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    The Recipe Thread

    Just made a really tasty penne cheese bake with butternut squash as DD and family descended and I needed to use that butternut Squash. Just cut butternut squash into small cubes, cooked for 10 mins, the added to the cooked penne. Covered with cheese sauce, scattered more cheese on top. Put a bit of red pepper on top to stop it looking anaemic and put in the oven for 45 mins. Scattered chopped fresh sage on top and served with a salad. Everybody loved it so I’ll be doing it again. Thanks for all those recipes. Especially the Chocolate Mug Cake!
  2. Patricia W

    Reading Bantam Show

    Continuing on the theme of what has been lost from the Forum, we had a thread about meeting up, interesting events etc. I’ve just discovered that the Reading Bantam Show is on in Newbury on 23/24 th February. I’m aiming to go if anyone else is interested? I could do either day. I think the Sunday was good from memory.
  3. Patricia W

    The Recipe Thread

    Aahhh! Sweet vegan is fine. It’s the savoury vegan I struggle with.
  4. Patricia W

    What has happened to the forum?

    And Redwing. With her lovely show chickens. I met her at Reading Bantam Show once. You were there Valkyrie - and Lewis and DM. Is Redwing still showing? Might venture to Reading again this year. Seem to think it must be about time for the show.
  5. Patricia W

    The Recipe Thread

    I’m an omnivore. Happy to be veggie, but I’m afraid vegan is a step too far for me. Never found anything I really liked. But I’m very willing to be converted! Recipes, please.
  6. Mine ( bantams) get greens intermittently I.e. when I remember. But it’s mainly to amuse them. Layers pellets should have everything.
  7. Patricia W

    In the kitchen

    Yes please, Alison! I’ll pm you to arrange when. That Ray White bloke has a class on breadmaking that I’ve toyed with buying for OH. Their soughdough is out of this world. I also recently discovered that Degustibus bread is made in Abingdon. Very trendy stuff. Glad you mentioned butternut squash. I too have one, plus a pumpkin that I must do something with. Love this thread.
  8. Patricia W

    In the kitchen

    Ooh! I’m inspired to make some bread. Great idea to resurrect this thread, Daphne. I’m craving sunshine at the moment so we’ve just had a tomato, red pepper, spring onion salad, with basil leaves and mozzarella, for lunch. Just splashed over olive oil and some framboise vinegar, I found in the cupboard. Now back to the grey and cold as I light the fire. But bread making will warm the cockles too
  9. Patricia W

    RATS !!!!

    As DM says, the runs aren’t rodent proof. So it’s weldmesh, slabs, bait boxes, take food and water in. I just aim to keep them out of my garden as I can’t be responsible for neighbouring ones. It’s about time Omlet rethought the specification for the runs. There are more rats than foxes!
  10. Did you use a naughty word, DM? You got the asterisk treatment! 😇
  11. Patricia W

    Chicken jumping

    In my experience, white hens are eccentric. They seem to be very flighty, excitable and frankly, a bit mad! Must be in the genes!
  12. Patricia W

    Christmas swap 2018

    Very clever!
  13. Patricia W

    Washing up question

    I’ve used a scoop full of washing powder on a pan with burnt in residue successfully. But if the rhubarb is up, I find the leaves work wonders. Still checking nozzles on washing up bottles...
  14. Patricia W

    Dog owners travelling to the EU beware!

    I would think so, Daphne. So the dog would need to live in Ireland one assumes. But who knows? It’s all probably described in the back stop deal! Maybe Grandmashazzie can find out
  15. We are lucky enough to be retired and can now spend 5/6 weeks at a time in Spain in May/June and a couple of week’s in the autumn. We drive down through France and then camp on a beach in a nature reserve ( next to a Village where we know the people in the wine shop!) and it’s bliss! We’ve been able to take the dog, and that’s been great. For the last few weeks, we’ve been aware of messages via social media etc from DEFRA telling us to take action NOW if we want to take the dog to the EU after 29th March next year. So.... we decided to take her to the vet tonight to start the process. Just in case. Well! Some £115 poorer, we now have to wait 2 weeks to see if Nell has sufficient evidence of rabies antibodies in her blood for the vet to be able to issue us with a certificate which she thought ( wasn’t sure) would be valid for a year. Then supposing we get through this, 2 weeks before we leave, we have to take her back for a checkup when we will be issued with a further certificate! Presumably, this paperwork will need to be checked at Eurotunnel where there is no pet check provision presently. The only good news is that the checks on the way back remain the same. The worry now is that the blood test will be fine. Otherwise she will need revaccination and we probably won’t be able to go till much later in the year. Madness! But I thought I’d alert others who might be in the same position. I’ll keep you posted.
  16. Patricia W

    First Egg of 2019!

    Brilliant! I suspect you’re right and they’ll stop again when it turns cold again. Make the most of the eggs now!
  17. Patricia W

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    The only picture so far is rather out of focus taken by an excited Dad! I’ll try later.
  18. Patricia W

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Just had to tell someone! Our 8th grandchild has just been born! A girl, Skylar, 8Ibs. Obviously the most beautiful baby in the world! I was one of 4 girls, and I had 3 boys and a girl and now have 6 granddaughters and two grandsons. The boys belong to my daughter. Strange how gender works between generations.
  19. Patricia W

    Christmas swap 2018

    And I’ve kept my table runner out. Red and green look nice all year!
  20. Patricia W

    Dog owners travelling to the EU beware!

    I’ve just started the process of applying for an Irish passport. There’s a long queue apparently so may take some time. Getting the dogs an Irish pet passport may work if it’s a no deal Brexit. The additional testing is being applied to Britain when taking dogs, cats ferrets into France and Spain. Hopefully, it won’t be no deal and we will have wasted our £115!
  21. I’ve got mine on bare earth. I use aubiose on it. Three sides and the top are covered so the clay soil has completely dried out until it’s as hard as slabs. I’ve had to put some half slabs round the edge to deter tunnelling in by Mr Rat however, so if that’s a problem, I’d slab it.
  22. Patricia W

    Japanese Space Toilets

    With four children, we got used to identifying ‘emergency’ loo stops, especially as we did a lot of travelling in our camper. Like the tree in the New Forest! And like Valkyrie, there are certain bushes and trees across the U.K., France and Spain which bring back memories........ We are now repeating it with grandchildren!
  23. Patricia W

    Japanese Space Toilets

    I think I know that tree.....
  24. Patricia W

    Another ebay rant

    Unbelievable! Obviously maths was not her strong point at school.
  25. Patricia W

    Dog owners travelling to the EU beware!

    Do let her know we have Wi-fi here. We just seem to be lacking common sense at the moment!