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  1. Chickens, like many animals, live in the present. As long as they have sufficient space, food, water and somewhere to scratch around they are content. After all, even without AI, many chickens are never able to free range because of the threat of predators in the vicinity. They are happy, not deprived, just being kept safe.
  2. Given that several outbreaks of H5N1 have been found in flock of ‘back garden’ chickens and ducks, the evidence is there. This is a particularly nasty variant, which has been shown to have the ability to infect humans. There is no known case of that in the U.K.to date, but is a further reason to be compliant. Another practical one is that the penalty for non compliance is an unlimited fine and 6 months imprisonment. I would have no hesitation in reporting anyone blatantly disregarding the law after being informed about it, to the local authorities. I would be more than willing to help people comply. In fact, I have provided spare run to people in the past for that very purpose. I think this is the fourth lockdown I and my chickens have lived through. It is no big deal to keep them locked up, for them and for me. Just make sure you have sufficient space for them. It’s better to be safe than sorry after the event.
  3. Still my standby recipe too! That and the chocolate mug cake
  4. In my experience, chickens are very savvy about what they can and can’t eat. I’ve never heard of a chicken dying from ingesting poisonous plants. They avoid them. Not like dogs! So, I wouldn’t worry. Personally, I’d be more worried about them eating the hedge and / or escaping through it. I have chicken wire along the bottom of our hedge to stop that. Not intended to be predator proof, just to stop them getting through.
  5. Don’t do it! Quality of the plastic from the demise of the Mk1 cube onwards is not as robust. There are reports of cracked plastic in the Go appearing already, I would keep the Mk 1 cube, but if pushed would go for a preloved Classic. I have two cubes, 13 and 16 years old and still in great condition. Both worth as much, if not more than I paid originally. A WIR is great, and is definitely easier to clean. But if you get the Omlet one, you need to factor in the extra cost required to make it rodent and small bird proof. Whilst you can put fruit netting over it to prevent small bird ingress, to prevent rodents you need to go to the expense of covering over with 1/2 inch 16g weight weldmesh. I covered the top half for a cost of over £100 ( over £200 with labour I had to pay), but should have done the lot as a blue tit got in via the lower bars before the last lockdown. I know baby rats can still get in too. In retrospect, I should have gone for a custom made WIR. A friend has just bought one from Jim Vyse Arks which was cheaper and looks very good.
  6. This year, it’s H5N1 which seems to be more infectious than last years’s H5N8
  7. I’ve just had my booster. Lots of press about the poor take up by the elderly and vulnerable. But in my experience it is much more difficult to access than the first two jabs. First two, we had a phone call and an appointment the next day in the local town. This third time it was a text to my phone telling me to make an appointment online. Then had to drive to a large centre about 10 miles away. Now, I coped with that because I have a smartphone, am quite IT literate, and, I drive. Not all people my age are so savvy with technology or have transport. So two of my elderly neighbours are still struggling to get the booster.
  8. So very, very sorry, Cat Tails xx
  9. I agree that the idea of fully opening up on 19th July is daunting. As it’s the young and unvaccinated who seem to be catching it, and fewer hospitalisation, I’m left wondering if the strategy is to accelerate ‘herd immunity’ ? We’ll have the opening up, confirmed or not on Monday. Meanwhile, I will continue to br cautious.
  10. Do what I do with the Gastro Grit. Mix it with ordinary grit or limit to 3x a week. I also have Clare’s Alpha Conditioning food which I cut in with their normal pellets or with my 11 year old, feed it neat about 3 times a week.
  11. When they are bigger, try Gastro Grit - otherwise known as Chicken Crack! I have to ration mine or mix it in with ‘normal’ grit. Get it from here - https://www.claretaylor.com
  12. I’ve had three cockerels. Two Polands, and now a Barbu D’Uccle. The second Poland didn’t have a real crow, just s strangulated screech! The Barbu D’Uccle has a rather soft melodious crow. Quite pleasant. But he does start early!
  13. We got our first Cockerel accidentally when Phillipa became Phillip. For years I tried to keep him quiet taking him in at night etc. Then he died. The neighbours complained! They loved to hear him. So I’ve had rescue cockerels ever since. I wouldn’t recommend two though as they compete to be the noisiest. And need a ratio of 1:8 minimum and their own space usually. I have used a Cockerel rehoming site successfully when one lost all his ladies to old age. That was HPG Cockerel Rehome. But generally rehoming is difficult. Better to let them live a happy life for 5 months or so, then dispatch them for Sunday dinner or a bbq. That’s the solution of several people I know. It’s the cycle of life.
  14. Panacur is not licensed for use as a wormer in the U.K. Flubenvet is the only licenced one here. No egg withdrawal period because of that
  15. I find they settle after a day or so. But I have to say this is one reason I now use the Westgate Test Kit before worming instead of doing it on schedule. Not had to do it for the last 12 months as a consequence.
  16. Where do you cross into Spain, Beantree? We are still hoping to go at the end of August, driving from Calais, stopping a night in Macon. A trip we have down at least once a year since 1985 till last year. We have Dutch friends who are saying there are no checks at all. All doubly vaccinated, planning for new green cards, new papers for the dog etc etc! It would be easier to fly but for the dog. Plan B is to stay at home!
  17. What you are trying to do is to reduce the temperature of her breast area. This heat is driving the production of hormones that make her broody. So your broody cage needs to be on four bricks, one at each corner, to allow cool air to flow through. I’d remove the perch so her nether regions are on the wire. That will also help by giving her the message that this is an unsafe area to raise chicks. Usually 3 days and 3 nights in the cooling broody cage is enough, but it can take longer when the weather is warm. Good luck! Silkies are notorious for brooding.
  18. Phone the office during the week and ask them. They are very helpful. Why not look For preloved? Omlet Mk1 cube Be is the best coop ever made. Mine are 13 and 16 years old and still pristine so they last a long time.
  19. I use Smallholders Pellets for my bantams. They seem to like the size of the pellets.
  20. Once he has completed his 2 week quarantine for health reasons it should be straightforward. They usually accept a Cockerel quite easily. The exception might be the dominant hen. I did have a Cockerel who was definitely second in command!
  21. My second jab booked next week! Then I gather we oldies are having a booster in the autumn. Fine by me. Anything to get back to normal
  22. Nutridrops are now called Power Drops. I’m waiting for the human version. Magic stuff!
  23. Completely agree, mullethunter. I live by a tourist spot on the River Thames and find myself unable to walk there as it’s so crowded. So your situation must be 100 times worse. Stay safe
  24. I think I’d phone the Omlet Office and ask them. They are very helpful

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