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  1. We had this anti- Omlet viewpoint a lot in the early days. I’m surprised it’s still around.
  2. I have 2 x Mk 1 cubes. In my opinion, you will get better value from a preloved MK 1. It’s bigger and sturdier than the Go or the MK 2 cube. So very good value for money. Spend as much money as you can on the run. The more space they have the happier they are. We have bantams, and they like perches in the run. They fly high instinctively so you can make the most of the run space. My bantams prefer to roost on a perch in the run, and only use the cube in high winds or if it’s -6 or more.
  3. Yes. I follow them as well. They certainly made the right decision to move there.
  4. There’s a new trampoline centre in Bicester, Soapy. Maybe when your hip is fixed?? Seriously, Waddesdon is not far from there. Or Green Dragon Eco Park, or a very eccentric Historical House.. name will come to me shortly...
  5. When I saw Cinnamon, I thought of ‘our’ Cinnamon who is happily renovating a farmhouse in France! She’s doing well, by the way. As for the Cinnamon Trust it looks a great organisation. Glad you found the original post, red hot chick.
  6. My granddaughter has one and my son has put a Perspex sheet at the back
  7. Also try treats which you give him alongside a signal, like shaking a tin. Then he will begin to connect you with pleasure. After a time, he might even come to just the shake of a tin. Another factor may be the time of year. Mine have usually been subdued during the winter. It is only when it becomes spring, and the hens come back into lay, do they get livelier. They respond to the rising hormones in the hens. So give him time. When he begins to strut his stuff in front of the girls, he will likely become more confident with you.
  8. Have car will travel, Willing to take passengers too!
  9. My son tells me I can get BBC I-player when we are in Spain by using VPN - or something...
  10. I think this is a very good idea! Maybe we should all suggest places. I’ll suggest Waterperry. Just off the M40. Nice cafe. Moving west. Cotswold Wildlife Park, near Burford. Further south Beale Trust. Any more?
  11. And dumplings! I have to say my abiding memory of Austria is dumplings....
  12. There was a course a few years ago. I couldn’t go, but ASTW did it. He’s my go to person when it’s needed. But I would do a course if there was one because in my view, it’s something responsible chicken keepers need to be able to do if circumstances dictate it.

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