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  1. I’ve never had a Go Up but have 2 classics and 2 cubes. I love the cubes ( mark 1) and have one attached to a WIR. So I use the classics as spares these days. I keep bantams. Bantams prefer to roost high so weren’t very comfortable going to bed ‘downstairs’. Indeed, they much prefer to perch outside than go inside. As for how many? I personally would go for 3 in that size run. Trouble starts when they feel cramped. The dog will need introducing to them whilst on the lead. My dogs have always been good with them but I still don’t leave them together unsupervised. Hope that helps a bit. Chickens are a good choice for children.
  2. Temporary housing needed

    I have a spare classic and run which I’ve lent to a friend while he builds a new WIR. However I’ll check and see if he’s finished with it. We’re only 20 mins from Newbury.
  3. Birthday chickens!!!!

    My white Polish Bantam, Madonna, is more like a parrot than a chicken. She’s permanently in the WIR because even with a clipped wing she flies over a 6 ft fence to explore the neighbouring gardens!
  4. Remembrance Day

    We went to a bun-throwing yesterday to mark the end of WW1. It was a joyous ( if wet) occasion. Then today it has been followed by a number of memorial services. But I think the most thought provoking thing I’ve seen has been the sand pictures around the coast, which are then washed away by the tide.
  5. Resurecting a Fruit Cake

    Yes. Take the icing and marzipan off. Soak it in more booze. Then re-marzipan and ice. It will be wonderful! ( you can always make that boiled fruitcake as well, just in case...)
  6. Ear Infection

    Hope it gets better with the right drops.
  7. New kitchen

    Completely agree about the drawers. We had some but wish we’d had more. Can’t get down low enough these days to reach the back of the cupboards!
  8. Ear Infection

    My husband also has a lifelong history of ear problems. He’s got an infection at the moment. From long experience he knows he needs antibiotic ear drops and nothing else will literally hit the problem. So he tells the doctor what he wants. His ear drum isn’t perforated though. I can ask him the name if the drops if you like?
  9. Christmas swap 2018

    So sorry about your cat, Willow
  10. Egg draught

    Well, to my surprise I’ve got the opposite problem! I thought my lot were either too old to lay or had stopped for the winter. I just found a cache of a dozen eggs that Miss Dilly had hidden away and was planning to sneakily sit on! So is it worth you checking for hidden eggs?
  11. New kitchen

    I’m with Dogmother Life’s too short to get worked up about marks in a room that is in so much use. I knew a young man whose Mother wouldn’t let him anyway near the kitchen in case he spilt a crumb. Consequence, he’s a burden on his present partner as he can’t ( won’t) cook. He sees the kitchen as a female preserve. Mines a family space with visiting children welcome to cook. So I chose our worktops on the basis of the ones that survived being stabbed by a biro by the salesman. A mixture of tough laminate and wood that can be sanded down if necessary. But each to their own.
  12. Egg draught

    It’s normal for them to slow down as they age. That’s why even producers of free range eggs replace their girls after 18 months to 2 years. Eventually they will stop altogether and you’ll be left with free loading pensioners. Like mine......
  13. Syrian hamster in a Qute

    Thanks, Soapy. I’ll get her a big wheel, try it in the Qute and if we can’t get it in, try and get another pre- loved cage for the night time run round like this family had. They aren’t actually getting the hamster till they’ve had some building work done so I’ve got a bit of time.
  14. Syrian hamster in a Qute

    I’ve just bought a preloved Qute for my granddaughter. The lovely family I bought it from said that they’d had to have a second cage which their hamster moved to at night so he could use a bigger wheel. I was told that the wheel that comes with the Qute is too small for a Syrian. Anyone else know about this?
  15. Christmas swap 2018

    Better late than never, Willow!