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  1. I’ve used that paint on garden furniture, Andy. It’s lasted a season but I’ve had to redo. I’d live with it as it is. No problem with use and the hens won’t mind!
  2. Patricia W

    Can I fit them in??

    I live in a situation like Mullethunter, but a neighbour had an extension which disturbed the sewerage system. Since then I’ve battled rats. The only rat proof enclosure I’ve seen is a purpose built WIR with small gauge weldmesh.
  3. Patricia W

    Bat boxes

    Contact a local wildlife group or the Bat Conservation Group. I think they will put them up for you
  4. Patricia W

    Can I fit them in??

    Question of rat proof fun - the answer is no! At least for baby rats. Only very small gauge weldmesh is rat proof. Minimise the problem by taking in food and water each night. The Vitamin K in chicken pellets is the antidote to rat poison.
  5. Some people have put decals on the cube. Personally I’d live with yours. It looks like camouflaging!
  6. Patricia W

    Diarrhoea and paralysis, could it be Marek's?

    I’ve lost three chickens recently at ages 10/11. It’s a very good age for a chicken, and amazing for a hybrid. Mine are pure breed. All have followed a similar path, of slow decline, with finally symptoms of a stroke. That’s when it’s the end.
  7. Whatever breed you get, add interest to the run with perches etc if they are to be confined. I’d have no more than 3 bantams in a standard Classic run. Even then, it’s good to let them out at times. I have had lots of rescue hens and they all vary in friendliness, but most are fantastic with people and children when they’ve settled down. Remember all chickens are pterodactyls at heart though! Arm yourself with a first aid kit of purple spray etc for when the pecking gets out of hand. It’s usually related to boredom though. Many of us on here use aubiouse, a hemp based bedding, rather than woodchip. I find it easier to clean. The run must be covered though. Use a clear tarpaulin from somewhere like tarparflex, secured by bungees, or those clear plastic roof panels from somewhere like Wickes. You will probably want to expand your flock soon- it’s addictive!
  8. Patricia W

    Newly Registered & wanted to say hello!

    Hi Neil, Chickens are addictive so beware! Don’t overlook bantams when thinking about breeds. They are a delight and do minimally less damage to the garden, although I have learnt over time there is nothing called a non- destructive hen. One downside of them is that they like to roost high, so are quite good at flying. My Madonna, a white Polish Bantam would be over your set up in two ticks! She is now confined to a WIR because even wing clipping doesn’t work! And I would reiterate the advice about Mr and Mrs Fox. A friend has experienced daylight raids with people around. Another nasty to be aware of is the rat! Omlet runs, especially the WIR are not rodent proof. Small gauge weld mesh and a slabbed floor are best. Don’t use chicken wire whatever you do. It’s to keep chickens in, not predators out. Welcome!
  9. Patricia W

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Pilates really helps.
  10. Patricia W

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    I’ve had three operations, but they discovered the problem had ended up as arthritis of the knee cap. Knee replacement wouldn’t help. Replacement of the patella has poor success rate. I just manage my lifestyle now. Easier since I retired. Avoid lots of stairs. I used to drive 35k miles a year as well. Now just toddle around. Message to the younger generation; look after your knees!
  11. Patricia W

    Sleeping on the roof of eglu.

    Lovely girls! How old are they? Hens typically lay from about 24/5 weeks onwards. But that’s an average. I’ve had some not lay till about 36 weeks! Factors which delay it can be weather or food related. Are they on layers pellets? You can tell how close they are to laying by looking at the redness of their comb. Also they tend to crouch for you when you’re near them - as they would for the Cockerel. As for sleeping on the top of the eglu, if they are bantams they naturally roost high. Mine perch outside in the secure WIR all year round. I think you just need to be patient.
  12. Patricia W

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    No. Most were 20 something’s! To make matters worse, we had then to run half a mile away from the building. I hobbled. It was at the height of the terrorist concerns following the twin towers.
  13. Patricia W

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    I ran down the stairs from the 39th floor of 1 Canada Square in a practice evacuation and all I got was a permanently damaged knee!
  14. Patricia W

    Has Anyone Been to La Rochelle?

    We must have used our senior railcard.... Although do you know you can save a lot by ticket splitting? You ask for a ticket to Birmingham airport broken at Banbury. Saves a fortune. They have to tell you about it if you ask. Also if you book a long way in advance you save even more. See if these make a difference.
  15. Patricia W

    For Sale: Eglu Cube Mk1 with run extension

    Folks, there is an old thread on here about which car you can fit a cube in. Probably out of date but might help,you. I collected all my cubes in a Citroen Picasso with the back seats up. Still got the car as it’s so handy for removals!