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  1. I’m sure your chickens will fare better than you with such antisocial neighbours. I feel for you, but be reassured you don’t need to worry about the noise upsetting the chickens. Hope you get it sorted for your sake
  2. There is a caveat. You have to up your bio security AND sanitise the ground where they will go. The risk is still Medium. My reading is that this is a sop to commercial interests. No way can I sanitise the ground I use. Mine are staying in till the risk is zilch. They are quite content. And safe.
  3. I would contact BHWT for advice. There are a number of FB rehoming sites, but I only know the ones rehoming cockerels. You do need to vet people pretty thoroughly so you know they aren’t destined for the pot. With cockerels you have to check they aren’t being used for cock fighting ( which sadly, is still popular in certain circles). I do hope you find somewhere
  4. Luvachicken, you can only leave the country if it’s essential. But then, visiting Cat Tails May qualify!
  5. The Mk1 cube and run fits in my 2009 Citroen Picasso with the back seats out. That’s why I hold on to it!
  6. We’ve all had AZ round here in my neighbourhood. No problem. Due to get my second in April. Can’t wait.
  7. Weird... the past is flashing by my eyes...
  8. The recommendation is to quarantine for 2 weeks in sight of one another as it can take that length of time for nasties to develop. Also gives more time for them to get used to the sight, sound, and smell of the others. There is an excellent article on smooth integration by Clare Taylor on her website. Www.claretaylor.com. Sorry, can’t make it a click link!
  9. This is the link to a copy of a screen shot of the Poultry Club of Great Britain FB post about the advice. https://www.facebook.com/groups/th3henhouse/permalink/768030197452957/ In 2017 we were bound by EU rules to change the designation of Free Range eggs etc. It remains to be seen if Brexit gives more flexibility. But the important aspect is the safety of poultry, whether commercial, or backyard chickens.
  10. I suspect feather pecking. You need to intervene before blood is shed. If you can identify the bully, place her in a wire cage in the run, or not sight of the others. You will need to separate her out for a few days so that she goes down the pecking order. If you can’t identity a single one, or separation doesn’t work, fit them all with bumpa bits. These allow them to do everything except feather peck. They fall out after about 6 weeks by which time the behaviour has changed. You can get the bumpa bits from www.claretaylor.co. She also has a video of how to fit the bits. Plus her website has lots of good advice
  11. Congratulations! I had a situation where a heron dropped a goldfish in our garden. Popped him/her in a neighbours pond. They ended up with babies. Maybe you had a female dropped in your pond?
  12. No Omlet run is rodent proof. To be fair, they do not claim that it is. The WIR is the worst. I’ve probably said this before ( sorry!) but I’ve had to cover the top half with 1/2 inch weldmesh 16g weight to prevent rats and small birds just walking/flying in. Even then, just before AI lockdown, I found a blue tit in there, obviously getting in through the lower bars! The gaps you highlight in the picture, I’ve covered with weldmesh too. But the best way to defeat the rats, is to take in food AND water in at night. They can’t digest food without water so will move away to find a better source. Also slab the inside of the run.
  13. It’s usually best to quarantine birds from different breeders for 2 weeks in separate accommodation in sight of one another. That’s for health reasons. Even the best breeders can have incipient disease at a hidden level in the flock. Mycroplasma is one example. because the stress of moving can trigger its emergence and infect your other birds. You’ll never get rid of it. So, I wouldn’t buy birds from more than one breeder to start with. Best to get the number you want now, and then introduce others once you can offer sensible quarantine arrangements.
  14. The latest news from The Poultry Club of Great Britain which is represented on the DEFRA consultative group The Avian Influenza Stakeholder Group, is that the under cover order will NOT be lifted before 5th April. The risk level remains Very High for wild birds and High for Captive Birds and Medium where there is good biosecurity. Stay calm and carry on!

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