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  1. I use Smallholders Pellets for my bantams. They seem to like the size of the pellets.
  2. Once he has completed his 2 week quarantine for health reasons it should be straightforward. They usually accept a Cockerel quite easily. The exception might be the dominant hen. I did have a Cockerel who was definitely second in command!
  3. My second jab booked next week! Then I gather we oldies are having a booster in the autumn. Fine by me. Anything to get back to normal
  4. Nutridrops are now called Power Drops. I’m waiting for the human version. Magic stuff!
  5. Completely agree, mullethunter. I live by a tourist spot on the River Thames and find myself unable to walk there as it’s so crowded. So your situation must be 100 times worse. Stay safe
  6. I think I’d phone the Omlet Office and ask them. They are very helpful
  7. There are very few Mk I Classics around. They were soon superseded by the Mk 2. The Mk 1 coop has a smaller footprint than the Mk 2 and has wooden roosting bars. If you want to be 100% sure, contact the Omlet office with the dimensions and description of the coop. I would guess it’s more likely to be a Mk 2, which has been produced in great quantities, but they would give you a definitive answer
  8. I’m sure your chickens will fare better than you with such antisocial neighbours. I feel for you, but be reassured you don’t need to worry about the noise upsetting the chickens. Hope you get it sorted for your sake
  9. There is a caveat. You have to up your bio security AND sanitise the ground where they will go. The risk is still Medium. My reading is that this is a sop to commercial interests. No way can I sanitise the ground I use. Mine are staying in till the risk is zilch. They are quite content. And safe.
  10. I would contact BHWT for advice. There are a number of FB rehoming sites, but I only know the ones rehoming cockerels. You do need to vet people pretty thoroughly so you know they aren’t destined for the pot. With cockerels you have to check they aren’t being used for cock fighting ( which sadly, is still popular in certain circles). I do hope you find somewhere
  11. Luvachicken, you can only leave the country if it’s essential. But then, visiting Cat Tails May qualify!
  12. The Mk1 cube and run fits in my 2009 Citroen Picasso with the back seats out. That’s why I hold on to it!
  13. We’ve all had AZ round here in my neighbourhood. No problem. Due to get my second in April. Can’t wait.

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