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  1. Thanks. I’ve ordered the nettex spray (should be here tomorrow). Plus the dia thingy earth (that I can’t spell) that I can shake around their run and other bits. First time in 10 years of chicken keeping - got careless! Hoping no long term effects.
  2. Oh flip, hope they aren’t... but if they are this could be fun... A hot wash is not enough to kill them? Will try and get a good look at them again tomorrow. Without them getting on me! Big enough to see, but thought they were brown rather than red... Have to find some better pictures online - I swear every pic I found looked different. I’ve already liberally sprayed red mite powder around, as that was only thing I had as run out of stuff (careless). So hopefully that will have started having an impact in the coop. The rest should arrive tomorrow and I can get treating (poultry shield and bits). Coming up to winter I’d got careless - but I guess just not that cold yet and things can happen any time. Lesson learned. Won’t lie. Am but concerned about my frozen clothes and what I mapight have inadvertently introduced to the house.
  3. Hello, Been a long time since looking at this board, but I have an itchy problem and thought I would come back! Chickens have lice. I found out the hard way after doing a very quick clean of nesting material, coming inside and realising the sleeves of my jumper were moving, and lice were crawling down my arms. Shudder. All clothes in washing machine, and showered vigorously! BUT the horrid things survived their trip around the machine, so said clothes are now in the freezer (a spare one that wasn’t being used). Anyone know if this will work? Or any other suggestions? Or are my (very nice) clothes destined for burning I’ve ordered a variety of products from Amazon, and chooks/run/coup will be getting thoroughly washed/sprayed/powdered... All while wearing old clothes I can wash super hot in the machine and go in in hot tumble drier... Thank you in advance.
  4. Just watching a cheesy US Christmas film, and they are currently "trimming" their tree. Personally, I will be decorating my tree this afternoon, and will also have trimmings with my Christmas Turkey!
  5. I can't decide if I am cold, or just think I am cold as know we have no heating! OH is now doing the ironing in hope it will warm up the room - so every cloud... Will be about £800 - and with me on maternity leave it's not ideal - but hey, as it's leaking fumes we are counting our blessings that it was discovered and no-one got ill! We always have it serviced every year - and jolly glad we did this year!
  6. Had our heating serviced this morning. He left, after capping off the gas supply and leaving us with no heating. Me, OH, a 2.5yr old and a 7 month old. Joy!! Fortunately, they can get hold of the part needed and will be back Thursday am to fix it (and to give us a large unwelcome bill). Until then, we are on our own with a couple of electric heaters - thank goodness it is no too cold at the moment... Although OH (off work today) thought would be useful to open all the windows upstairs - and let what heat we do have fly out... Men!
  7. And don't underestimate that! I've found women can be a lot worse than men for some reason (speaking very generally). Men accept they don't understand and back off, whilst a woman seems to have something to prove. Stupid!
  8. That is genius! Tempted to start this with my parents...
  9. C&T

    Dr Who!

    We really enjoyed it too! Shame the curry ordered took 2 hours to arrive, and when it did come (at 9.40pm, just as 6 month old YS wanted feeding again) it wasn't the food we ordered... But hey, a least Dr Who was good!!
  10. It doesn't help there is so much info out there - and it is all contradictory! First few weeks are always the worst till you start to get to know each other
  11. C&T

    Dr Who!

    Anyone else looking forward to Saturday night? I loved Prof Brian Cox's presentation the other night, on the possibility of time travel etc (no saying I understood it - but enjoyed it!!). And just found out that BBC4 is showing the first ever Dr Who story tomorrow night -so that is all set to record as doesn't start till 10.30pm!! I am planning a nice dinner, and snacks for Saturday night to watch the 50th anniversary episode - I am ridiculously excited!!
  12. They are all so different too! My eldest was always cold - she would grunt in her crib/cot and not settle till I put extra layers on her - more than was recommended (vest, babygro, sleeping bag, sheets, and blanket). I also had a heater with thermostat in her room on a timer so room was warm when I put her down, then came on about 1am for an hour then again about 6am'ish so she didn't wake too early. Youngest - is a different beast. So far is just in a normal short sleeved vest, babygro, and 2.5tog sleeping bag, and so far all is good (plus his room has no central heating). Read somewhere about putting socks over their hands to keep them warm - never worked with eldest as she was a thumb sucker, but might try with my youngest as winter closes in if needed. Was always told if they are cold, they can tell you. If they are hot, they can't. So keep everything to a minimum and add layers as they tell you.
  13. Just seen this - and so glad you have a way forward. Your daughter sounds very sensible!! Can also recommend pirocantha against a fence - had it growing in my last house for just this reason, plus looked nice. That and some nice roses. Also kept out the cat that kept leaving presents in my garden... Another thought, if you back onto fields, could you encourage some brambles on the other side of your fence? They grow quickly, and will have the same effect, without making changes to your garden? Second getting in contact with victim support. They are there to help!
  14. Now then I may watch it! Caught a bit last night, and didn't recognise most. Doubt I'll watch anymore unless there really is nothing else to watch whilst feeding baby...
  15. Good luck to him! I do miss him though...
  16. Too sanitised - know what you are saying. It's been so successful in the past - perhaps this series they've got a bit blasé about it all - time will tell I guess. Does anyone know why Alex isn't involved this time?
  17. Another one who loved Susannah but just didn't "get" Natalie. I didn't enjoy her dance at all - was amazed by the high marks. Susannah's paso though was a joy to watch. Mark to go next week I think, depending on what he can achieve. He's good fun, but got to the stage in the competition where the "jokers" are usually gone.
  18. Flip - missed them! Although understand why you would take them down. Sure he is gorgeous though - and what a fab first Christmas you will all have together!
  19. That's my ED. Bless her. Was kind of a relief to hear the GP confirm (another) chest infection...
  20. Our little monkey (6 months) was causing me some concern - so 111 and then an out of hours appointment with a GP, for them to say actually all fine - and the GP was lovely! She said her favourite patient is a well baby, and I had done the right thing etc. Thank God for NHS where we can be cautious about seeing a doctor, without worrying about the cost. I agree, NHS staff (or at least the vast majority!) are amazing.
  21. Our 6 month old has the lurgy too at the moment. It is everywhere! Not nice for them though, and not nice to watch either. Tummy time is great at bringing down the snot, or a bouncer if you have one. We have a really dry house (hot air heating) so we splashed out on a humidifier. Been fantastic for during the night. I am sure he will be over it before you know it though
  22. Sorry for your loss. Introduced 2 new to 1 oldie a couple of times now - been pretty straight forward both times - although there is no guarantee of that of course. Personally, wouldn't want 1 chook by themselves for too long - they are flock birds. So if getting 2 new ones is not an option, I would try and rehome.
  23. I've started lifting them in at night at the moment. Thought would try for a few nights and see if they get the message... If they do, great. If they don't... Well... I guess they are happy enough! Laying well and bright eye'd etc. Just keep an eye on them when very cold I guess! Or I get in the local vicar for an exorcism... Not sure what he would make of that!

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