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  1. I’m not making soap - to remove any worries that soap has taken over the swap..
  2. I’m in the elderly and vulnerable group and would be quite happy to be locked up if it meant younger people could get on with it. Having said that, my 40+ niece a fitness fanatic has been ill since March with long Covid. She was not hospitalised and seemed to have it mildly But has never fully recovered and is being investigated for damaged respiratory system and cardio problems. It is thought that the Covid gets into the brain stem in some of these long Covid cases. On the other hand, my neighbour who was on a ventilator in a coma for 2 weeks is fighting fit! He is donating blood plasma and taking part in a number of research projects including to identify why he recovered v. Long Covid patients. So, this is not Flu and not to be taken lightly.
  3. Just be careful with the pressure washer. It’s liable to force water between the plastic insulating layers and is a b.... to get out. Usually you have to drill a tiny hole and drain it. I inherited a classic that had been pressure washed and it’s never been possible to drain properly!
  4. Yes. If blood has been drawn fit bumpa bits. You might like to fit them to all of them if you’re not sure it’s just one bully. You can get them from Cotswold Chickens and if you are near them they will help you fit them. Otherwise, there are you tube videos to help. Spray the wounded chicken’s injury with purple spray to disguise the colour of blood. If it’s bad, keep her separate but in sight of the others. It also helps to isolate the bully, in a crate or similar in sight of the others. Keep her in there for a few days so she goes down the pecking order. Introductions are best done slowly. Keep them separately for two weeks and in that way, you also prevent disease and nasties being transmitted. Then start by free ranging then together, gradually increasing the time over several weeks.
  5. Patricia W


    Stick with aubiose if you cover your run. So add clear tarpaulins and bungees to your list. Agree DE not necessary. Don’t know where you live but there are some very good chicken keeping courses in North Oxfordshire. Beginners and Advanced.
  6. My tomatoes were hit by blight. Lost the lot overnight. Made lots of green tomato chutney though. Fig harvest was excellent. Lots of fresh ones and made fig chutney with the overflow. Beans good and potatoes. Only one butternut squash though and a rogue pumpkin I didn’t sow! Got two artichoke plants in the spring but they are struggling. Grape harvest is planned for 4th October. So watching the weather carefully. Last year we got 40kg. Not sure this year, as they were late and some damaged by a late frost. That 40kg contributed to our Collective’s harvest in 2019 of 500kg and my share was turned to 24 bottles of a lovely Rose, Chiltern Blush! That was definitely our best crop last year!
  7. Count me in. Something exciting to focus on! I can get supplies online and have a lovely neighbour who will post.
  8. A weasel would get through the bars so assume something bigger. Be aware that the run is Fox Resistant NOT Fox proof. The classic coop is more or less impregnable when closed.
  9. Agree with Cat Tails. You can do anything with cable ties. I think officially it’s not possible but try it.
  10. I’d put slabs on it to weight the run skirt down. But no problem with the chickens walking on it
  11. Yes I did too at first! I ended up with my first Cockerel accidentally like you. I was very worried that my neighbours would object so tried all sorts of things to deaden the sound of his crowing. Most involved covering the coop to keep it dark. All that accomplished was giving him a respiratory illness! To cut a long story short, my neighbours only complained when he died. They missed hearing him. So I’ve always kept a Cockerel with the flock. I have a friend who takes her Cockerel inside at night in a cat carrier and releases him at 8am when ordinary noises deaden the sound of crowing, No special food required. He’ll happily eat layers pellets. Don’t separate him from the girls. It’s his role in life to look after them and find them tasty titbits. You will soon learn the Cockerel for ‘come quickly girls, there’s a tasty meal here’. The eggs will be fertile, but you cannot tell in any way. You might like to keep them in the fridge, but frankly, I don’t bother. The aspect you will need to think about is the ratio of ladies for him. The ideal is 8 ladies. Fewer and he may ‘wear them out’ with his attentions. You can buy a chicken saddle to protect them ( True! Google it). I hope you enjoy him
  12. We’re both in a low Covid area, Soapy, so hopefully we’ll escape the worst. In fact, your area is the lowest in the county. Let’s hope it stays that way!
  13. I think the decision when a bubble is sent home is down to the local Public Health people. My son is in Surrey so they may be taking a more stringent approach than Oxfordshire? I think the general infection level in both counties is similar. Or maybe Gracie’s bubble went home because there were two positive tests? Who knows... fingers crossed she and the others will be fine. Willow, you don’t need to go into the pharmacies. My friend, in her late 50s, sat with her finger on the button of the well known pharmacy’s booking website for an afternoon and got a booking. OH went this afternoon for his. Said it was very well organised. Worst problem was other shoppers pushing past in the aisles whilst he filled in the form before the jab. My jab is next week....
  14. Oh no! This rescue is great! So many cockerels around at the moment.
  15. Granddaughter aged 8 has just moved from infant school to junior school. A week in and her bubble of 25 children have been told to isolate for 14 days as two have tested positive for Covid. She’s very upset because she was enjoying being back with her friends again

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