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  1. Three to 5 is average for a hybrid so yes, it was probably her time. But it is never easy. Madonna, my last Poland, is coming up to 8, has more or less stopped laying so I think she’ll be next. All you can do is give them a good life while you have them.
  2. I lived in Canada for a couple of years and came to realise the fantastic dexterity of raccoons when we camped in Georgian Bay Ontario and had a raccoon open the tent zip. We lost our food! Cable ties are great. I battle rats so have covered the top of the WIR with weldmesh, and clear covers. Otherwise I love the Mk1 cube and Classic. Keep us posted about your chicken adventures!
  3. Just had a really torrential downpour. Thunder, lightening, the lot! Lasted about an hour an a half. Temp down to 20 and water barrels full. No more please ...
  4. So sorry, Andy Roo. They really pull at your heart strings. Probably was the heat which tipped the balance. She’s flying free now though xx
  5. You did your very best for her so well done
  6. If you type Marketplace in the search bar it doesn’t come up. Puffin, can you send us a link?
  7. I always keep some in. Just in case we have an open wound.
  8. Must have a look. If ducks are excluded maybe it’s because Omlet housing isn’t particularly suitable for them? I think Lewis has some call ducks who sleep with his hens, but might just be in a WIR. Just a guess.
  9. Hi Mrs B Welcome back! No idea about your question though. I have had a Cockerel with lethal spurs. My husband still bears the scar! He didn’t use them with the girls though. Just other males.... maybe someone else will know.
  10. Yes I have two classics. Both out on loan though. Good buy for someone. Although, why not keep alongside the cube? Very useful for intros, sickness etc.
  11. I have a soft spot for cockerels.....
  12. Bit far for all the Cockerel rehoming sites I know I’m afraid. If he’s allowed to crow during the day, could you bring him into the house or an outhouse in a cat carrier at night? I had a friend with a silkie and she did this. He was returned to his ladies around 9 am every day.
  13. Be aware that they aren’t rodent or small bird proof. I’ve had to spend another £100 on weldmesh for the top half plus £120 for someone to put it on. I love my 2x MK 1 cubes and 2 x Classics, but the Omlet WIR is my worst purchase. Might be right for you though so good luck
  14. I’m on a tablet. Look right at the top of the page. You’ll see a bell and an envelope. Tap the envelope. That should take you to the screen that Cat Tails describe.
  15. Have you thought any more about an electric fence round the whole set up?
  16. Not sure where you live but it’s worth trying to contact other people with chickens and start a mutual support group. Chicken keeping is very popular now. When I started 12 years ago, there were two of us who had chickens. Now, there must be at least 10 within a couple of miles. I know several of them so when anyone goes away, we’re on hand to step in, if needed. You might also find a family who will love to look after them in return for eggs. I would be relatively relaxed about leaving mine overnight, and at a pinch for a long weekend, but not any longer. Another option is to research if someone is offering hen holidays, we used to have a list of such people on here, but sadly I guess it’s out of date. Good luck, let us know how you get on
  17. Definitely. All runs I know are fox resistant not fox proof. You can increase the safety of them by slabbing the inside, putting slabs round the outside etc. I THINK mine is pretty safe, but you can never be 100% sure. Especially if you free range at all
  18. A nice mural of chicks on the front? Looks wonderful. Check out commercial ones to check for ventilation. In my experience, the more the better
  19. I saw an article a few days ago which said a research project had found that hairdressers should wear a mask as well as the visor as the visor was not sufficient protection. Not sure where I saw it though. I’ve only been in one shop since March 15th. That was the hairdresser on Friday! A two hour appointment. Had the works so I now feel human again. Wearing a mask ( disposable non medical ) was a bit strange but that and all the PPE etc around meant I felt comfortable. Still aiming to live mostly online though I am meeting a friend next week to sit in the garden.
  20. Let me know! I’ve used Viovet for other things which is why I chose them.
  21. I’ve just ordered from Viovet . I’ll let you know how long it takes for mine to come.
  22. I had a Cockerel, Phillip, with a flock of 6. They slowly dwindled to 3, only one of whom was laying. I felt it unfair to keep him like that, plus he was wearing the one fertile girl out! So I rehomed him via a FB page HPG Cockerel Rehome. He is now in the lap of luxury with 10 girls on a National Trust estate. I feel guilty I didn’t do it sooner! As for your situation, Pekin Cockerels are not very ‘rampant’, but she may get ‘over-bothered’. Not very fair on him either. I’d look for another solution.
  23. Hi Janty! Good to see you. I remember your wonderful WIR very well. I was green with envy- still am. I too have had health issues, including a liver resection. Not as dramatic as your transplant though! Thank goodness for the NHS. Yes, I was told animals were unhygienic by the liver doctors, but my lovely oncologist told me to ignore them. So I have. But down to 3 bantams now. Only one laying. Still undecided if I should restock. Great to see you back. It’s a bit quiet. Omlet seems to be focussing more on the FB page Omlet Community Chicken keepers Forum. And did you know our own DM is a FB star now?

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