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  1. Really sorry to hear your news Rachel. Have sent you a pm about the house and run as we are in the process of expanding our flock. If you are serious about wanting to get rid of it, please let me know. Annie
  2. I do lots of beansprouts - in a jam jar with a piece of cloth on the top for straining. I have found that alfalfa are the easiest to sprout. My method is to put a couple of tablespoons of seeds into the jar with plenty of water to soak for several hours to get them going. Then strain off the water. I leave the jar on the kitchen windowsill by the sink to remind me to rinse them regularly. 4 or 5 times a day give them a good rinse in cold water, drain out all the water then leave till next time. Sprouts should be ready in about 4 days. I have had mixed success with other beans. What does your sprouter look like - is it a jar or a square plastic thing with several layers? Good luck Annie
  3. Non Deutsch ja, espanol si, mais francais - non.
  4. Yes Ginette, we have started doing 'dinners'. We joined a local group - the Small Farm Training Group (www.sftg.co.uk) who are a group of people interested in smallholdings, country skills etc on a small scale, such as back garden chicken keeping. They have regular meetings for all levels - we went to one last weekend on Introduction to Pigs. However, through the sftg we got six Sasso chicks at 4 weeks old, now 14 weeks and two have already been despatched. They are such different birds to layers, there is no question of becoming attached to them and the whole family has been involved in the despatching. Jamie and Hugh would be proud of us! We are interested in doing pigs but probably not until we have more than a back garden - not sure how keen the neighbours would be here. We also now have seven layers and even at the end of October, they all seem to be in full lay - we had seven eggs today. Must be happy chooks. Annie
  5. Hallo Ginette. Yes I'm still here. I dip in and out occasionally - mainly to catch up with Lesley's rapidly growing venture. I'm so impressed and I think she and Carl are an inspiration to all us 'one day' folk! Will try and keep up with the forum more regularly now - depending on the results of the Chemistry homework. Annie
  6. Hi Kate It's been a long time since I've been on the forum, but happened to look on your topic and asked my 17 yr old, Chemistry student, son if he could help. One A4 page later...........I shall pm it to you. Even if it doesn't help you it has helped his revision!! Annie
  7. So did I, so when a friend moved house and was taking out a good quality wool carpet, we laid it in our garden. We now have a very pretty flowery carpet covered with bindweed. I think it originates in our neighbour's garden so there's not much I can do about it.
  8. AnnieW

    Can a worms

    We have had a wormery for quite a few years now - it calls itself 'The original wormery'. It's more like a dustbin with a section at the bottom with a tap to drain off the liquid. It's good at making compost and compost juices, but you have to empty the whole lot to get to the good stuff at the bottom which isn't ideal. It's great fun though trying to catch all the worms to put back in the bin! However, yesterday I noticed quite a few ants crawling around in it and I can't imagine that's very good for it - does anyone know how to discourage ants while encouraging all the other good bugs?
  9. That's such great news Lesley - hope the future holds all you dream of. Would love to come and see you again so we can compare dinners - ours are now 5 weeks old.
  10. Sorry, that was me - forgot to log in.
  11. Thanks for the link Buffie. Turns out I'm within the free local delivery area - could be very useful, or could be very expensive!!
  12. Lesley, that is so exciting - really hope it all works out for you. As you say, if it doesn't it's not meant to be. Our plans to visit the in-laws have now had to change to the weekend of 18/19th Feb so if you are around we would love to come and visit. Will pm you nearer the time. Good luck
  13. Thanks Louise - have found it and copied it. Sarah Jo's site is also useful. The invitation for the evening said - "Yae'll hae tae learn a wee bit o' a Burns' poem or sang, as yea'll be askit tae dae yer paert" Help - any suggestions - bearing in mind I couldn't do a scottish accent to save my life!
  14. Hi Louise - can you tell me where on River Cottage to find it - or put a link. I have to perform at a Burns night on Saturday and am looking for any ideas that don't involve a scottish accent - acting is not my strong point!
  15. Yes Lesley, it was me. We are very interested in learning more about your 'dinners', as well as viewing Eglu Towers. Have spoken to Mother-in-law - 11th/12th Feb is good for her. We just need to persuade son that he really doesn't want to go to a party that weekend. Is Saturday 11th good for you? I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge and experience with us and look forward to meeting you again soon.

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