rescued ex-battery hens. I now have 10 hens. I have 2 eglus and a cube. 2 walk-in runs and have spent a fortune on my girls. i still get about 4-5 eggs everyday. I will never recoop the money I have spent on their equipment but I havent bought an egg from a shop for nearly 4 years and I am lucky in that I have a friend over the road who hen sits for me and I hen sit for them. I was ill with flu a few weeks ago and it was very hard work to force myself to look after my hens but with the help of my other half all was fine. If I couldnt look after them properly then I would give them up.
  6. I like to give the girls shed and eglu a good clean out once a week. They live in a kennel run which is roofed. The shed houses their eglu and the spare bales of straw. It is chucking it down now and they wont stay out bless. I could lock them out of the run and they could shelter in the porch but they dont want too. It is impossible to do anything with them in cos they are so nosey xxx. I had my lawnmower serviced yesterday and they wouldnt leave the poor chap alone. He had to put all the screws in a box cos they were trying to steal them. Good job he likes hens.
  7. blackgold

    eggs everywhere

    I have 12 hens. 6 exbattery, 3 orpingtons, 1 Faverolles and 2 Merrydale Cresteds. They range in ages from 3 years down to about 8 months. In this last week I am getting 7-9 eggs a day!! Has spring come early? 2 weeks ago I was getting 2 if that. What has happened to the seasons. One of my Orpingtons is threatening to go broody as well
  8. blackgold

    Chicken hypnosis

    Mine seem to go into a trance when dustbathing. The close their eyes when flipping themselves over and when they get all the dirt right into their feathers , they lie on their sides, half open their eyes and look like zombies for awhile. x My Faverolles hen takes half an hour to bath properly and wont come out of the greenhouse, it has a dirt floor which is dry. Even if I shake the treat tub at her, she ignores me. As soon as she is finished she gets up, shakes and is then back to normal. First time I saw it I thought there was something seriously wrong with them.
  9. Of course as with all plans things go wrong. Where I wanted to put it needs more levelling so it wont be finished this weekend as we have run out of time and light. Also just realised that I didnt get the weather shield or the drinker or feeder. Another phone call to omlet tomorrow. xxx
  10. Forgot to say that Hilda, the peeky looking hen is fine this morning. She has laid an egg and as she is nearly 3 years old and an exbatt to boot, I wish she would 'nt bother. She has tucked into breakfast and her tail is held high. At the moment all the older girls are loose in the garden. We have hens everywhere at the moment lol x
  11. The missing box arrived at 8am this morning. The lady from Omlet must have read the riot act to Parcelforce. The new hens can stay loose in the dog yard until their home is put up. My hubby is just walking the dogs and checking on the sheep and then we are going to erect it. He even said if it rains we will put it up in the kitchen and the hens can shelter in the porch anyway. It doesnt have a door . Just hope all the parts are there. Will take some pics later too.
  12. I have 2 coops going at the moment and some bullying problems as I have some exbattys that I rescued 3 weeks ago. I wanted to put the new girls some where roomy and safe to have quality of life, not bring them from one smal cage to another. I do have another eglu and run that I could put up but it is all dismantled and time is not available to put it up for one week to take it back down again. Thanks for the suggestions but I am feeling really sad and angry now. I could have waited until newyears day to get the £100 off but didnt and now all my plans are ruined. I have been offered a refund on the delivery charge but that wont give me the wasted time spent waiting for it to arrive all day yesterday and then not being able to get it erected today. To top it all, one of my rescues from 2009 looks a bit peeky tonight as well .
  13. 4 out of 5 of the boxes arrived yesterday evening at 545 pm. One box is still not here and it is the one with all the screws, grub and glug in. My husband has now wasted 2 days holiday and I have wasted 1. I wanted to have it set up and ready for the hens to go in tomorrow. I phoned Omlet and they contacted parcelforce who phoned me at 5.30pm. The said the box was still at the hub and couldnt understand why it wasnt sent. He said perhaps it is lost.!!!!!! I wont get it until Monday at the earliest and then we will be back at work and wont have time or daylight to put it up until next weekend. I am so disappointed and the new girls I now cannot have will now be made into soup.!!!! I really could cry x
  14. I have had my new exbatts for 3 weeks now. They were the worst I have ever had and really looked oven ready. Pics in the Blackgold file. Now I noticed they look like they have little fans on their backs where the feathers are starting to push out of the quills. Good idea to do the tranformation pictures. I am going to do that now so well done you xx
  15. Have put on the exbatt forum from BHWT. I have just rescued 6 in December so am a bit full at the moment.