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  1. Patricia W

    Gardening thread

    I use the fruit from ours every year. Don’t peel it because it’s so hard, just stew it whole with lots of sugar, sieve it and you have membrillo. Or add to apples for a lovely scented apple pie.
  2. Patricia W

    The Weather Thread #9

    I think it’ll be the black ice tomorrow that’s the biggest problem. It snowed, then melted a bit, now it’s frozen again
  3. Patricia W

    Reading Bantam Show

    The thing I remember about it is the noise! All those cockerels crowing at once.....
  4. Patricia W

    Gardening thread

    I really like the idea that we are starting our own threads! That plant is chaenomeles japonica and yes, a quince. Although it’s ornamental you can use the fruit in the autumn. Lovely plant. I just noticed we’ve got crocuses in flower. I’ve managed to naturalise a large patch under trees and they have self seeded so they will be quite spectacular in a few weeks. The squirrels even leave them alone now.
  5. Patricia W

    The Weather Thread #9

    Nearly got snowed in today in a Village near Soapdragon! It suddenly came down and in half an hour had covered the car. Cleared it off and crawled to a more main road but cars slipping all over the place. Took me 2 hours to do a journey that normally takes 35 mins. It is forecast to freeze overnight so expect black ice in the morning. This is when I’m glad I’m retired! Staying in tomorrow and lighting the fire.... after I’ve fed the chooks and walked the dogs. Sorry, peeps, if you have to go out, but your time will come. Be careful wherever you are.
  6. Patricia W

    Reading Bantam Show

    I’m not buying. Honest. I’m just thinking of going to look.....
  7. Patricia W

    Vet School update

    Yes, Lewis. And if you need additional references you can send people to us!
  8. Patricia W

    Old chickens

    I’ve said goodbye to two of my original three Poland’s in the last year. Both nearly 11. Yes, they slowed down preferring to eat and sleep in the sun during the day. One was blind for at least a year, but followed everyone around. The beginning of the end was when they struggled to get up the cube ladder. Both had strokes in the end and, although I know theoretically how to cull, I took them to the vet to be put to sleep. I have two more oldies, about 9 and 8 but they too just Potter about.
  9. Patricia W

    Hello again

    Nice to see ‘oldies’ returning!
  10. Patricia W

    New arrivals

    Welcome, Suzallie! Whereabouts in the country do you live? We might be able to point you in the direction of places we’ve found pure breeds. I have Poland’s, an Aracauna and Millefleur Barbu D’uccle. I have had rescue hens too who are hybrids. But beware, there is one feature of pure breeds that no-one prepared me for. And that is, they live a very long time after they have finished laying. My Poland’s have lived to nearly 11 but finished laying about 8, the Aracauna finished at about 6. I have one Barbu D’ucclr aged about 2 who lays! So eggs are sp*****. I don’t begrudge my pensioners living long lives, but it’s not something you think about when you get them. Oops! I got censored!
  11. Patricia W

    The Recipe Thread

    Just made a really tasty penne cheese bake with butternut squash as DD and family descended and I needed to use that butternut Squash. Just cut butternut squash into small cubes, cooked for 10 mins, the added to the cooked penne. Covered with cheese sauce, scattered more cheese on top. Put a bit of red pepper on top to stop it looking anaemic and put in the oven for 45 mins. Scattered chopped fresh sage on top and served with a salad. Everybody loved it so I’ll be doing it again. Thanks for all those recipes. Especially the Chocolate Mug Cake!
  12. Patricia W

    Reading Bantam Show

    Continuing on the theme of what has been lost from the Forum, we had a thread about meeting up, interesting events etc. I’ve just discovered that the Reading Bantam Show is on in Newbury on 23/24 th February. I’m aiming to go if anyone else is interested? I could do either day. I think the Sunday was good from memory.
  13. Patricia W

    The Recipe Thread

    Aahhh! Sweet vegan is fine. It’s the savoury vegan I struggle with.
  14. Patricia W

    What has happened to the forum?

    And Redwing. With her lovely show chickens. I met her at Reading Bantam Show once. You were there Valkyrie - and Lewis and DM. Is Redwing still showing? Might venture to Reading again this year. Seem to think it must be about time for the show.