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  1. Patricia W

    Longer days with a light

    No point in closing mine. They perch outside in the run unless there’s a howling gale, or it’s below - 6!
  2. Patricia W

    Dried mealworms

    It’s because the dried mealworms sold in this country come from countries where salmonella is rife as I understand it.
  3. Patricia W

    In the kitchen

    Just made some grape jelly from the remnants of our grape harvest, Easy as all I did was strip the grapes from the bunch ( ignoring the odd bit of stalk) then cook as usual ( nomadded water), blend with a stick blender, then sieve out the bits. It’s a lovely colour. Lovely with yogurt or ice cream, The rest of the grapes are a the winery near Birmingham being turned into Rose. Last year’s was lovely.
  4. Patricia W

    Of Drafts and Drifts and WIntery Weather

    I’ve no direct experience of the cover. Few of us have them. I’m guessing you have the Mk 2 cube? This is slightly smaller and not the same quality plastic as the Mk 1 that I have. I also think the ventilation is different, There are people with both on the Omlet chicken keeping FB page so might be worth joining that as well. As for the run, I have mine covered over the top all the way down the length plus three quarters down on each side. The front is uncovered. I also have log roll ( sold here for lawn edging) round the sides to stop them kicking the hemp based bedding I use. Mine is static though. You might like to think about keeping yours in one place in the winter. I have the bedding in thickly so they can dust bath in it and dig around,
  5. Patricia W

    Christmas swap 2019

    Now decided .... better get a wriggle on....
  6. Patricia W

    Of Drafts and Drifts and WIntery Weather

    Yes to the need for ventilation. I learned the hard way during my first winter. I covered them up so much that two of them got a respiratory infection. Had to resort to antibiotics. So, although you may well need the extreme weather jacket, make sure it doesn’t cover all ventilation holes. Let us know how you get on. It’s always interesting to hear from chicken keepers from afar as to their experiences. My grandchildren in Australia have the opposite problem to you, they are trying to keep the chickens cool!
  7. Patricia W

    In the kitchen

    Remember the Chocolate Mug Cake? Bliss in a Mug! Must find it again.
  8. Patricia W

    Is it me??

    Whatever was the reason for the lock out seems to have been resolved. Can I have that cake now, Soapy? ( which reminds me we must do tea/coffee sometime soon.....)
  9. Patricia W

    In the kitchen

    I use a plate or paper towel. Stopped using cling film years ago as I must have read the same article!
  10. Patricia W

    Christmas swap 2019

  11. Patricia W

    Is it me??

    I just got straight in so maybe it’s sorted. I did go into settings to try and fix it but not sure what worked or if it was just a glitch. I think you might be right Andy Roo about the cause. Time will tell... it was very frustrating. Just like looking through a window at a party, seeing everyone having fun, and no one hearing me banging on the window!
  12. Patricia W

    Is it me??

    Help! I keep getting locked out! It first happened about 3 weeks ago and it’s taken me till today to sort out a new password and sign in again. But, every time I log off, I’m locked out again, and have to sign back in. Which is a nuisance.... Is it just me??? Anyone got a solution? I’m using an iPad mostly if that helps.
  13. Patricia W

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    We’re lucky. We have lovely Royal Mail staff. Including our postman who has been doing the job for about 15 years.
  14. Patricia W

    Of Drafts and Drifts and WIntery Weather

    They are hardier than you think. And they do need ventilation. Respiratory diseases thrive in unventilated places. But I would try to put the cube in a place where there is some shelter from prevailing winds. If you are worried about the wind whistling under the cube, you could put some tarpaulin, or even wood panels around. Get some perches in the run, and or logs they can hop on, and maybe some branches, they can shelter against. Try to arrange it so they can get some shelter from cold winds if they choose to. I have my cube run covered by clear tarps on the top and part way down the sides. My bantams perch outside until it gets to around -6 or there is a gale blowing.
  15. Fear not. I have 3 bantams who roost outside most of the year round. They perch high in the WIR in all weathers, deigning only to go in the coop if it’s about -6 or, in a gale. This is an Omlet WIR covered on the top and three of the four sides with clear tarps. As long as they have access to a coop they will decide if it’s the weather to go inside. Just make sure you give them some shelter from tarps etc. They are wearing their own duvets and their internal heat is higher than ours. Leave them be with confidence.