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  1. I have been cleaning out houses, crates and runs today ready for the 28th I am slightly damp, well soaked through actually but worth it BHWT still have hens looking for homes in some areas if anybody would like an few or lot lol
  2. I think BHWT Northants (Brackley) would be closest but check the listings on the website as my geography is not the best lol
  3. That is the rules you know...... where there are BHWT volunteers...... there must be cake!
  4. Hi All Well the time is upon us......nope, not Christmas but our last opportunity to rehome some lucky hens from their Battery Cages. From Jan 2012 the use of Battery cages in the Uk will be banned and the use of Enriched systems being introduced. The Northants BHWT hope to rehome as many hens as we can at our next Rehoming day on 28/12/2011 and our numbers are looking good so far however there are many more hens available prior to the systems being closed down. Our collection point is in Brackley, NN13 and collection of hens will be at a pre-set time starting around or just after lunchtime but will be confirmed on booking your hens. If you are interested in Rehoming a few or a fair few of these little ginger lovelies then please get in contact. My email is: emma.palmer@bhwt.org.uk and I will come back to you as soon as possible. Or you can discuss with head office Hen Central Reservation Team Monday - Friday 9.00am - 4.30pm 01769 580310 email: hens@bhwt.org.uk Next rehoming date 28th December Thanks for reading Regards Em
  5. Squiddies..... Ideally I would still prefer as existing chicken owner to take three exbatts as should you take two and the worst happen and one were to die early on the remaining hen would be on her own. It is not advisable to mix exbatts straight into your exisitng flock due to them being slightly weaker and not being flock experienced. However there are occasion where two are rehomed, this tends to be done on a case by case basis I believe so best off to contant your local co-ordinator or head office and discussing the situation with them. Clicky of all BHWT rehoming points and contacts Here are two of the lucky ladies that went home with Redwing this weekend:
  6. Hi I am with the Northampton Team from BHWT. We also have plenty of hens available in the coming months with confirmed rehoming tomorrow (26/11/2011) and another on 28th December 2011. Our rehoming point is in Brackley, NN13 If anybody is able to offer some lovely Ginger Ninjas a home in the coming months please get in contact: emma.palmer@bhwt.org.uk or call hen central in the number in the above post. Thanks you
  7. Personally I wouldn't rely on Verm-X to kill worms.... I use as a supplement to my normal worming regime using Flubenvet. Helpful Worming Sticky Here It sounds like she is very poorly.... how is she today? Getting some water into her would be my priority...... some water on a tea spoon or dripped from a syringe would be good. Food too of course.....
  8. I have tyres too..... the man at the garage loves me as I take away my old tyres and he does't have to get rid of them As Redwing says....extra perching space too
  9. How is she? I hope that she has made it through the night Age old question..... when were they last wormed and what with? Are you sure the housing is redmite free? If red mite are present she could be anemic? Of course there are many other things it could be but I always start with the basics
  10. What a stunning splash orp!! Every year mine, Gin, moults out whiter and whiter I would say that Orps have more of a beetle brow that other breeds generally and like us all chooks have slightly different features so it could be just how she is. Chooks do have a large sinus under their eye which can swell and be linked to respirity (and other) illness but as you say it is hooded it implies it is the top section of brow. Have you checked for ear mites as well as face mites? They are tiny! Depending on what you have used to treat them for mites it may deal with ear mites too.
  11. Falkor

