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  1. I am SO so sorry. Thank goodness we don’t have raccoons in the U.K. As Omlet is selling in areas where they do, like where you are, please contact them to alert them to your findings. This forum is independent and Omlet HQ don’t necessarily read these posts. Take care.
  2. Welcome! My two granddaughters in Melbourne have chickens. I have thought about sending them a Cube, but have wondered how they will stand up to the sun? Also, where did you get them from? I’m just wondering about an idea for a Christmas present.... By the way, forget the extreme weather jacket. It gets to -17 occasionally where I live in the U.K. I’ve had two cubes for 12 years and have never needed them. It also restricts the ventilation. More chickens die of respiratory disease in winter than anything else
  3. I’d take them with you. They’ll come in handy one day is always my mantra. And if Omlet will hold its value
  4. It all depends on how confident you are in your run security. The chickens won’t feel the cold.
  5. I love Cockerels. So brave! Hope he gets better. Yes, up your security
  6. In normal times I’m often in Winchester! I get my car serviced there and go shopping. Only 50 miles from us and about 50 mins. Whilst AI around I’m keeping it just in case, but will keep you updated.
  7. They are beautiful! So interesting to hear of breeds new to us. Chickens come in so many types and sizes. Thank you 😊
  8. I have had one like this. She never thrived in this particular group. So I bought two younger ones, separated her and set these three up together. She thrived and is still living happily with her new ‘family’.
  9. Andy Roo, remember benign neglect is the answer! Good luck!
  10. I am in a high risk area where there are migratory waterfowl so my lot will be in their run from now onwards.
  11. It’s on its way.... glad I only have 3..
  12. Even slower: 1 love dogs, like cats 2 Favourite colours. Purples, lavender indigo 3. Probably Spring but only because it promises Summer 4. Mountains AND sea 5 traditional Christmas with a modern twist 6 love ANYTHING 7 Love all art - not keen on Jeff Koons or Damian Hirst 8 Allergies - NONE
  13. Last year I cooked the turkey because my daughter’s oven is dodgy and transported it 45 minutes. It worked as that was the resting time. This year, I’m telling my kids (3 in this country] if larger groups are allowed they should gey together for the 5 grandkids sake and we’ll be ok. Actually, it would be the first time since 1972 that OH and I have been alone for Xmas! Quite looking forward to it!
  14. Mixed breed. Definitely not silver laced. Looks as if it’s got character though!
  15. Hi Natasha, Still using it at the moment. I’m in Oxfordshire by the way. About an hour from Bristol.

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