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  1. Covering your run will help the mud situation too. Prevents chickens developing trench foot!
  2. It’s not easy to see this, is it? Be prepared to separate the main aggressor if necessary in a crate in sight of the others. If you keep her there a few days she should go down the pecking order. Have bumpa bits available if blood is drawn together with purple spray to disguise blood. Good luck!
  3. My three bantams roost outside in their secure run all year round. They feel safer on a high perch. If you are confident in the security of your run, there is nothing to worry about in terms of his health. My one concern is that he will be much noisier if he wakes in the run. So hope your neighbours are happy with that.
  4. Everyone should have a Cat Tails!
  5. I’ve just directed some people over here from the Omlet Community Chicken Keeping Forum. They need some tic. Bit of a fracas over there. Told them about the Christmas Swap and how friendly we are.
  6. Welcome! We’re very friendly over here. We love pictures too. The more the merrier!
  7. Don’t know the Go Up but I have taken the back wire panel out of the Cube and hinged it. I can now open it, and get a long handled rake in there. I then attack the rest of the run from the front door.
  8. Nice to know. I’m thinking of selling my Mk1 WIR but want to keep the connecting section and the cube. I had an interesting experience with the WIR this weekend. Some of you may remember I covered the top half of the run with small gauge weldmesh to stop small birds and rats getting in. I knew it was still vulnerable to baby rats as the lower half although a smaller gauge still lets them in. But I thought it was impervious to small birds. Very important if we get another Avian Flu outbreak. However , this weekend, we found a blue tit in the WIR! The only way it could have entered was via the lower half. So, it leaves me questioning if the Omlet WIR will meet the requirements of DEFRA if we get another outbreak? I opened the stable door by the way to let the blue tit escape!
  9. I remember a time years ago with some of us posting sachets of Flubenvet between us. Then we were were told we couldn’t. These were the days before impregnated pellets.
  10. Cover your run, then you can choose between aubiose and hardwood chips. I use aubiose. Whatever you use, sprinkle ground sanitising powder down once a week and rake it in.
  11. I’m over run by them! Benign neglect is my policy. It gets watered when I remember. However, it is in a bright place but not in direct sun.
  12. My son is a teacher. In his school in Surrey is finding that the main problem is getting tests back in a timely way when staff are ill. As per usual, colds are going round and they have to test staff who have symptoms. They have to isolate till the tests come back, so far all negative but sometimes they are off for a week.
  13. That’s good! I paid £7.95 for 5kg at Little Peckers. Mind you, still had to share with a friend as too many for my 3 bantams
  14. Yep. Andy Roo. Where’s Plum? Can we persuade Christian?
  15. I agree with Cat Tails. I’ve learned enough over the years to be able to cope with minor issues but wounds, respiratory problems need a vet. The reason is that chickens are flock birds and at risk of attack by predators. The other members of the flock and predators will seek the weakest out for attack. So they hide pain and illness till they are on death’s door. We have to be aware for them and get help for them. I’d get the vet to check over your rooster if his problem continues for more than 48 hours.
  16. Covering the run, or at least a good part of it is really the only answer if you want to leave it on earth. If you slab it, I would still cover it because I like to use aubiose, but if you preferred woodchip you could try it uncovered.
  17. I know the ones that Mullethunter knows...
  18. Consider getting one custom made. I’ve had to cover the top half of mine with weldmesh as the gauge allows small birds and rats to get in. Cost me an extra £100 in materials plus the same again in labour! But it would not be compliant in an Avian Flu outbreak unless you covered it. I know I’d have been better with a custom made WIR.
  19. I’m still thinking.... probably won’t make a decision till the other side of November...
  20. Worth sending a message to some of those who have taken part regularly in the past? They may just be sleeping...
  21. I have loads of run clips collected over the years, but will use cable ties wherever I can. Much easier on the fingers!
  22. I’m about to dismantle my WIR and am dreading it. It was bad enough building it. So, agree with Cats Tails it’s not for the faint hearted. As a first step you’d need to label each piece so you know where it goes and, find somewhere to store the pieces so you don’t lose them Good idea to have a run ready though, for even if you free range them now, if we’re hit by an Avian Flu outbreak, DEFRA may order us to confine them 24/7 in a covered run. For potentially months... so be prepared.
  23. I wonder if it’s one of the old ones. They had metal clips screwed onto the back. These hung over the bars of the wire run. I still use a couple. Sounds as the metal clip and screws have been removed. Can you prop it up? If not, MIGHT be worth phoning the Omlet office to see if they have replacement clips and screws.
  24. Rats cannot absorb their food without water so yes, definitely remove it. It’s likely they will move on to pastures new if there is no food and water

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