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  1. The Weather Thread #9

    I can feel my Vitamin D replenishing! Let's hope it stays sunny and warm.
  2. The joys of being a 60 year old

    The best people are born in April! It's mine tomorrow, which my mother always said was Primrose Day. And I beat you by 10 years, Valkyrie! Remember 60 is the new 40. No Zimmer frame here either. We've just been to Le Manoir for lunch ( Raymond Blanc's place, just down the road from us) I don't think I'll eat again for a week. Happy April to everybody, whether it's your birthday or not!
  3. We've decided to get chickens!!

    Welcome! Be prepared for gold plated eggs but lots of fun! One thing to consider is do you want chickens primarily for eggs? If you do, then look at hybrids who are bred to lay just about every day, but live relatively short lives of 3 - 5 years ( there are exceptions of course). Ex- bats fall into this category but I'd wait a bit before getting these. Very rewarding but a bit of a lottery as to whether they live 2 weeks, 2 months or 2 years. Hybrids usually die shortly after finishing laying. Pure breeds, only lay between around Feb/March to Sept/Oct. But they do live longer. The downside is that you are left with old age pensioners ( free loaders!) for quite a long time. Thats where I am now. I have a group of 10 year old pensioners who laze in the sun, and only one bantam aged 2 laying. And she takes a break every now and then! As as for houses, it's plastic for me all the way. I have 2 cubes and 2 eglu classics. Easy to clean, and if it's Omlet has a good second hand value. You don't need to buy new. Look on the For sale section, or ebay or ask Omlet if they have any reconditioned ones. Whatever you decide, enjoy them. Good luck!
  4. I'm guessing that Omlet don't make conversion kits anymore?
  5. That's a shame! I thought they'd keep some spares going. Alas, I'm still using the plastic ones I bought to replace the wooden ones. I think the old wooden ones bit the dust some time ago. Maybe someone who has converted their chicken classic to a to rablu could help. Might be worth putting something in the Wanted section. Hope you get lucky.
  6. My hens are a pain in the neck!

    These pensioners are quite hard work aren't they? Do you think it's a form of hen dementia ? My 5 old girls aged between 10 and 6 just seem to go on and on...with nary an egg between them, but they seem inclined to squabble from time to time.
  7. Online wiils

    Hi Janepie, I've not had any experience of using online wills but my main concern woukd be getting the most up to date legal advice. Wills can be tricky things.....
  8. Are they for the new cube? They look a bit flimsy...
  9. Wow! That is cold. One winter we got down to -12 for a short time and mine were fine in the cube at night. I just shut the door when normally I leave it open. They free ranged during the day when the main problem was keeping their water thawed. I know that Omlet now sell an extreme weather jacket for the cube. I think I'd contact them though and ask their advice. My concern would be the impact of the cold on the plastic in the longer term. I think the chickens would be fine.
  10. The Blitz in London

    That looks fascinating! I'll put it on my list to visit too as we aren't too far away. I was born in the north, not long after the war finished, and still remember seeing the bomb craters in Sheffield.
  11. Anyone has FEEL GOOD chicken coops?

    I've never bought new. Only reconditioned direct from Omlet about 10 years ago for about £400, and one second hand for £300 about 6 years ago. I'd still get a good price for them if I sold them on. Also, I think the mark 1 cubes have the edge over the new ones currently on sale, so I'd prefer to go for older ones anyway. I've added to the run over the years too ( again buying preloved) so they now have lots of room outside when I have to keep them locked up. Given that the risk of having to confine them to the run for weeks on end as a result of DEFRA Avian Flu regulation is so high, the ability to extend covered run space has been very useful.
  12. New Layout & Forum Software

    I'm just venturing into this new world so apologies if someone had already asked this and it's been answered, but what's with the 'community reputation' number score ??? It sounds as though we are being secretly assessed ! Should I be worried?
  13. Anyone has FEEL GOOD chicken coops?

    Sounds as though they're better than the pure wood ones. If you like them, give one a go. It is pretty! But it might be worth asking if there is any second hand value in them. One of the advantages of the cube is that it does have a reasonable second hand value. Whatever you do, get chickens. They're fun !
  14. Hens on muddy, wet ground

    I use hardwood chippings which drain well and have had paving slabs laid to form a walkway in crucial places.