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  1. He’s not being bullied by one of his ladies is he? I had a rooster who became very depressed when I got some rescues. One of them was anti male anything and determined to be top chicken. He was a Poland so not huge. Luckily, for him if not her, she only lived about 6 months in freedom. He was visibly better when she’d gone!
  2. Christian! Nice to see you again! I’m short of commercial seeds so I’m seeing what I can grow from veggies I have. Sprouted some carrot and parsnip tops but think these will be more decorative than productive. I have a precious butternut squash that I think might be more useful. And potatoes. And I planted some halved tomatoes. Anyone got any ideas of other things I can try?
  3. Wow! Yes, I bought a preloved classic that had been power washed. I never did get the water out. Wonder what is living in there?
  4. Actually, I’ve just looked and it’s the FB Omlet Chicken Keeping Community
  5. Kevin Cooper on the Omlet Chicken Keeping Forum has a great one. Reminiscent of Avieries4U. I loved the hexagonal one they did. I think Cinnamon had one before she moved. A good purpose built one is so much better than the Omlet WIR.
  6. Ours may be closed till September.. teachers grading students for GCSE and A level.. strange times Just heard that a neighbour a few doors away is on a ventilator in hospital. He’s in his 50s. Most worryingly he’s been ill at home for a week. His wife who was supposed to be self isolating has been taking the dog for a walk. As we’ve had issues with very elderly (90s) neighbours refusing to isolate I hope they haven’t met her
  7. I’m clearing space in the garden for a small vegetable plot. I’ve been meaning to do it for ages but now is the time. Just about to spread some well rotted (2yrs) compost over it. Lots of rotted down aubiouse in the compost. Then to clean out the chickens to top up the now well depleted compost heap. Not done any of the jobs inside but there’s time. Loads of it..
  8. Still saw 5 teenagers walking down the road together yesterday. Will they never learn? On the positive side, this lockdown has made me embrace technology more. Today, I managed a 5 way Messenger chat with my four offspring and family spanning the UK and Australia AND another with my three sisters. Now going to download Zoom as next Sunday it is Etta’s third birthday and hopefully we can have a virtual birthday party for her!
  9. Now in total lockdown. Shame some people couldn’t be responsible
  10. Yes, I’ve done the same. I’m finding social media invaluable in these unusual times. Using FB, a whole town network of neighbourhood coordinators has been set up, 15,000 leaflets with information on how to get help, who delivers online etc has been set up. I’m able to keep in touch with family, friends etc, whilst also amusing ( and educating) myself on all sorts of things. This is social media at its best.
  11. Hi Clare, It’s so lovely of you to offer to get me some chickens. But it’s such a long way for you down here. I think I might be able to tag onto a friend’s rescue hen order. He’s offered to get me 3 - as long as the rescue isn’t cancelled. I’ll keep you posted though. This is such a surreal time. I keep thinking I’ll wake up soon. Take care Tricia xx
  12. My son is a teacher in West London. He’s back in school on Monday trying to set up classes for the children of key workers and for vulnerable children. But he’ll also be setting lessons for those remaining at home. So he will be ultra busy. My niece is a respiratory consultant and her children qualify for continued schooling. but she’s not keen on it. She thinks that these children will have a greater chance than others of getting Covid-19 than others simply because of their parents extra exposure. She thinks the schools will act as a Petrie dish.
  13. I’ve got an empty cube and a classic. I’m now regretting not restocking, but because we’ve been spending more time away, I’d wanted to reduce the burden on neighbours. I could certainly get some now if I weren’t self isolating. But who saw this coming? Hindsight is a great thing.

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