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  1. Patricia W

    Barista courses

    My daughter got a job before uni with Costa Coffee who sent her on barista training. She’s 40 this year so some time ago. Youngest son worked at Mc D’s who sent him on loads of management training courses ( with accreditation).
  2. Patricia W

    Tumeric and a Broody Hen

    Was the ‘slammer’ a wire dog crate on bricks so air could circulate underneath? That usually works within about 3 days. The turmeric research sounds interesting so let me know if it works. My solution for the future - don’t buy breeds which go broody!
  3. Patricia W

    Saying goodbye and when to do it.

    We were lucky in that our vet at the time was not afraid to tell it as it was. I wanted to take her home for another week, but he made me see that it was more about me than what was best for her. She was 14 as well. Does your vet offer an at home service? Our lovely vet sent a nurse and vet to us when our German Shepherd’s time had come as I didn’t want to stress her anymore. She went to sleep in front of the fire. They took her away in a dog basket. I would have asked for that for Holly the cocker spaniel, but we were already there having an X-ray which confirmed the lung cancer. Unfortunately our lovely vet has now retired.
  4. Patricia W

    Saying goodbye and when to do it.

    We had a similar situation with our cocker spaniel, face tumours and finally lung cancer. The vet asked if I was keeping her alive for me, and was that in her best interest. That helped us make the decision.
  5. Where did you get the stencils?
  6. That’s magnificent! I’d just pretend it’s not blurred and let people think they’re a bit short sighted...
  7. Don’t ask just get them. You might be surprised and she’ll like them. But it’s not up to her. It’s your garden. I’d always go for a cube. And a Mk 1. Think about bantams too. Christian, I have only ever had 3 bantams the cube when I only had that. They are more active than large fowl I find, and like the space. They need perches as they like to fly high. I. now have 3 bantams in a cube with a 1 metre run attached to a 2 m WIR. Loads of perches. They never free range because one of them can fly really well ( over into the neighbours!). Hence the lavish space.
  8. Patricia W

    Arthritis in the hip

    Not in the hip but arthritis of the knee cap. I manage it with Pilates. By the way, Soapy, I’ve found a new garden centre. Hartwells on the Aylesbury Rd. Maybe we can meet up and swap arthritis tales?
  9. I’m not taken by any breed which goes broody. I think I’ve been spoiled with my Polands. They have some disadvantages in that they need a covered run in winter but they do lay well. An egg a day between March and late September. I’m down to one oldie now and just have a Barbu D’Ucle laying. She’s one week on and two weeks off most of the time. Still, she’s pretty... Neil, it’s been quiet for a bit. How is the great transformation going?
  10. I agree about the WIR. Then for a coop, look for a preloved Eglu Classic without the run, put on a table inside. Or if you’ve space look at a Mk 1 cube. Could be inside or outside. For a tarp, I get the clear ones from Tarpaflex.
  11. Patricia W

    Welcome to the New Omlet Forum!

    I think the Forum layout isn’t encouraging newbies. I’ve ventured onto the Omlet FB Chicken Keeping Community page, and there are lots of people asking questions which I know are answered here. But now the answers aren’t easy to find.
  12. Patricia W

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    At least they are trying to rehome. Looking after animals should be a compulsory element in the school curriculum and/ places that sell animals should be required to vet potential buyers more thoroughly and provide a compulsory beginners course. ( I think Im getting more dictatorial the older I get! )
  13. Patricia W

    Welcome to the New Omlet Forum!

    Is anyone looking after newby questions like this? Dianefairhall, I think you just hit reply like I have if it’s an existing topic. But if you want to start a new topic, I THINK you decide which section you want to post in, then go to it, and there is a box at the top which says New Topic. No idea how to search. Cat Tails, help! No one else seems to be around....
  14. I’d get them and ignore the neighbour. It’s not up to her to dictate what is in your garden. As for rats, yes, I’ve had problems for the last couple of years ( out of10 ) but that was caused by neighbours extending their house and damaging the sewers! It’s managed by taking in food and water and bait boxes. They’d still be there even if I didn’t have chickens!
  15. Patricia W

    Keeping Chickens 3

    I agree about the moveability aspect. Always useful to have the ability to move things around. Including for when you extend to get even more chickens!