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  1. ISA/savings question

    I’m wondering about setting up pensions for my grandchildren as an alternative to ISA’s. Might be worth looking at that option too.
  2. I’m not a fan of woodchip. It’s much more difficult to clean I find than a hemp based product. So I have aubiouse on earth in a covered run. Lasts 4-6 months. Then I compost it for a year and use it in the garden,
  3. First time guinea pig owner

    Phew! So pleased you’re not deserting chooks for Guineas!
  4. Hamster ball

    We had hamsters when the children were small. We always found the females more gregarious and friendlier than the males. One of my life’s greatest achievements has been to mate a pair of Syrian hamsters! Not easy. The female is only receptive every 4 days and on the other days will beat up the poor male. But we ended up with 6 lovely babies.
  5. Agree with DM! I suppose if you took it off it’s wheels, it could be a house for something.... but maybe if you really don’t want it, sell it on. They are still very sought after. If I hadn’t got two already I might be tempted.....
  6. Home Towns

    My daughter has one. Victorian. It’s costing her a fortune in repointing! I tell her it’ll be worth it, but I’m not sure she believes me at the moment.
  7. Using Mazuma Mobile

    Never heard of it so keep us posted!
  8. First time guinea pig owner

    Yes, we ended up with a single guinea who lived until he was 10. Tried to introduce another but he wasn’t having it. It’s interesting that you’re thinking of moving away from chooks for your daughter. I always regretted not having chickens when my children were small. So much more interesting and responsive than the Guineas. Rabbits, gerbils, fish etc etc that we had!
  9. hurricane is coming. How do I prepare coop?

    We have local floods from time to time. Sadly, some chickens kept on an Oxford allotment drowned.
  10. National Trust AGM

    We’re members but have to say that like Soapdragon I have some reservations about it’s management so not sure we’ll renew. But I’ll look at the bumf about the AGM to see if I can vote. Barbed wire is horrendous.
  11. Keep an eye on her. She may just have dust on it or it’s scratched, but if it starts weeping, or she seems worse, take her to the vet.
  12. Feeding Cockerels

    I have two cockerels. One is about 6 and the other is 2. Mine eat the same as their wives, ( reserving the best titbits for them as the true gentlemen they are). I’m not sure how I could feed them differently unless I separated them from the girls. And they wouldn’t like that.
  13. hurricane is coming. How do I prepare coop?

    I see it’s been downgraded, but still bad. Thinking of you all. Xx
  14. hurricane is coming. How do I prepare coop?

    I agree. Bring them into a solid building which can withstand the hurricane force. I have a vague memory that one of the members from Scotland send us a picture of her cube which had blown over in high winds there. I seem to remember it twisted the run and went flying. It was kept on an allotment so the winds just took it. And those winds would be a lot less than the ones you are forecast. Thinking of you x
  15. So how is the season so far?

    We have loads of grapes this year so in a couple of weeks we’re picking them and taking them along to the OxBucks wine cooperative. The idea is that we get back a few bottles of wine later in the year. Last year it was Rose. Not sure what it will be this year. Also, we have masses of walnuts - which we fight the pesky squirrel for! Not sure how to turn these into Xmas walnuts. We tried drying then scraping the green skin off last year, but it wasn’t very productive. Anyone done this?