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  1. Thankyou chicken lovers!! Will upload some pics when I get chance, so busy though (gcse exams etc...) Pics are on the way soon! Bye xx
  2. After our unfortunate loss of Penny about 1 month ago we decided to get some more chickens!! Millie seemed to be lonely on her own and therfore we thought she needed company. After reading that they may not get on we rung around and found out that they would probably be okay. We were told there would be a little bit of showing whose boss but other than that it would be fine. After hearing this information we went and bought a "Fresian Fowl", "Cochin-Partridge" and a "Barnebar". All three are stunning girls and seem to very happy in our garden and the eglu!! Millie doesn't eem to be fased by the new introduction at all she was just going round the place as if she was boss but things have settled down and Millie and the girls look like they have known each other all their lives!! Good news all round..... No hen will ever replace Penny though she is still truely missed xx
  3. Just to let you know that after Penny had her prolapse we thought that she had a chance of pulling through. We left her a couple of days to see how she was getting on and she seemed happier and was eating. Although saying this she sadly passed away last week in her favourite spot in the garden. Miss you loads penny much love xx
  4. We wanted to go as a family but to see bits of different things, we want to go and see the swimming, a track event and the gymnastics,,, unfortunately they don't do one of those tickets you have to pay for a whole day event which costs us loads so we ended up doing nothing.... dissapointed tbh
  5. Kate looked stunning and so did her sister Pippa, I am so happy for the couple they looked like they had a great day and I wish them all the luck for the future xx
  6. Quick update, Penny seemed to be picking up for a few days but unfortunately died peacefully in her favourite corner of the garden. Miss her so much thank you for all your help Love Alex
  7. Thank you for the advice. it hasnt gone black and therefore i will push it back in. Will update the post later on how it went. Thanks once again
  8. I have 2 hens, last night one of them seems to have had a prolapse. She is 4 years old and not laying. I'm wondering if there is anything I can do to help her. I have separated the two hens because the one hen is pecking her bottom. The hen herself doesn't seem to be distressed. I'm very upset what woud you suggest; do I put her to sleep or is there a cure?? Thanks for any advice you can give me. Love Alex xx
  9. Chicky

    X Factor

    I loved Cher's performance on Saturday. She was brill. Cher to win. As you can see I'm a great fan!!!!
  10. Hey, thank you for your advice and I am now the proud owner of a tri coloured syrian hamster!!! I bought her Sunday and she is gorgeous!!! Thanks again.
  11. Hi I might get my hamster tomorrow, i have got the cage but not sure which type of hamster i should get. I know that syrian hamsters are popular. In your opinion which breed of hamster is best and how many should I have. Thanks Chicky xx
  12. Can you tell what those cages are called? Sorry!! Thanks
  13. Hi, I really would like a hamster, can anyone give me any advice on which cage to buy. I only want one hamster anyone help? Thanks
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    They look comfy.

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