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  1. Sorry! Only just seen this as I’ve been off working for Dogmother on the FB page. She’s a tough taskmaster! For what it’s worth, I’ve had an Omlet WIR now for several years, and although I’m a critic of them, I have been successful in making sure it stays completely dry. I’ve never seen anyone successfully attach an onduline roof to them, by the way. My technique is to first of all, buy decent clear heavy duty tarps. Bin the Omlet ones, they aren’t heavy enough. I buy them from Tarpaflex. I have one over the roof and then three of the sides are covered. The tarps MUST overlap, and they must be held flat against the wire by bungees which go from the bottom of the sides, over the top, and down to the other side. Rather like a giant spider! This is to stop flapping which let’s water in, and wears the tarps out. Two of my tarps are into their 5th year. I have log roll round the perimeter on all four sides. On the fourth side I have three onduline wavy sheets available. They are brought out as required by the prevailing weather, and held in place by bungees. I am on Thames clay, and this system kept the run so dry it became like cement. I use aubiose all year round and have done for the last 8 years or so. If you rake sanitiser through it once a week, you only need change it about 3 times a year. In a 2x3m run, and a 3x1m run, I used 3 to 4 bales a year. I also use it in the poop trays and nest box. Hope that helps!
  2. But my constant question....,what about the boys? So many unwanted cockerels this year it breaks my heart
  3. I’m in the group that allegedly will be ‘done’ by mid February. We shall see.....
  4. My bantams are unvaccinated as are most birds produced by small breeders. I’ve had rescues too, which are vaccinated as it’s viable to do so in the large numbers they are produced. I’ve never had a problem. I do quarantine for 2 weeks minimum and if they are joining another group, I then introduce them gradually over time. So any problems have time to appear. I have them about 6 ft apart but in sight of each other by the way
  5. Make plans for it to go on until April, then you won’t be disappointed. The local Councils are tasked with ensuring compliance. It is Trading Standards who usually lead. In my experience, they take a helpful rather than punitive approach first so contact them if you need too.
  6. We’ve got a fantastic animal hospital near us. I’ve taken many s bird/hedgehog there. They will advise what to do also. Have you got one near you? Ours is Tiggywinkles at Haddenham in Oxfordshire. I’m sure they’d talk to you.
  7. Lovely girls, Andrew. Once Covid allows we should get together.
  8. Soapy, one of the primary schools in the market town near you that my daughter lives in, is closed because of Covid. Zoe is not happy about sending her three back as their primary is only a mile away. Plus one of the supermarkets has a cluster. So I think either closing the schools or a national lockdown looms.
  9. Tell us about the Cafe, Christian?
  10. I think there will be other pressures to have the vaccine. Look at the Spanish Government keeping s register of those refusing it, and sharing with other governments. I can see people being refused entry to some countries for holidays unless they have it. They seem to be revising the views of the efficacy of one shot. Some newsreader today was quoting 80% effective from one dose of the Pfizer. The second allegedly simply provides for a longer immunity time.
  11. Oh no, Cats Tails! I guess your parcel is on in one of those trucks who were stuck at Dover. I’m waiting for a parcel just coming from somewhere in the U.K. It was a consignment of 3 things. Two came. Still waiting for no 3.

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