    White Dust

    As long as it doesn't look like fag ash then I would say feather casings too
  12. Sounds like bruising to me....could you post a picture? She could of injured / knocked herself and if she wasn't moulting you may not have noticed it all. Although if she is one legged she may also be damaging herself when getting about by hopping and having to over compensate for her missing leg. We have had a grower pullet who broke one leg and hopped about on the other using her wing for balance and it was heavily bruised as a result. She was put to sleep as although she could get about and would eat for england her quailty of life suffered. In my experience bruising caused by a knock will go away in time like it would on a human providing their is no more sinister damage underneath the surface. Arnica gel can be used if you like..... it can't hurt Does she have full range of motion in the bruised leg? A trip to the vets can't hurt either. Scaley leg wouldn't casue bruising but again a preventative treatment won't hurt her. The other thing in could be (although I would lean towards the causes above) is that her new quils are very delicate and tendor and if they have been knocked then this may have caused the bruising. Are you giving her anything to supplement her moult? She must be expending a great deal of energy to hop about and lay the eggs too and the moult will take it out of her also. A tonic and protein boost will certainly benefit her if you haven't already. Now I am rambling......
  13. See you Saturday!!!! I hadn't thought about it but it would be good to do, I know I'd get a lot out of it (maybe a lot of chooks!) I will look into it, definately, thank you for the idea I volunteer for the Northampton (Brackley) team and def get a lot out of it. I also have a lot of orange chooks now But I wouldn't be without them
  14. Give them a few days and I am sure they will settle. If you are there to supervise all the better.
  15. The best - Diatom (IMO) How often? At this time of year my lot get dusted once a week along with inside there house, nesting boxes and dustbath. (Yep, with 35 feathered ones it takes me an age and I buy it in vast quantities ) There are a number of powders on the market which are preventatives (and smell yum) but won't kill the critters. Hope that helps
  16. Exactly what I was going to suggest Debs There is quite often some argy bargy but this sounds quite severe. Exbatts IME do not do well when seperated from other hens so if there is one of the others that is quiet when away from the rest of the mob then I would pop her in with Lily. We do not even let hens travel so living alone is not recommended. The drastic changes that they have gone through in the last few days can stress so being with others at least keeps some of the norm. Is Lily noticeably different to the others.... for example she is a baldy and they are all well/reasonably feathered or vice versa?
  17. Chooks feathers can fade in the sun. My buff Orp is about three and is no longer buff all over, she is kind of lemony cream in places. When she does moult they may come back her normal colour or may be slightly different again
  18. What she said Clarets method has worked for me in the past Keep us posted
  19. But GM free doesn't necessarily guarentee GM free and Organic doesn't always mean ingredients are all organic so it is all much of a muchness IMO. On the Garvo/D&H point I use Garvo and have done for about 18m now I think. My stockist charges very reasonable prices aswell as stocking all things a chicken keeper may want so it makes sense for me. Also due to the wide range of animal feeds that are made by Garvo I am able to do a one stop shop for the normal chooks, chicks, growers (white and yellow) and quail and cats. I especially like the mini-pellets for chicks, much less mess than crumb. We have used D&H layers in the past aswell as Smallholders layers too and found little difference between the two. However in my laying lot (non batts) I am not too fussed as long as they are healthy and it is a balanced quality feed. I think use what suits
  20. Does she feel thin compared to the other two when you pick her up? She could be withdrawn and generally less active because she is lowest in the pecking order. Extra feed and water stations will help her get her fill. Worming again would be advisable to be sure that they are actually wormed. If you purchased them from a large scale seller it may be that she didn't get a full dose etc. I would check them all over for creepy crawlies and your house for red mite too as little hangers on can make a hen fell down also. Of course she may have some underlying illness that is not obvious but best to eliminate the obvious first. If you have a good poultry vet nearby a visit could be advisable. Try to get her built up a bit if you can....feeding her extra treats etc away from the other two will not only give her a bit more strength I find it builds their confidence too. Let us know how she gets on.
  21. GroovyChooks is right, not everybody believes that Verm-x will actually worm your chooks. I would treat everybody with Flubenvet or another wormer prescribed by your vet to be clear any worm burden they may have as this could be why they have stopped laying. However the introduction of the new Bluebelle could have upset them too and this could also result in them going on laying strike too. The gurgling Minorca sounds ominour especially if the issues you are experiencing have come about since introducing a new hen to the flock. She could of brought something in which your Minorca has come down with or the stress of the introduction has brought out an underlying illness in the Minorca. If you hold her chest to your ear does she crackle/rattle? Could also be gape worm or possibly sour crop, what does her crop feel like and is she eating and drinking? I think it would may best to get her to a vet for a check over and possible antibiotics for them all. When introducing new birds to your flock it is advisable to keep them in quarantine for a week + to be sure that they are well before mixing them with your existing birds.
  22. Does sound like it could be a knock to the head/some kind of stroke. I have had a number of xbatts who have had varying degrees of injury who have improved over time with quiet, good food and tlc. Tetty, my current headcase has one "blown pupil" with a cloudy covering but the other eye is fine and she can now feed and drink on her own. Is it both of her eyes? As it has been quite warm today I would perhaps try dripping some water into her beak. Not too much at once though Fingers crossed she improves with a quiet night.
  23. Here is Tetty from today, she decided sunbathing on my lap was preferable to the floor

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