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  1. **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    My family in Australia went to a Christmas Market last week....
  2. Pesky Foxes

    I’d be even more impressed if they hatched! I’m afraid some people like feeding foxes.
  3. broody hen

    It may be that 12 are too many for her. What breed is she?
  4. Introducing into coop Help please

    I had a problem like this once and gave in. Left them as two separate flocks! Peace reigned...
  5. Lots of questions!

    It’s best to keep them in a separate coop and run for at least two weeks. If that’s in sight of the others, it helps introductions too. Rescue hens are usually vaccinated so diseases not usually a problem. I have had red mite from them though so check for that. Most are ok. They are quite vulnerable, especially if de- feathered, but they can also be quite aggressive as they’ve often had to fight for food and space, so I’ve found introductions can take time. Good luck!
  6. I've killed my kefir!

    I do admire you. I’m afraid I still buy mine from Waitrose! Is it possible to start your own batch from this commercial source?
  7. **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Ouch! Hope it isn’t too painful.
  8. Being away for 5 weeks has its downsides I’ve discovered. Apart from weeds, the rats are coming back! I came home to find a dead baby on the lawn left as a welcome home present I think, by our elderly toothless cat. She’s since killed an adult. ( She must gum them to death!) But I caught a glimpse of another ratty dashing away a few days ago. So I know they’re around. I can’t put poison down because a) I’m worried about the effects on other wildlife b) my elderly Polish are messy eaters and spill layers pellets around from the Grub and the vitamin K in it will act as an antidote to the poison. I’m taking the food and water in at night, and certainly activity seems to have reduced. But I’m considering getting a Grandpa’s feeder. I seem to remember someone else has one. Would my elderly lot be able to master it? And, do you think it will deter Mr and Mrs Rat? I don’t want to buy one and not use it_ they’re expensive!
  9. RAF 100 centenary flypast

    The helicopters have been practicing flying in formation overhead near here. It will be spectacular when all the aircraft join in.
  10. School advice anyone?

    Does the school have a homework club? I know some do, so youngsters can stay at school to do their homework. Worth suggesting to them? Or would that mess up transport home?
  11. Herefordshire here we come!

    I prefer that sort of lawn!
  12. No idea. But they are pretty !
  13. Introducing into coop Help please

    Is it possible to free range them together? Neutral territory helps, even if it’s for a short time.
  14. **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Soapdragon, you must tell me the name of your independent vet. I can see advantages and disadvantages of both. And it will depend on the individual vet too. I know that the impact for us in losing our independent is that prices have risen by about a third. We’ve never insured our animals as we’ve preferred to simply set money aside. But now I’m wondering if we should. Especially as the practice has been bought by one of the large insurers. Lewis, we are only an hour and a half from Birmingham......I used to commute there daily so do look at South Oxfordshire. ( north Oxfordshire is even closer of course.) We need a vet who understands chickens!
  15. Ancient Chinese Hamster

    I’d guess so. You are looking at averages with life expectancy of them anyway. We had a guinea pig who lived to 11 so way outside our expectations. Sadly, she died when being looked after by a child whose parents wouldn’t allow him m to keep animals long term. He cried for 4 days....... just enjoy him.