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  1. I have found calling them and speaking to someone helps rather than their email system. Do you by any chance have a bank statement showing the date the money was withdrawn for the purchase? Failing that I would be paying that seller a little visit.
  2. I haven't had any breaks recently.
  3. I have used MyHermes before. Cheap and cheerful. DO NOT break anything... yes you Lewis! want to borrow my bubblewrap??
  4. Good to hear. Don't be surprised by the offer of secondment, be confident in knowing that they saw potential in you and ant to give you the opportunity... go girl.
  5. I agree with the others, take it! prove to them what you can do. If your secondment ends for whatever reason look at it as a good form of self development and add it to your CV. I am currently on secondment I love my new job, didn't really fit with my old, although for same 'company' I am now in a different department/line manager. I am on two pay bands higher now than my substantive role so like you I had to think hard about how to proceed as this all happened as I was losing my dad too, however I think as long as you do not become reliant on the extra money and see it as a bonus for a short while it will work out. If then it becomes permanent all the better. Good Luck and most importantly, enjoy it!
  6. Congratulations to you both.
  7. So sorry to hear B is unsure Karin. Its so hard for her with her mobility issues not to mention the news of her best friend. So so hard. xxx DS communicated for a few hours on Skype on Sunday... I almost asked who had taken over the computer I was that amazed! He is homesick too but loving the experience and the new friends he has made. He also seems to love a place called 'Chunky Chicken' He is living on Pasta, toasted sandwiches, dippy eggs, toast, pot noodles, lasagne and korma curry so he isn't doing too bad for a week away. He has no lessons on a Monday so always has a long weekend, the jammy beggar.
  8. yes far too much partying! every time I speak with him lately he is pre-drinking His loan is now not approved again... seriously fed up with them now. New identity form being sent in as they didn't approve the first one.
  9. My son has "fresher flu" apparently to you and me that's a cold, but he does sound grotty. Hasn't stopped him going out each night though. He loves how Nottingham is so much cheaper than Cambridge, he said "mum I bought a chicken for 75p!" I was excited until I realised it was a cooked chicken.
  10. I am so glad they changed things Karin as they were breaking the law making her lectures inaccessible for her. Yes I am glad it's approved as well, after 5 different figures that he will be paid .. finally.
  11. ahh Jules, no your not alone. I wouldn't sleep last night. Silly I know as he often slept out when here at home but I just couldn't sleep at all. I have been told it gets easier! He is my oldest so its all new to me. Youngest (DS2) is in an apprenticeship programme and is adamant he wont want Uni "at those prices!" but we will see in a few years what he decides as I believe he has 4 years of this accounting to go through first.
  12. Well he's there and settled. I have heard from him since I got home and apparently the people in his flat are really nice. I have wine and chocolates for tonight..
  13. I heard you from Cambridge. I am good now thanks, it's been a rough year and actually even the year before but getting there now, how are you doing? I am pleased to hear Rosie is doing so well I agree with your friend we haven't done too bad a job if they have that confidence. I have just been in his room and fumigated.. I mean tidied.. that boy can hold clutter.. actually man but always my boy. His room looks like we have been robbed and I don't like it, I had to close the door.
  14. Well it was our last meal as a family for a while tonight as son is working his last day at work tomorrow and then Thursday he wakes early to go away until Saturday with all his workmates to of all things a gaming convention... we wil leave that there. Then on Saturday he is catching a train to Nottingham where we will pick him up at the station with his stuff and go onto his accommodation. I want him to have this experience but when its the first child it is such a shock to the system. especially when he only applied to Uni a few weeks back. Family bereavement and other issues meant that he didn't apply sooner, so now things have settled a little he felt he wanted to go. Good on him and I will support that through and through even if it makes me cry
  15. Thanks Karin DS is off today FINALLY organising a student bank account. He has a standard one but this is in addition so he can separate his money. He had to get the bus as I sold his car for him at the weekend.. I bet that hurt.
  16. I don't expect DS to iron either. Although he says he will. I cannot see him securing something that soon unless he is pushed into it.
  17. When do they have to apply for second year accommodation then? I haven't even got over this round yet. I have no idea if I have covered everything he needs but there is a Tesco just around the corner so I can pick up anything there, pretty much. There will definitely be tears, I was just in the local shop where he has his part time job, one of the lads who he went to school with said to me "I am going to really miss him" I almost started then..
  18. Haha! Feels like she has that as well. Well, the day is finally here and my 'baby' is off on her big uni adventure. I've already had a blub, and its only 9am. I am sure it will be fine, and as Cooks said to me, deep breaths! You will be repeating that to me next week when my DS goes big love to you and Bria, she will have a fab time. I have been washing through all his clothes and getting them packed etc.. how does one teenager have soooo many clothes and obviously he needs ALL of them.
  19. Karin, I need to buy a 7 seater for all of DS1's stuff when we spoke the other day you never mentioned I need to buy a sink
  20. K is doing Business Studies, Travel and tourism and Film Studies, and has chosen to add a study support lesson rather than add another a level to give these three subjects as much time as possible. This method worked very well for his gcse's so if it ain't broke don't fix it and all that. He's over the moon so I am happy.
  21. YS did very well and is in his first choice of college.
  22. I know.. cant wait, I miss my hugs. And otis kisses...goes without saying.

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