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    Updates from Devon

    We’re on our way back from Spain where ( mostly) the weather has been fantastic. Not too hot, with a breeze when needed. Dreading seeing my garden again. I’ve had someone cutting the grass but as he has horticultural dyslexia ( leaves the weeds, pulls the plants) that’s the limit I dare ask him to do. It’ll be a mass of bindweed, no doubt! Anyone know anything positive to do with bindweed? Your set up, Valkyrie makes me green with envy!
  2. Patricia W

    What have you all been making...part two...

    What an artist! Stupendous.
  3. Patricia W

    Mistaken identity and bullying.....

    Can you fit perches so you make use of all the space?
  4. Patricia W

    Hamster with a cold

    Let me know how you get on. Otherwise, the Boundary Vets in Abingdon have a good reputation. Jamie, who runs it used to keep chickens and I’ve found him useful on occasions. Again, don’t know about hamsters. They are delicate little things
  5. Red mite comes from the wild bird population. Just keep an eye out for it. It can ( literally) creep up on you. As for sleeping in the nest box, it’s a case of persevering. Or accepting you need to wash the eggs before use. If you choose to wash them, don’t do it till you do use them. They are covered in a ‘bloom’ which prevents internal contamination. If you wash this off, they don’t keep as long.
  6. Just to say, if I was buying again, I’d get a conventional WIR not the Omlet one. I’ve spent going on an extra £200 on covering the top half with weldmesh to stop rats getting in, plus tarps to stop birds and rain. It needs a redesign in my opinion.
  7. Alternatively, get a child’s plastic table. Put one eglu under it, and one on top and put them inside the WIR. High rise and low rise living!
  8. Patricia W

    ex battery hens

    Get some pipe insulation and put it round the rungs. They can grip it better than the plastic. But frankly, after a couple of days lifting them in, I’ve usually found they’ve got the idea
  9. Patricia W

    Hamster with a cold

    We had a fantastic independent vet till he retired recently. I remember taking a much loved hamster to him and he even phoned the next day to see how she was. It’s now a Medivet practice but I have to say I’m impressed by the care they take with the dog. No idea of hamsters. Apparently the Medivet practice near the Wheatley services on the M40 not so far from you is very good with wildlife, even though it’s outside their main remit. Hope he ‘s ok.
  10. Patricia W

    Mistaken identity and bullying.....

    Or was it Stalosan F ? That would turn her orange. Agreed. Give her a shampoo. Maybe the others too so they smell the same.
  11. Patricia W

    Serama has laid two eggs today!!

    So, how long do they usually lay for? I would have thought it was around 5 to 7 years for a pure breed? My pure breed Polish laid regularly March to September until they were about 7 or 8, then sporadically till stopping about 9. Maybe they were exceptional.
  12. Patricia W

    Eglu Cube: Teaching chickens to use nesting box

    As Cat Tails says. Forget the fake eggs, open the nesting box during the day. I use aubiouse in the nesting box. Either close it up at night or put a flowerpot or ball in it to deter them from sleeping in it. That is not always a problem. My bantams sleep in perches in the run and only use the nesting box to lay. Start now, or they might make their own arrangements I.e lay an egg in the most inaccessible part of the run!
  13. Patricia W

    Serama has laid two eggs today!!

  14. I think many of us on here have the MK 1 cube without automation. Like Mrs A, I don’t close the cube at night. In my case, because my bantams sleep on perches in the run. The cube is just an expensive nest box. I’ve also taken out the divider in the cube ( which I guess you can’t do). I did this years ago after a bout of red mite as I found the groove where the divider sat was a favourite hiding place for them. When I had hens who slept inside, I found that it stops them laying in the nesting place though, if you put an upturned flower pot or ball in. I only had to do it for a short time to change the behaviour.
  15. Patricia W

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    We’ve also got Magpie and Wood Pigeon over population. Ive been told this is because the Red Kites which we now have have chased away the Sparrowhawk which used to control them. The Red Kites are magnificent, but in some places near us are becoming a real nuisance, mainly because people feed them.
  16. Patricia W

    Serama has laid two eggs today!!

    Sorry. Been busy. She would be looking miserable because of the softy. I’ve no experience of Seramas, but it sounds unusual to me. But I’ve learnt with chickens - anything is possible!
  17. Use cable ties and just experiment!
  18. Patricia W

    Worming options

    I would follow Lewis advice first to see if they really do need worming.
  19. Patricia W

    Chicken Memorials

    My little Willie a Barbu d’uccle Cockerel is very sweet. Got him by mistake fromCostwold Chickens as Millie. Then he crowed. But never got round to returning him. There’s a FB page to rehome and/or Rescue Cockerels which I used to find Phillip a new home. Red Rooster Rescue. If you want another Kerry, try them. Lots of school hatchlings now. I wish schools would stop doing that.
  20. Patricia W

    Tiny pond

    Sadly, we had two hedgehogs drown in our small pond. Maybe put s rock or something in so anything that can’t swim can get out? I still have nightmares about ours which is no more...
  21. Patricia W

    Soundproofing a room?

    There is another problem with a stud wall in a bathroom. It isn’t good to tile against as no matter how well you grout it, you get leaks. We had the same issue with our builders but stuck fast for breeze block.
  22. Yes. Not easy on uneven ground! That, plus the fact that they quickly kill all the grass unless you have a field is why most of us establish fixed sites. Plus it’s even harder to move if the run is covered as mine is. I use aubiouse in the run, changing it about 3 times a year so would not want to move it. ANH who hasn’t been on here for a bit, put her eglu classic on a trolley with wheels I seem to remember.
  23. I think that top green is nearest to the original green of my cube.
  24. Patricia W

    Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

    That is fantastic news! You really deserve it after all your hard work. You will keep talking to us, won’t you?
  25. Patricia W


    My airing cupboard was always like Soapdragon’s till my OH decided to have a tidy about a year ago. Even put a diagram on the door. Which I of course ignored., Now he likes to put things away and get them out. Not complaining as it’s about the only domestic chore he does! But I can’t see him adding ribbons..,