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  1. I think they are just people with Omlet products who you can talk to or visit. There used to be a list of them on the old Forum. They were asking for people to volunteer on the Omlet community Chicken keeping FB page a few weeks ago. Many of their more recent customers of Mk 2, WIR and Go s seem to be going onto FB rather than here
  2. Yes! That’s the one. Great ideas on here. By the way, one thing that REALLY irritated me when I was on chemo, was constantly being asked ‘How ARE you?’usually said with a pitying tone. I don’t think any of you would do that but many people do. Or cross the road, or disappear - in case it’s catching. Frankly, I never wanted to go into a long discussion of my woes. What I wanted was to be treated as normal, hear about current news, not pussy footed around or pitied. The problem I found, and to some extent still find, even though I’ve been in remission for 5 years, is that you become defined by your cancer. You’re still the same person. So, once you’ve given that gift, forget the cancer, and just go back to normal interactions. Please.
  3. Just remembered from Reading Soapy’s reply. Scarves, long and silky.. Can’t have too many. Wrap round your arm to keep it warm so they can find a vein, and round your face when cold air is uncomfortable. And they’re pretty! Food wouldn’t have helped me. I had to eat little and often to get round the sickness. Amazing what you forget though
  4. I’ve had several cycles of chemo. Each type of chemo has different side effects and each person reacts differently so it’s not easy to generalise. I think there is a website with suggestions for gifts for people on chemo. Google it. My best presents included Berts Bees Lip salve, body lotion, body wash, shampoo. Problem now is the smell brings back memories I’d rather forget so can’t use it anymore! I also used Atrixo hand cream as my Chemo had the side effect of peeling and tingling hands. Also, a holder for my IPad so I could use it lying down.
  5. Very envious, PL. wonderful job!
  6. One of my favourite wines! Looks great! Speaking of a cheap source of weldmesh, I found Hills of Devon the most reasonable.
  7. Posties around here are heroes these days.
  8. The OH of a friend of mine makes Japanese gardens. He made the one at Le Manoir au Quatre Saisons. Love the Tea House there. I’d love one, but don’t think it would survive the dog.... I’d like a sedum roof on our summerhouse.
  9. Mine sleep in the run on a perch in all weathers. They are bantams who prefer to roost high. I’m happy for them to do it as the run is secure.
  10. Sorry, Soapy. Just picked up on this thread. So sad. I still remember all our hamsters. A short life but sweet. Xx
  11. I was hoping to get my Painting Group meeting again in the Autumn but have just been sent the Government guidance which is being issued to Village Halls about reopening. Apparently, many are deciding they can’t comply and so will remain closed to all but essential users until 2021. Even if the ones we use decide to reopen, I don’t think we as a group will be able to undertake the extra deep cleaning etc which will be a condition of use. Many of our members are in the elderly and vulnerable group so we can’t take risks. So I think we’ll be staying on Zoom. Thank goodness we have that!
  12. My sister lives in Christchurch and they feel under seige. Can’t leave the garden and shops are heaving so that’s an issue. They feel more locked down than when it was strict lockdown. My son in law comes from Paignton. Similar picture. The dilemma for the locals in those places is that the area needs the revenue, but not the virus. It’s meaning that visitors are getting a mixed reception. In some villages so I’m told the local shops are only serving locals. Apart from anything else, they have limited supplies. So the advice some holiday lets are giving holiday makers there is to take food with them. We’ve decided to stay put in 2020 and just socialise with family in the garden.
  13. It needs a roof. If not a permanent one, then cover with clear tarpaulins from Tarpaflex. I’ve got the Omlet WIR which is open to the elements but I’ve got a clear tarpaulin over the roof, then same on one of the long sides and the front. Then I have wavy plastic available to cover the remaining side if necessary. All held in place with bungees. It’s dry inside so I use aubiose on the floor. Log roll round the perimeter to keep it in.

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