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  1. You’re wise to go for a standard run, and as Cat Tails said you can do wonders with cable ties! I have an Omlet WIR and wish I didn’t. Whilst it is easy to set up and sturdy, it is let down by the size of the mesh which allows rodents and small birds access. I’ve had to spend £100 covering the top part with weldmesh. There are a number of suppliers of standard runs or you could get a local carpenter to custom make one.
  2. Patricia W

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Yes, good year for pears. Loads of crab apples too. But best yet are Figs! I moved one from a pot to a south facing wall 18 months ago. Even followed RHS advice and put 5 paving slabs round it, with small gaps between them, to discourage too much green growth and encourage figs. It seems to have worked!
  3. Patricia W

    Bake off is back!

    Just switched on to Channel 4 to find Bake off! And one of the contestants has a green cube...
  4. Although there is a thread on here from some enterprising soul who repainted and revamped a preloved Green cube. Have a look for it. I’ve got a green cube, blue cube, red eglu classic and a green classic. The blue is the only one that hasn’t faded.
  5. Patricia W

    Bunkfest -Wallingford South Oxfordshire next weekend

    We are always away! And, this year is no different.. I just drove through Stadhampton, Soapy. Apart from traffic lights from the road works not working, have you seen the new French Bistro pub? I shall explore when we get back.
  6. Patricia W

    Walk In Run - recommendations please.

    I used 1/2. The cheapest place I found to buy the weldmesh is Hills of Devon.
  7. Patricia W

    Walk In Run - recommendations please.

    I have an Omlet one, but I wish I hadn’t! It’s the one piece of their kit I don’t think is fit for purpose. Rats just wander in at will, and so can small birds. It cost me an additional £100 to cover with weldmesh to deter the rats. So, you are wise in getting a wooden framed one, covered with small gauge weldmesh. Avaries4U are no more but I’m sure there are others. I remember that Lewis bought ready made panels from somewhere in the Midlands.
  8. Patricia W

    Countryfile Live

    Yes! We must! I wonder it’s a different gate, DM. This one leads straight into the area round the lake. No sheep in sight. Lots of people though. We’re off to Spain in a few days, back late September so we must do it then. Before winter sets in....
  9. Patricia W

    Countryfile Live

    Blenheim are saying they’ll replace it with a longer event. Presumably hoping to spread visitors over a longer period and so no longer a huge influx on a few days. Good luck to them. If you are local or relatively local like me, do you know about the free right of way into the grounds? You can’t gain access to the house, but the grounds are wonderful. Well worth using.
  10. Patricia W

    The Customer is Always Right

    No, I’ve not seen that first one. Love the Repair Shop. And Money for Nothing
  11. Patricia W

    Countryfile Live

    Well, it’s going to Windsor Great Park. It seems to be traffic issues that killed it At Blenheim
  12. Patricia W

    Countryfile Live

    This story all came from our local papers, the Oxford Mail and Times. I think we’ll just wait and see. From what you say, Lewis, it maybe a change of Management Company is called for. I don’t know if the same company is doing other Blenheim events but there have been complaints about other events there, like the Christmas and New Year ones.
  13. Patricia W

    Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

    I can see us zipping up the M40 to you, Lewis! Too few poultry vets around.
  14. Patricia W

    Countryfile Live

    But that’s in Berkshire! I wonder if it’s a red herring to put pressure on Blenheim to improve whatever the exhibitors are complaining about. I think we’ll have to wait and see.......
  15. Patricia W

    Countryfile Live

    The local paper is saying they are looking to move from Blenheim because exhibitors have complained about the venue. Great consternation locally!