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  1. Went to pick her up for her weekly health check, she crouched , that was on the 26th January. Another implant done on the 28th of January. Hoping this one will last another eight months . She has lost a few feathers today, not many though. Still perky and looks well .
  2. Thanks for the info Egghead68, and for the compliments sandyhas3chucks and LottyJ1. Sorry I took so long to reply , I never received any e-mails about your replies
  3. I'm liking the Welsh theme too . YORATH, which is an Anglicized form of IORWERTH which apparently means "handsome lord" from Welsh ior "lord" and berth "handsome". ALED, Means "offspring" in Welsh. Congratulations, he's very handsome .
  4. I "bit the bullet" 3 years ago. I did tell people the first year that I wouldn't be sending any . It does get easier year after year, as the less you send, the less you receive the less bothered you are . I now only send them to close family (only because I would never hear the end of it from mum ). I don't think you're being "bah humbug" at all. My personal opinion is that they're a total waste of time, money and trees. The Victorians have a lot to answer for .
  5. It's been 6 months since Pudding had her implant . It has done the job I wanted it to do so far . Don't know if it's anything to do with the implant, but she is the most feathered chook I have ever known . It's difficult to see her skin when checking for critters. She is also my heaviest chook now and has put on plenty of weight . Here she is and with her friends, a lovely view of her rump Am on the look out now for when she starts crouching again .
  6. That's how I imagine Granny Weatherwax looks . Unbelievable .
  7. Just when you think they've snapped out of it Eugh! Yet another week of Treacle being broody. I have just been throwing her off the nest when I get home and shutting her out, worked before, but I think she is more determined this time. Out with the broody cage me thinks .
  8. Absolutely outrageous . I would be going down the lines of setting booby traps for the little feinds
  9. This may or may not help, it's about turkeys, but poultry is poultry to me . http://www.hybridturkeys.com/en/Hybrid%20Resources/~/media/Files/Hybrid/Hybrid%20Library/Health/Health_PC1.ashx I found it interesting anyway .
  10. Wow! she is absolutely beautiful Fun times ahead .
  11. Awwwww bless them, give them time they'll work it out
  12. The "50p" sized lump in her crop sounds like it could be the blockage. I would give olive oil and try and massage the lump to see if it will break up and may be a few white maggots after the massage.. Personally I wouldn't give hard grain I would go for a little probiotic yoghurt laced with lifeguard. Also just to let you know that when I purchased avipro and critical care formula, I was advised not to give them together, but could give them on alternate days, not sure why though . Hope you get her sorted xx.
  13. It was a while ago since I was given Tylan soluble for one of mine. The vet would only use Tylan soluble on laying birds because there was no egg withdrawal. Not sure if that helps.
  14. Sorry to hear about your friends girl sandyhas3chucks. I have no real advice to give . I too was at the end of my tether with it. May be a coincidence but when Pudding had her op to remove the 2 eggs and a crushed one and then had the Suprelorin implant, her pendulous crop was no longer. I think it is still pendulous, just not as noticeable as she doesn't eat as much as she used to now she doesn't lay. Have you tried starving her for 24hrs with just avipro and water to rule out a blockage further down?
  15. I can't be 100% certain it was from Pudding. But she is the only one that has had the tiniest of traces of blood in her poop since the op, but that has now stopped. If she was an Olympian she would have got gold from me
  16. Well, two and a half weeks later after the bloody yolk and poop, all seems to be well with Pudding (fingers crossed ). So perhaps it was just a blip. All her feathers have re-grown after the Suprelorin implant and she looks the picture of health (apart from the slightly pale comb). She is the toughest chook I have ever known, she's a little avian tank .
  17. Unfortunately it is a monthly thing for my Brahma..... hope you are luckier! Looks like I'm not any luckier Treacle is at it again and I really can't face putting her in the broody cage again . Think I will just keep throwing her of the nest when I catch her in there and will shut the pophole (once everyone else has laid that is) .
  18. Mine did this when Treacle was in the broody cage, I put a newspaper on top to stop the others from standing on the cage and pooping on the broody. I decided to use a plastic tray instead. Newspaper must be tasty .
  19. I hope it is , but I doubt it . The vet did say her insides looked all wrong when she had the op to remove the other eggs . Yes, she had the Suprelorin implant on May 28. She hasn't done any crouching which is why I am surprised at this, I think it maybe too late for another as it feels like there is an egg already in the pipeline . No signs of being unwell at all, but she is such a tough little chook .
  20. Uh oh, found this under the roosting bars this afternoon, it appears to be a shell less egg (mainly yolk with clot type blood in it). Both poop and yolk looks to have come from the same pipe (for want of a better word) but not sure. I'm assuming it's from Pudding , although she isn't showing any signs of being unwell. I examined her and I think I can feel what appears to be an egg . She hasn't crouched at all . I wouldn't put her through the ordeal of another op, so will just have to keep an eye on her and see how she goes .
  21. Glad to hear she is feeling better (and you) .
  22. Sorry to hear about Kylie . If you can, I would get a companion for Davina, and once they are friends, if you still want to re-home them it will be easier for their new owners to introduce 2 to an existing flock rather than one.
  23. Treacle has just had another stint in the broody cage, 5 days this time , she really wants to be a mummy bless her but . Hope this isn't going to be a monthly thing .
  24. I give mine Nutrobal for softies and Lifeguard in their water which helps to improve overall condition. I think boiled crushed eggshell would be ok, but I prefer the Nutrobal as it contains vitamin D3 amongst other vitamins and minerals. Glad to hear she is eating and drinking , they are such a worry sometimes .

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